What Does Ionic Hair Dryer Mean?

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A hairdryer is, maybe the most used hair styling tool around the world. Thousands of men and women use this thing on a daily basis. We should know every detail about something that we use this much.

Hair experts advise people not to use drying or straightening or curling tools that use heat. They do so because those tools cause some damages to your hair, be that a little or much. So, it’s necessary that you choose a hair dryer that suits your hair type.

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There are ceramic, ionic, titanium, tourmaline hair dryers available in the stores. Here we’ll learn about ionic dryers.


Ionic hair dryers use negative ion flow to dry hair. The water molecules are positively charged ions. When you dry your wet hair with an ionic dryer, the negative ions come out of the dryer and break and neutralize the positive water molecules. This way they take out the moisture from the outer layer of the hair.

Ionic hair dryers work speedily. They dry your hair faster than some types of dryers. They close off the hair cuticles. So, we can keep the worry away that it will remove the moisture of the hair strands. It only works on the outer layer of your hair, and that’s the healthy thing about this type of hair dryer.

Ionic hair dryers have a range of temperature settings so you can choose which one you like for your hair. These dryers leave your hair smooth and free of frizz.

Positive points

This technology of using negative ions to dry hair is extraordinary. The ionic hair dryers have benefits that will amaze you. Let’s take a look at some of their advantages.

  • Ionic blow dryers don’t remove the moisture of the inner layer from the hair shafts. And they close off the cuticles. In this way, they lock your hair’s natural moisture and reduce the effect of heat.
  • These dryers lessen the amount of frizz while you are blow drying with it. Thus, this hair dryer is popular with people with frizzy and unmanageable hair. This dryer reduces the frizz to a great extent and makes the hair smooth.
  • These dryers have a lot of temperature settings. So, you can choose how much hot air you want for your hair. You can use cold air so that the hair stays free of heat-related damages.

Negative points

Though ionic hair dryer is great as a hair drying tool, it has got one or two negative sides. Due to negative ion emission, the air that comes out of the dryers tends to become very hot. So, the dryer quickly dries your hair, but you might over-dry some portions. Over-drying harms the hair follicles and makes the hair rough.

On the bright side, if you be careful with the heat distribution and maintain a lower temperature setting, you can overcome this problem. Also, you need to apply heat protection serum to our hair. If you follow these steps, the ionic hair dryer will be a perfect daily-using tool for you.

If you are a curly and frizzy-haired person, an ionic hair dryer will be best for you. So, enjoy drying your hair with ionic hair dryers!