Myths & Facts About Damaged Hair

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Lucky are those who have shiny beautiful hair. It takes patience and extra care to get healthy hair. There are a lot of beliefs and cultural practices regarding hair growth, baldness, and damaged hair around the globe.

Well, not all of them are true. Here, you will be enlightened to know some of the renowned ideas are actually myths. Let’s unveil the myths and facts about damaged hair.

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1. Cutting hair in every two months makes faster hair growth

Cutting hair

A number of beauticians suggest trimming hair in every two months for faster hair growth. If you think logically, it doesn’t grow much in two months. If you cut in every two months, your hair will remain the same length.

The fact is, the hair growth occurs from the scalp. The end of the hair tends to be very thin and damaged. When you cut it, you get rid of the damaged part and as a result, it looks thicker.

2. Plucking grey hair causes more greyness

Grey hair

It is a worldwide belief that you should not pluck the grey hair. If you pluck one, you will grow more. People may have seen noticeable changes in hair greyness in this way.

It is not true. Hair greying can be for many reasons. Plucking the hair from the same place will restrain from growing in the long run. It’s natural that once you have grey hair, you will have them more eventually.

3. Shampooing hair every day will reduce dandruff

Shampooing hair - V2 Aug

Dandruff is one kind of symptom of damaged hair. Most of the anti-dandruff shampoos spread this information in their advertisements. People tend to believe them and thus practice them. It’s not true at all.

Dandruff causes from dry scalp. When you shampoo your hair, it washes off dandruff, leaving your scalp drier. To stop dandruff you need to make sure your scalp is properly moisturized.

4. Frequent coloring damages hair permanently

Hair color is a  popular hair styling product. From the variety of colors, young people wish to frequently change their hair color. Thus, we often hear from the adults, that it will damage your hair permanently.

It’s not the case. A head full of healthy hair needs proper maintenance. If you use high-quality products and maintain required hair care, coloring will not damage your hair.

5. Blow drying causes hair loss

Blow drying causes hair loss

Blow dryers are one of the desired products for wet hair. It is a quick tool we use for styling and drying our hair. However, it is usually said that you should towel dry your hair and stay away from the blow dryer.

Remember, it’s just a myth. If you use your blow drier from 10 inches away, it will not cause damage to the hair. If the scalp does not get the direct heat, you will not face hair shedding.

Final Verdict

Hairstyling is the new trend. It is given equal importance as to the makeup. Let not the myths keep you away from styling.

We have extracted the myths regarding damaged hair. You can follow the style any way you want. Remember to ensure proper maintenance and care of your hair.


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