Is There Any Scientific Proof That Ionic Hair Dryers Are Of Any Good And Not Just A Marketing Gimmick?

Featured Image Of Is There Any Scientific Proof That Ionic Hair Dryers Are Of Any Good And Not Just A Marketing Gimmick?

With the advancing technology, the simplest things in life also took a turn to higher technical twists. Back then, the hair dryer was just a device that produced hot air to dry the hair. But it left the hair frizzy and dull. So the technology came ahead and produced a new kind- ionic hair dryer. Today we are going to talk about these products if they really work or all of these just marketing hypes.

First, let’s talk about what an ionic dryer is. The dryer is made up of such a way that the voltage inside the dryer heats up the emitter which is made up of small steel pins. It creates an electric field to produce energy of free electrons.

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So, basically what it does is the ionic charge (which is negative) that is emitted by a blow dryer or a flat iron or something like that is basically creating an environment where the cuticle of hair is closed so the water molecules (that are positive) can be taken from the hair quicker and easier. So usually requires less heat, less time and less energy for a very polished blow dry and can get you shiner, smoother and healthier hair. And also the closed cuticle can hold water. So that, during drying it doesn’t lose moisture.

The science behind the ionic function goes way back to 1930s when scientist Michael Faraday came up with the discovery of ionic charges.

Now, if the claims are true, if it really uses ion for drying, the benefits should be like this:

  • Negative charges of ion break down the positive charges of water into smaller molecules. As a result, water dries faster than the other.
  • Your hair will get far less frizzy.
  • You don’t have to use higher heat, so little chance of damage.
  • Reduces static.
  • Breaking down of the water particles tend to enter the hair core easily, so it does not dehydrate and keep the moistures.

But are they always the best thing for hair? The question remains

No. Researching through the patterns of the reviews of the users, we find out that for some hair, it is not recommendable. Fine, thin hair may not take it well and end up looking tired. Also, there’s a chance of overheating your hair. Not to mention the high cost! They pretty much cost a fortune.

Well, all these are claimed by the company or marketing teams.  The real question is, do they really worth the money?

Well, at this point there aren’t many scientific studies around these. There’s been little or no research to prove the producer’s claim or disprove either. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t work. We are simply just saying we don’t know the truth of functioning science behind it yet.

But when it comes to the customer review, most of the customers have given positive reviews saying it works well. They are swearing that there is an actual positive impact. It really took less time and made their hair smoother. Whereas a few expressed that they didn’t find any difference between the ionic and the non-ionic dryer. And a very little amount gave the negative review. So, if you consider the ratings of users, we must say, they probably work and good for hair.

There’s this another point circulating that better result can be achieved by using conditioner and other hair products. That means that the dryer doesn’t play a vital role if you use good hair care products. Maybe this is a reason, why some people have good results while some don’t. Then there are environmental factors. Ionic dryers may not work properly in humid condition. Because the negative ions can’t be transmitted in humid air.

So, is it really a marketing hype?

In the end, we really can’t say that it is all hype. Because there are more than enough positive reviews from satisfied customers. There is a vast group of real users who can testimony over the product. So, there must be something about the ionic dryer. But keep in mind that this is not for everybody. So, my suggestion would be before buying the dryer consider the type of hair, the environment, and other factors. And then definitely give it a go!


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