The Best John Frieda Hair Dryer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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We have used, analyzed and compared all the John Frieda hair dryer models before determining that the John Frieda Frizz Ease Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer JF2NG tops our list because of its capability of drying and styling every hair types out there.

This blow dryer comes with a super quite DC Motor and features a unique Titanium Ceramic Coating which is absent in many of its competitors. Moreover, John Frieda ensured salon quality hair locks by incorporating a latest Advanced Ionic Technology to this hair dryer that delivers multiple times more shine and frizz control while completely drying out your hairs.

A Quick Review

After extensive research and reviews, we have come to the conclusion that among John Frieda’s very few hair dryer models we could only consider one as the best, keeping in mind about its versatility and its workability on several different varieties of hairs regardless the locks type and condition.


John Frieda Frizz Ease 1875W Salon Shine JF2NG Hair Dryer

Suitable for thick, fine & frizzy hair types

John Frieda Frizz Ease 1875W Salon Shine JF2NG Hair Dryer

With multiple amazing features and latest, advanced technologies, our only preference is the John Frieda Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer as it is able to provide shine, volume and body to otherwise flat, dull hair locks while simultaneously drying out individual strands with utmost care. Its 1875 watt super powerful DC motor combined with the Advanced Ionic Technology and the Titanium Ceramic coated grill evenly distributes a high amount of heat, air pressure and 50% more ions to all types of hairs perfectly to results in shiny, bouncy, luxurious blow dries without creating any frizz or knots.
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About John Frieda

When John Frieda, a well-known British celebrity hairstylist, started his first saloon in London over three decades ago, little did he know that his brand is going to conquer the World someday? Today, aside from saloon business, the John Frieda brand has a bunch of different hair care and hair styling products along with several hair styling tools that promise to deliver salon-caliber results at the comfort of your home.

John Frieda understands hair and therefore creates and tailors each of its product, be it hair care or styling tools, keeping in mind about your hair’s specific needs and preferences. Be it blonde or brunette, curly, flat or thick, you don’t have to worry as  John Frieda has a tool or product for each and every kind of hair out there.

In the year 2002, the John Frieda hair care business was acquired by Kao Corporation, Japan.

John Frieda Brand Logo

Contemporary Brands/Market Competitors of John Frieda

John Frieda is not the only hair dryer brand in the market; there are several other brands available that can compete with John Fried in terms of product quality, price, outlook, popularity, and several other factors.

Some of the brands that are considered as John Frieda’s contemporary are Con Air, BaByliss, Remington, Revlon and Hot Tools. InStyler, NuMe, Xtava, Vidal Sassoon and Panasonic are also in head-to-head competition with John Frieda.

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Features of John Frieda Hair Dryers

There are several aspects and qualities that make John Frieda a truly world-class haircare brand. Below we have discussed some of the most prominent features of  John Frieda Hair Dryers that helped these dryers to become instant fan-favorite all over the globe:

Incredible built quality

Built Quality Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

By constructing various hair dryers with scratch resistant ceramic titanium plates and barrels, John Frieda not only ensured long-lasting durability but also made sure that each hair dryer has a gorgeous, shining outlook. Its incredible built-quality made sure that each John Frieda Hair Dryer provides unparalleled drying and styling service and lasts for generations to come.

Sleek, Impressive outlook

The ceramic titanium plates and shining metallic color scheme assures sleek yet super extraordinary outlook of each John Frieda Hair Dryer with the intention of attracting customers’ attention as soon as they have a sight of these dryers. Additionally, the brilliant looks of these blow dryers add glamour factor to your dressing area.

Revolutionary Advanced Ionic Technology

Ionic Technology Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

Protecting hair from heat and frizz is the ultimate goal of John Frieda hair dryers and all of its blow dryers adopted a revolutionary high-voltage Advanced Ionic Technology that is known to be the highest quality ionic generator in the market delivering at least 50% more ions to the hair for maximum frizz control and to seal in moisture.

This advanced technology also helps to achieve shinier, smoother and luxurious volume by providing 2x shine and 3x frizz control to each hair strands.

Provides up to 2200 watts of power

John Frieda doesn’t only manufacture products for USA market; they have a huge customer base all over the World and that’s why they have to produce different wattage of the same hair dryer to meet different country’s power limit.

Generally, all the hair dryers of John Frieda have a high power range of 1875 watt to reduce drying time by providing more wind and heat.

But they also have 2200 watt blow dryers that are exclusive for only European customers.

Includes Titanium Ceramic–coated grill

The Titanium Ceramic–coated grill technology is another advanced technology adopted by John Frieda to ensure even distribution of heat to each hair strand, drying them in and out fully. This full spectrum grill also makes sure that your hair suffers less damage while reducing frizz and gaining volume.

Effectively enhances curls and volume

Curly Hair - V1 Sep

John Frieda hair dryers not only smooths, shines and blow dries hair perfectly but also enhances your precious curls and volume effectively with its various attachments while simultaneously drying out hair locks for the perfect hairstyle.

Dries out hair strands quickly yet smoothly

The powerful AC and DC motors incorporated by John Frieda in each of the hair dryers provide more heat and air pressure to the hair locks to makes sure that they dry quickly by reducing drying time by 30% to 40%. Although hair dries out quickly, there is zero possibility of hair damage.

Heat and speed settings

Heat & speed Settings Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

All the blow dryers of John Frieda come with several heat and speed settings so that the user can create customizable dryer settings in accordance to their hair type and preference. Moreover, these 3 Heat and 2-speed settings offer a wide variety of styling options to the user to enjoy a new look every day.

Have rocker switch settings

To make changing between Heats and Speed more convenient and effortless, these settings are incorporated in professional rocker switches so that you can create your heat/speed combination just by flicking the rocker switch quickly and easily.

Perfectly balanced and lightweight for effortless handling and storage

John Frieda made sure that each of its hair dryers is perfectly balanced and incredibly lightweight without compromising design and performance; professional grade dryers are mostly 2.2 pounds or higher whereas the John Frieda Dryers weights just 2 pounds making it easy and convenient for the user to hold the dryer throughout the drying and styling process.

Includes removable filter for easy cleaning

Removable Filter Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

It is of utmost importance to keep your dryer clean and tidy to enjoy the best performance every time you intend to use it. That’s why all the hair dryers of John Frieda come with an easy removable filter to ensure effortless and effective cleaning process; the removable back part is super easy to open and even easier to clean.

Regular cleaning of the dryer increases its lifetime and provides the user with an extended durability so that you don’t have to buy a new dryer every now and then.

Compact and lightweight makes them super portable

We have mentioned earlier that all the John Frieda hair dryers are super lightweight, and the 2 pounds of weight combined with the compact size of the dryers not only made them extremely convenient to store but at the same time made them super portable and travel friendly so that you don’t have to leave behind your favorite styling tool while you are on the go.

Comes with concentrators for more body and full volume in targeted areas

Concentrator Nozzle Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

John Frieda didn’t hold back while adding extra accessories with each of its hair dryers and the concentrator is one of the most useful parts that come along with others; a concentrator adds more versatility to the dryer by not only drying but also ensuring more body and volume to the targeted hair areas.

Incorporates Diffuser attachment to enhance curls and volume

Diffuser Of John Frieda Hair Dryer

Among many of the extra accessories and attachments that come with each John Frieda hair dryers, the diffuser is one that comes as an extension of the dryer. A diffuser is added to enhance volume and curls and create pinpoint hairstyles easily in the comfort of your own space.

LCD Temperature control; auto shut down

To make hair drying and styling experience more delightful and convenient, the John Frieda hair dryers come with LCD screens that display different temperature and heat settings. They also feature auto shut-off technology so that you can enjoy the heat without the fear of any accidents.

Professional Quality Luxurious Shine and Volume

Voluminous & Shiny Hair

As John Frieda himself owns a professional hair salon, he knows how and with what tools professionals work, and therefore, when designing and creating the hair dryers, John Frieda incorporated special components and incredible features that promise to deliver professional quality shine and volume every time you use the dryer on your hair.

Few Negative Aspects of John Frieda Hair Dryers

Aside from several positive aspects, John Frieda hair dryers also suffer from a few negative features that its customers should know about:

All the dryer don’t come with a long cord

Long cords give freedom to the user to move around easily while using the dryer. But not all John Frieda Hair Dryers consists of long cords; this might cause users dissatisfaction as they have to stand beside the plug point the whole time of using the dryer.

Doesn’t offer a wide variety of dryers

Even though John Frieda has a wide variety of styling tools, it offers a very narrow range of Hairdryer models limiting the choice of its customers.

Doesn’t come with a brush attachment

While many of its market competitors included a brush attachment with other extra accessories, the John Frieda blow dryers come only with concentrators and diffusers; no brush attachment included.

Previously, aside from JF1R and JF2NG models, several other models of hair dryers like the 5127u and the 5125bu were available in the USA market; but with time these models extinct from the market leaving only 2 choices for John Frieda’s hair dryer customers.

Has several blow dryer brush models but doesn’t offer hair dryer brush

Blow dryer brush and hair dryer brush is not the same thing; John Frieda has quite a range of blow dryer brush models while it lacks in offering any hair dryer brushes to its customers.

If you are looking for luxurious models, then you can browse our main page.

Best John Frieda Hair Dryer

As we have mentioned earlier, John Frieda manufactures a huge variety of hair styling products but has hardly any hair dryer models to offer to its customers. Among these 2 models, we have selected the best hair dryer keeping in mind about the needs and preferences of every hair types out there.

John Frieda Frizz Ease 1875W Salon Shine JF2NG Hair Dryer – suitable for all types of hair

John Frieda Frizz Ease 1875W Salon Shine JF2NG Hair Dryer - V1 Sep

With its impressive high gloss chrome accents and metallic matt finish, the Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer from John Frieda’s Frizz Ease line is our top pick as it transforms dry, dull, lifeless hair strands into smooth, shiny, lustrous locks in no time.

Appropriate for all types of hair locks, it does this by adopting a ground-breaking Advanced Ionic Technology that not only ensures 2x shine and 3x frizz control but at the same time provides 50% more ions to the hair to result in shiny, silky, frizz-free hair strands. Be it frizzy or curly, thick or flat hair, this Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer is committed to delivering a perfect blow dry in the comfort of your home every time you use it.

Furthermore, this Salon Shine blow dryer features a Titanium Ceramic–coated grill that is responsible for distributing heat evenly to each hair strands so that none of the hair is left behind wet and dull. This Titanium Ceramic casting is also super heat resistant and can withstand higher heat level compared to aluminum or other metals making this Hair Dryer extremely durable and incredibly convenient.

Additionally, to achieve all the above-described features, John Frieda incorporated a lightweight yet High-torque DC motor with a supreme power of 1875 watts to this Iconic Salon Shine hair dryer so that you can achieve one perfect blow dry in the shortest amount of time.

Below, we have compared the John Frieda Frizz Ease Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer with some of its market competitors to indicate why we think that the Frizz Ease Salon Shine hair dryer is the best in the market.

A comparison table with justification

FeaturesJohn Frieda Frizz Ease Salon Shine JF2NG Hair DryerJohn Frieda Frizz Ease Full Volume JF1R Hair Dryer
MaterialsCeramic TitaniumCeramic Titanium Plates
Wattage1875 Watts1875 Watts
MotorHigh-torque DC motorAC Motor
ColorMetallic purpleSilver/Purple
Weight2 lbs.2 lbs.
PriceBelow $50Below $50

Even though both the John Frieda hair dryers compared above have similar looks, configurations, and components, we have picked the John Frieda JF2NG Frizz Ease Salon Shine Iconic Hair Dryer for very solid reasons; it has a DC motor that is super noiseless even after being supremely powerful- is one of the reasons among many others of them. Continue reading as we unwind and discuss some of the major positive and negative aspects of this blow dryer.


  • Sleek, stylish design is very attractive; very sophisticated feminine outlook
  • The dryer is compact and lightweight; these made it easy to store and carry around while traveling
  • The Advanced Ionic Technology provides up to 50% more ions to ensure silky, shiny, frizz-free luxurious hair locks
  • Includes a super lightweight, High-Torque DC Motor with 1875 Watts of power that dries out hair faster and cuts down drying time by several minutes
  • This dryer is quite noiseless even after having a super powerful motor
  • The concentrator attachment provides more body while the diffuser enhances volume and curls
  • Results in perfect blow dry with 2X shine every time you use
  • The 3 Heat and 2 Speed feature enables the user to enjoy a customizable dryer setting for the best result according to their preference
  • Consists of easy to use temperature and speed button; one hand operation for added convenience


  • Comes with quite an expensive price tag compared many of its market competitors
  • The 6feet long cord is comparatively short and not convenient for many users
  • Not the best dryer for hair styling; might require other tools for the perfect style
  • Doesn’t come inside an impressive carry box; the box keeps falling apart
  • The high air pressure often results in knotted hair that is quite hard to comb


John Frieda delivers all the promises it made to its customers and more. With its powerful motor, revolutionary advanced technologies and several different attachments, John Frieda hair dryers have changed the game altogether to create customized hairstyles and provide super shiny, smooth and bouncy hair locks every day.


  • 1. John Frieda Frizz Ease 1875W Salon Shine JF2NG Hair Dryer

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