Natural Volumizer for Fine Hair

Featured Image Of Natural Volumizer For Fine Hair

If your hair is feeling down, so much so that you can often see it sit flat on your head dull and limp, then you’re probably one of the many people with fine hair, struggling to cheer up your hair and make it voluminous and bouncy.

Some of us are just born with hair strands that are thinner than a thread and no matter what we do, our hair looks flat, limp and sad. Now Life is too short for always wearing a messy bun, we should be able to let our hair down with confidence, strutting what our genes blessed us with. All we need is to know about the little tricks and remedies that go into making it look thick, voluptuous and healthy.

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Nowadays, the only things we see in stores and ads are products like special volumizing shampoos, mouse, spray, all of which promises to add volume but also hides the fact that they are all made of harsh chemicals that are not good for us. These products may work for now but in the long run, they eventually strip off moisture, break off our natural hair protein and end up making our hair dull, dry and damaged.

So the most sustainable way, which often is very effective, is to use natural methods and remedies to get that volume and body to plump up fine hair.

Natural volumizing hair masks

Before we get into any sort of remedy to help our hair, we need to understand what our hair needs. One of the main components of our hair structure is keratin; it is the protein that makes up our hair. So, a volumizing hair mask needs to strengthen this protective protein, in order to make up for any damage and to give us healthy, fuller, thicker hair.

Avocado and Egg Mask

Eggs and Avocados are both rich in various proteins; it strengthens our hair shafts and gives body and texture to our hair. Both of these together give us plenty of Vitamin B, biotin and vitamin E all of which are optimal for healthy hair that can grow thick.

Avocado and egg mask mask recipes

Egg, Avocado, Olive Oil & Honey

How to make it: Take 1 egg, 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey. Then blend it all together.

How to apply: Apply to dry or damp scalp and hair. Leave it in for 20-30 mins then wash it off with shampoo.

Gelatin Mask

An unusual ingredient, gelatin is a hidden gem for fine hair. It is almost 99% protein which strengthens our hair proteins making it strong, shiny and thick. At the same time, it also gives our hair elasticity which means less breakage.

Gelatin mask recipes

Water, Unflavored Gelatin & Essential Oil

How to make it: We need to combine, 2 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin. An optional step is to add an essential oil like peppermint or rosemary.

How to apply: put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on to hair until its completely saturated, and then massage the scalp. Leave in for 5 mins and rinse off with cool water. This can be used once a week.

Natural Volumizing Hair Spray

The motto here is to fake till you make it. Volumizing sprays give us the illusion of big, voluminous hair. It gives us that teased look and extra body to our hair. The sprays need to be light so it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Sea salt spray

This spray has a combination of sea salt and argan oil. The salt will provide volume with a beachy texture and the oil will give the hair a healthy shine.

Sea salt recipes

Water, Sea salt & Argan Oil

How to make it: Mix 1 cup of hot water, 1 tablespoon of sea salt and a few drops of argan oil.

How to apply: Let the water cool, then pour it into a spray bottle and shake it. Spritz it onto damp hair, slightly scrunch and then let it air dry.

Natural Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are known to absorb excess oil in our scalp and hair; this prevents the hair being weighed down by excess oil and gives it a bouncy and big appearance. When applied to the roots it thickens the roots and so providing lift and volume.

Natural dry shampoo recipes

Cornstarch, Rice Flour & Peppermint Oil

How to make it: Mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and rice flour, and then add a few drops of rosemary or peppermint oil, they are both light and promote hair growth.

How to apply: Pour the mixture into a salt shaker and apply to the roots of your hair whenever needed.

Another way to completely stay away from harsh products and stay natural is to use a few tricks in our daily life to ensure we are not doing anything to weigh down and flatten our fine hair and also to add extra volume whenever we can.

Incorporate these tips into your daily life

1. Massage your scalp

Scalp massaging

You can take any lightweight hair oil and apply it all over your scalp, massaging in a circular motion with your fingertips. This increases blood flow into the follicles of the hair and plumps up our fine hair.

2. Lift your roots with a hairdryer

Lightly blow dry hair while your fine hair is flipped upside down. Then apply a natural volumizing spray, this keeps wet hair from sticking to the scalp and it lifts the roots to add volume to the hair. Make sure to use low heat to avoid damage.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy diet food

a balanced diet will surely reflect in your hair and its thickness. Along with a balanced diet, you will need to eat a good amount of proteins and good fats. Proteins from food like eggs, lentils, meat, and seaweed strengthen your hair strands and keep them healthy and plump. Good fats from food like nuts, almonds, sesame, pumpkin keep the scalp and hair follicle healthy.

The journey to having voluminous hair for people with fine hair is a continuous process. There are ways to add volume with simple clever tricks and there are also ways to strengthen hair through treatments and a healthy diet that will give us an overall healthy and thicker hair. For sustainable results, we need to use both of the approaches and we need to remember to embrace natural methods and ingredients.