Are Split Ends Normal? 6 Things You Need To Know About Fixing Those Dreaded Hair Fractures

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Many of us will be able to relate to the following scenario:

One day, after you wake up and start doing your hair, you realize that your hair is populated with split ends. Your hair became brittle and looks hay-like at the end. If you try to touch that hay-like mane, some of the strands break at a fracture point. So, you decide to trim those split ends individually by yourself. You go to the sunlight and try to cut those parts off. You become obsessed and put all your attention to find every single broken strand to trim them. Later, you ask yourself, are split ends normal? Or are you undergoing some abnormal phenomenon?

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You could relate, right? Yes, each of us can because we have faced this dreadful situation at least once in our lifetime and probably most of us are still facing the “split-ends problem”. So, today I am going to shed some light on what actually split ends are, what are the reasons, what are the prevention and remedies of split ends. Let’s dive in!

Point – 1

Hair split ends

Trichoptilosis! Yes, that is the scientific name for split ends. Split ends are basically caused due to over usage of styling tools like hair-dryers and hair straighteners. The heat causes the damage actually. As you overuse these tools, your hair becomes drier and brittle. As a result, the ends of the hair strands break and become thin. Each strand might have more than 5 to 6 splits as well. And here’s a fun thing you can try, if you want to escape your boss or bunk a meeting, you can always tell him/her that you are suffering from trichoptilosis to make it sound serious and fancy! Awesome, right?

Point – 2

DO NOT SELF-TRIM! Girls, that is a big no-no. Why? Because you might be using a blunt scissor to trim your split ends. Result? You will be leaving your hair more prone to breakage and split ends. Your hair will break more and the split shaft will increase the next time you brush your hair or even use a blow-dryer! So, opt for a hair trimming session at a beauty salon. Best way to trim your hair.

Point – 3

Avoid drying out the hair at the ends. So, shampoo at your roots, not the ends. And after shampooing, use conditioner at the ends of your hair. This will make a huge difference for split ends. You will notice reduced split ends within a month. Great, right? Just using shampoo and conditioners properly can make a huge difference. Oh, another thing is that, after the shower, please use a microfiber towel to tap dry your hair. Do not rub your hair, this will break your hair and cause split ends. So, now you know what to do.

Point – 4

Girl using Deep conditioning hair mask

Deep conditioning – the game changer! Yes, deep conditioning works like magic. You already realized that your hair needs moisture. Use hair masks and oil treatments. Keep the masks over-night if required. Wash them off the next day. I would personally suggest the argan oil hair mask if your split ends are severe. Use it every week and you will thank me later! The deep conditioning masks are immediate moisture boosters and will keep your hair smooth and soft and most importantly, moisturized!

Point – 5

Girl using heat protection spray

Use heat protection while using hot tools. This is a point to remember for all the girls. Because we love hot tools, don’t we? So, we should be protecting our hair from the heat damage as well, right? Heat protectants work like a thermal heat layer between your strands and the heated ceramic plates or hot air of our styling tools. This is a great prevention tactic for split ends! However, if you already have severe split ends, please trim them and take a break of at least five weeks to start using hot styling tools again, of course with a heat protectant this time! Basic steps are: dry your hair with your towel, use heat protectant sprays or gels, use the hair dryer or straightener!

Point – 6

Cutting split ends

The real solution is to cut your hair to a shorter length to get rid of split ends. If your split ends are severe, you need to cut them off first. So, cut your hair as much as you can, make it short. This will result in eliminating all split ends from your hair. And then, you can start off with your hair care routine to prevent split ends. Cutting the hair is the best solution ever!

I hope you will remember the points mentioned above and take good care of your hair. Prevent split ends by applying the tactics. Good luck!


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