Will Cold Hair Dryer Damage My Hair?

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There is a new concept in town and that is the cold hair dryer. Amused right? How can a hair dryer be cold! Let me clear it out for you. No dryer is cold; it is the cold air that is used in the hair drying with the cold hair option on your machine.

What next comes is the reliability of this cold hair drying. Will cold hair dryer damage my hair?

Well, it is quite obvious that cold air is good enough than hot air. I will put on more logic on this topic in here. So that, you get the answer you are seeking on- if the cold hair dryer will damage my hair or not.

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Girls! I know how much you love your hair. And, how the hair dryer is important to you. But at the same time, you have to think about the good for your hair. Have you ever thought of the side effects of your hair dryer that you are currently using? Normally we do blow-dry with the use of the heat. That can be harmful to our hair since it creates roughness and a large number of hair falls.

No, I am not saying to give up using the hairdryer. I know it is essential for our modern lifestyle and it saves your time. But what about your hair. Heat air that is used while blow-drying, that affects the health of your hair.

We know that hot hair dryer does causes damage to your hair if you use it excessively. Do not use hair dryer more than 3-4 times per week to avoid hair damage. But does the cold hair dryer do the same way? Normally the question arises.

Most people don’t know this yet that they can do blow-drying with cold air on your hair dryer. It might be boggled to know that you can do a blow dry with cold air. Yes, dear! You can. As I told, your hair dryer has a cold shot button that gives you the opportunity to dry your hair with cold air. So this cold hair generating option makes yours a cold hair dryer.

So the question normally arrives in minds that will cold hair dryer damage my hair. Well, normally extensive use of hair dryer can be harmful to your hair as it provides so much pressure on the root of your hair. But cold hair dryer is comparatively less harmful than the heat used on heat used hair dryer.

Here I have picked on some good sides of using the cold hair dryer-

  • The hair dryer that uses cold air to blow your hair helps to remain the hair shiny for a long time.
  • Cold air or natural air seems to do lesser damage to hair.
  • The hairstyle that is scorched with cold hairdryer remains set in place for a long time.
  • Using the function of the cold shot of your hair dryer you get the facility of inveterate blow dry.
  • When you dry your hair with the cool air by your hair dryer, your hair gets the longevity to cope with changing the weather.
  • Cold hair Dryer competitively causes less hair fall than the hair dryer that uses heat to blow up.

You may think that if cold air is good enough for hairstyling or not. It is our misconceptions that whether it fits for drying our hair or to do any hairstyle. We simply jump to turn on the heat function on our hair dryer.  But have you ever thought that you can do the same with the cold hair dryer that means with the cold shot button of your appliance?

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Now a day’s most of the famous hairstylists suggest that hairstyle done with hot air won’t be long-lasting. And moreover too much-using heat blow-dryer can affect your hair which gives the output of hair fall, hair damage, roughness.

You can take for example the shiny and perfectly styled hair of the Douches of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Richard Ward, who is the hairstylist of Kate Middleton, prefers to use the cold shot option on the hairdryer. She says that people should mostly use cold hair instead of hot air while doing blow-drying.

So, my friends, you can trust on cold hair dryer as it will not damage your hair and will keep the style for a long time.


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