How To Make Fine Hair Thicker

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Fine hair is a matter of tension for all of the fashion conscious ladies. But what is fine hair? Let me first make it clear that fine hair Is not thin hair. We often mix up fine hair with thin hair, however, that should not be the case. Thin hair means you have fewer hair follicles. But fine hair means that your hair strands have less diameter! Fine hair can sometimes make you feel blessed because of its sleek nature. But it often makes your get-up look flat and dull. We, the ladies often end up in an unending battle with fine hair to make it look thick and voluminous. It’s time for you to win the war because we are here to help you with some easy and tricky solutions that will make your hair look thicker instantly.

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Firstly, learn how to blow dry! Perfect your blow-drying skills

Perfect Blow Drying Tricks

Blow Drying

  • While you blow dry, use a round brush. Use it to lift your hair and pull it to add tension. Afterward, turn on the blow dry and apply heat. This will give you volume throughout your hair.
  • Start blow drying your hair from the root of the hair strands. The scalp should get the direct air from your blow dry. But remember to do this by flipping your hair in the opposite direction of which side it will lay. This will prevent your hair from falling straight flat on the scalp by giving an upright strength to the hair.
  • SECTION YOUR HAIR! Don’t try to blow dry by taking all the hair together. Just take small sections. This is an important essence while blow drying if you want thick hair.

Though blow drying is the key here to make your fine hair thicker, you can’t just apply heat to your hair right away and just let your hair be like that after blow drying! You need to follow some precautionary measures to protect your hair and maintain the thick look for a longer time. So, here you go:

Before Blow Drying

  • Apply mousse to your hair. Well, not the whole hair, just focus on the roots. This will help you thicken the hair.
  • Texturizers are awesome products for volumizing and for making fine hair look thick. Just spray a few spritzes while your hair is still wet. And after blow drying, you will get the perfect volume and thick hair.
  • Don’t ever forget to apply heat-protectant spray! This is a must do if you are blow drying your hair.

After Blow Drying

  • Baby powder can be used as a texturizer after blow drying.
  • DRY SHAMPOO – the new trend nowadays. You can use dry shampoo to give texture to your after blow drying. This will prevent your hair to lay flat and become oily. Your fine hair will hold its thick look for a longer time.
  • Use hair setting spray after blow drying. This will lock your thick hair and you will have a glamorous look for a longer time.

Besides these, you can also follow other steps to fight fine hair. Follow the steps below:

  1. You can add up layers to your hair by cutting your hair. Layers make fine hair look thick. It gives an illusion.
  2. Again, you can also add highlights to your hair. Just try to be clever while doing highlights and lowlights in your hair. The combination can make your hair look fuller and thicker. If you can figure out how to highlight your hair, just consult with a good hair stylist. But remember that, colored hair will require extra care.
  3. Apart from these, try to avoid hair serums. I know you love hair serums because it makes your hair silky and shiny and also sleek, but it also makes your hair flat. So stay from serums. You will notice that your hair is getting more volume.
  4. If you have time, go for scalp treatments. Scalp treatments are great for hair thickening.
  5. Also, choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Use shampoos with less oil and sulfates. This will help you thicken the hair. And, do not wash your hair every day. Give a break of a single day minimum.
  6. Sleep in a silk pillowcase. This might sound weird, but trust me this is a great hack for making your hair look thicker. Try it and you realize the truth.
  7. Get a nozzle for your hair dryer. This spreads the heat better giving a better volume to your hair.
  8. Velcro rollers also work like magic for making hair thick. Just roll your hair and blow dry! You will see the real magic after you open the hair rolls.
  9. Don’t spend a very long time by rolling your hair in a towel. Because the friction that the towel causes actually makes your hair break! Thus, making it look thinner. So, stop rolling your hair in towels. Just pat dry with your tee shirt and blow dry.
  10. Do a ponytail before you sleep at night. In the morning, just remove the rubber band and find your hair looking thick and shiny.

So, the next time if you become worried about your fine hair to look thicker, just recollect these easy steps. I hope you will easily gain a glamorous look with thick hair.

TIP: Apply castor oil every night and wash it off in the morning. This will make your hair thicker from the roots. This is a long-term strategy to make your hair thicker, but I bet you won’t regret it at all.


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