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Hair drying and styling industry are booming with innovative technologies that are trying to make your hair drying experience worthwhile. Initially, hairdryers were designed to blow just hot air to dry your hair leaving your hair over dried and frizzy because of the intense heat and the lengthy time it took.

But the scenario changed from the early 2000’s when Ionic hairdryers were brought to the market. It took lesser time to dry and also kept the health and quality of hair in check. Years have passed and now newer technologies have established themselves alongside ionic dryers. But ionic hairdryers are still best-selling hair drying products on the market!

How do ionic blow dryers function? And what are its credentials that makes it so popular even until today? We have answers!

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What is Ionic Technology?

Ions are charged atoms that have unequal numbers of electrons are protons. The number of electrons is protons may vary in different ions and because of that, there are either positively charged or negatively charged ions. Ions that have more electrons than protons are negatively charged. You must have learned about ionic technology in your middle school physics classes.

How does it work?

Hair Dryer Motor Generating Ion

Now, you might be wondering what all these sciences have to do with your Ionic hairdryer. To understand how ionizing works in your hair dryer, you need to know a little bit about Corona effect.

In ionic hair dryers, a negative voltage is first applied to an ion emitter and then a strong magnetic field is created. As a result of this, there is an acceleration in the motor which increases the energy level of the free electrons. So much so, that when the free electrons have a collision with the air molecules, the air molecules are ionized.

How the negative ions interact with the water molecules is what needs to be precisely understood.

What negative ions do to the water molecules is, it shrinks them down and helps them penetrate through the hair shaft easily. This makes the tiny H2O molecules evaporate much faster. Negative ions also help retain moisture balance by putting back a lot of water molecules into the air shaft.

The flattened cuticles allow trapping the moisture in. These ions also neutralize the static electricity in the hair which prevents further frizz and leaves the hair much smoother than before.

Ionic vs. Non-Ionic blow dryers

Ions are particles which cannot be seen with naked eyes and are not material based. When a hair dryer has ionic-technology, it blows these ions to the hair shaft to dry it. On the other hand, non-ionic hairdryers would have more material based hair drying and styling solutions.

For example ceramic, porcelain, tourmaline, titanium etc. are the non-ionic alternatives to hair drying. What is common between some of the material based heating and ionic heating is that both emit ions. But Ionic dryers emit particularly negative ions. The following table will help understand the basic differences between ionic and non-ionic blow dryers.

Ionic TechnologyNon-Ionic Technology
Nonmaterial based and emits negative ionsMaterial based and can produce both negative and positive ions
Ionizes hair with Corona effect which creates a strong magnetic field to heat up and produce ionsBlows ions to hair by heating up materials like ceramic, tourmaline etc.
Has an ion emitter that works with negative voltageCoated with crushed materials such as ceramic, tourmaline etc.
Negative ions seal cuticles very effectively to reduce frizzCrushed materials seal cuticles with their natural benefits.
Negative ions shrinks water molecules and evaporates themMaterials that have ionic bonds emit ions to break water molecules into smaller parts and evaporates them

Advantages of ionic hair dryers

Ionic dryers have been on the market for quite a long time and are still popular, and the reasons are its long-term benefits over other types of dryers. Although other technologies are now taking over, the benefits of ionic dryer have made it sustain for the very long.

These blow dryers claim to dry hair healthily and with lesser time. Negative ions smoothen the cuticles and seal them to reduce frizz. Negative ions also put back needed water molecules into the cortex to retain necessary levels of moisture.

Ionic technology is a must-have feature to control frizz in your hair.

Disadvantages of Ionic hair dryers

Although ionic technology is well established, with time and technological advantages there are many other types of blow-dryers with bigger claims to dry hair keeping the health of the hair intact.

Non-ionic material based alternatives are proving to be better at frizz reduction and control, also are giving more nature-based solutions over mechanical ones. Tourmaline, ceramic, titanium, porcelain etc. are giving more precise results in hair smoothening, drying and styling.

The strong magnetic field that it creates can be hazardous to health especially for young children which are concerning.

What can make ionic technology win over its disadvantages?

Although Ionic hair dryers have its disadvantages, they are catching up with the booming technologies pretty well. Ionic dryers these days are being marketed in collaboration with Ceramic, Porcelain, Tourmaline, Titanium, and other material based technologies. These dryers are therefore versatile in use, well suited for almost all hair types, solving a wide variety of hair drying and styling problems.

What varieties of ionic hair dryers are available based on our hair types?

Every hair type and their basic cell structure have three layers which are Medulla, Cortex, and Cuticle.

  • The Innermost layer which works as the marrow or pith of the hair is called Medulla.
  • The mid-layer which holds the moisture and pigment of the hair and which is 75% of all hair cells in the cortex.
  • The layer that shields the cortex and protects it from any damage is called the Cuticle layer. It is the translucent layer that is fibrous in texture. Because being translucent it lets the pigment of the cortex show through it.

Based on the density and volume of the layers of cells, hairs are generally of four types which are: Fine/Thin hair, thick/Coarse hair, curly hair, and African-American/Natural hair. What are the available ionic hairdryers that can effectively work on each hair type and how? Following explanations may help you find out.

Got fine hair? Try Porcelain, Ceramic, and Pearl Ceramic hair dryers with Ionic technology

Fine or thin hair compared to other hair types has much less volume of hair cells. Three layers of tissues are present in all air types. However, very thin or fine hair may have the innermost medulla divided into fragments or might not be there at all.

The problem with thin hair is, it is easier to maintain but weaker in structure. And because of this it can be easily damaged by friction or overheat. Heat can break the cuticles and cause frizz by easily penetrating through the thin layers of fine hair and over-dry it.

Although Porcelain and Ceramic are used synonymously they do have differences in terms of their properties and their effectiveness on fine hair. Ceramic infused with pearl extracts and ionic conditioning, on the other hand, seems to give the best results with fine hair.

Ceramic is a material which is nonmetallic, inorganic and is mostly available is clay form. This material is popularly used to make potteries. However, they are also effectively incorporated into hairdryers. Ceramic in hair dryers are incorporated by making a fine powder of ceramic and then coating major components of the hair dryers.

Ceramic creates even infrared heating and dries fine hair gently and gives protection to hair from getting overheated. It is also said that ceramic works great for curly hair, but it is not very clear how. Ceramic has gentler heat which should not be enough for thick or curly hair.

Ionic Covalent bonds in ceramic generate ions to dry hair. As a result, your hair dries quickly without being exposed to heat for too long.

Although porcelain is more widely known as another variety of ceramic clay, it has a different composition that allows it to be a fast hair drying element. Porcelain is tougher, stronger and more translucent comparing to ceramic. It emits natural ions when heated that can remove static electricity and frizz no matter how dense your hair is.

The pearl ceramic technology used in hair dryer nourishes, controls and dries hair with the natural benefits of pearl and ceramic combined. Pearl in this hair dryer gives the lustrous shine and smoothness by preventing frizz from happening by repelling humidity, while ceramic creates even heat to dry hair coherently and more quickly.

Pearl and Ceramic together seal moisture inside the hair cuticles. Because of having ceramic in it and its even heating, this is best suited for fine hair. Pearl, however, makes it more versatile and makes this technology worthy of other hair types as well.

Porcelain and Ceramic and pearl ceramic dryers are available in the market infused with ionic technology which along with the benefits of ceramic, porcelain and pearl to enhance the quality of your hair and fast dry them at the same time.

Ceramic is better for fine hair and porcelain hair dryers are well suited for all hair types. You might want to stick to Pearl Ceramic ionic hair dryer for its proven benefits on fine hair and other hair types for a more versatile personal and home use.

Thick and naturally curly hair? Try Nano-Titanium hairdryers with Ionic technology

If your hair is not very delicate and it gives you a hard time to dry and care for your hair at the same time, then Titanium is the right solution for your hair.

Thick hair has a larger amount of hair cells comparing to thin or fine hair. Therefore, your thick hair has a more defined medulla, unlike thin hair. It also has a more voluminous cortex and a larger layer of cuticles. The thicker cuticle layer protects the inner layers better. Even though this category of hair is stronger in structure, heating for a long time and frequent styling will cause it to lose its moisture.

Too much heat will over dry hair and cause the cuticles to chip and let the moisture pass through. Because of thick hair having a thicker cortex, in presence of humidity in the air, more hydrogen bonds will be built and rebuilt and at a higher rate. This phenomenon will make the shape and the length of the hair fluctuate making the occurrence of frizz more obvious and hair that is harder to tame.

Titanium is an alternative to ceramic dryers for and curly hair since ceramic does not give the best results in such hair types. This metal has the quality to heat up faster than ceramic does, and thus dries hair comparably faster. It is efficient in fighting frizz, especially in thick hair since such hair needs more heat to smoothen cuticles.

Titanium also maintains a constant temperature which in comparison to ceramic dries hair in lesser time. The less is the time for drying, the better it is for your hair because it will save you from causing damage by overheating. As a result, you will get a nice, frizz-free finish. Titanium hairdryers are also lightweight because of Titanium as a metal being much lighter itself.

For African American and other types of curly hair, try Tourmaline-Ionic blow dryers

Tourmaline is the technology that is getting impressively popular over other ones because of its qualities that makes it great for all hair types. Crushed Tourmaline naturally creates abundant negative ions and also emits far infrared heating. The even far infrared heat dries your hair without having to penetrate the layers of hair cells. Therefore, it is a better alternative to blow-dryers that cause damage to hair by overheating and over drying.

If you have African American hair, your hair is more non-linear in shape than other hair types. Its extra curly and zigzag texture has more cross-sectional points and thus are more prone to breakage and frizz.

When crushed tourmaline comes in contact with your afro air, it naturally benefits from the continuous stream of negative ions powered by tourmaline extracts. The negative ions and the even infrared heat seals the chipped hair cuticles and gives your hair a smoother-softer frizz-free finish. Although tourmaline works especially great for black hair, it equally benefits other hair types too. Therefore, tourmaline ionic deserves the title of the most versatile hair drying technology in the present.

Tourmaline- Ionic hair dryers keep the quality of your hair in check by naturally taking care of the layers of your hair using tourmaline while fast-drying them by 30% to 40% reduced time through ionizing them.

Titanium hair dryers infused with ionic technology gives a very sleek finish to thick and curly hair. Your thick hair becomes velvety smooth and curls become softer with the smoothening qualities of ion-infused titanium.

Titanium-ionic hairdryers are recently more popularly sold as ‘Nano titanium’ hair dryers. Nano titanium refers to a finer layer of titanium in the blow-dryer than in the previous versions that claim to give a more precise drying and styling results.

What features should you look for?

For you to be able to take benefits from it to the fullest, your ionic hair dryer must have some essential features. Following are the list of features that your dryer should have.

Heat and speed options

Hair Dryer Heating & Speed Options

Your ionic hair dryer will be usable for all hair types if it as at least 2-speed and 3-heating options. For best results, first, dry hair in high-speed settings and then switch to lesser speed as most of the wet patches decrease.

Low to medium, and medium to high heating option should be there in the dryer for more effective results. Medium heat settings suit fine hair better while thick, curly or afro hair dries better with high heating options. For stying options, switch to lower heat after drying.

Standard wattage

Most people barely have enough time to care for their hair properly and more drying time is not what they want from a hairdryer. Your dryer needs at least 1875 watts to dry your hair with the speediest results.

High Torque DC motor

The function of motors is to rotationally accelerate various components of the hair dryer. When motors have higher torque, they provide more acceleration. This acceleration is essential for a good blow-dryer to avoid internal damage to the machine, which means you would not need to worry about repair costs.

Cool-Shot option

This option is a must for styling and setting your hair. Cool shot sets your perfectly styled hair for a longer time. For best results switch to this option when your hair is 75% to 80% dry.

Concentrator Nozzle

Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle Attachment

Concentrator nozzle gives more precession to hair drying. Adjust the nozzle and flow the correct amount of air to the areas of your hair that need it most rather than blowing your strands all over the place. Aim the nozzle from roots to the tip of the hair for more volume. For hair smoothening, use the nozzle alongside a good hairbrush and see the impressive outcome.

Diffuser Attachment

Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment

If you have curls and waves, you need a good diffuser with your hair dryer to save your hair from unwanted frizz. Diffuser attachment will decrease the velocity of the air-flow from your dryer and will give you smoother and softer curls. Also, you will experience healthier and frizz free hair.

Top 3 Ionic Hair Dryers For All Hair Types

Although there are many ionic hairdryers that are popular without the combination of material based technologies, the following list contains hair dryers with the suitable substances used for great results in all hair types.

Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer – The Most Durable Ionic hair dryer for fine hair

Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer - V.1 Mar

This Remington blow-dryer comes with an AC motor with an average lifespan of 4 to 6 years. Therefore, compared to average hair dryers, this dryer is a lot more durable. Also, you would not have to worry about repair costs because this dryer is also available with a warranty of 2 to 3 years.

Pearl Ceramic and Ionic Technology are incorporated into this hair dryer. Pearl extracts and Ceramic combined with negative ions naturally heal damaged hair and fights frizz.

Because of even heating of Ceramic, it is best suited for fine hair. Fine hair has really thin layers of hair cells and thus needs more delicate drying technology. Ceramic gives maximum damage control with fine infrared heat that works perfectly for thinner hair.

Pearl is very effective in repelling humidity. It also naturally rejuvenates and fortifies air cells. As a result, your hair cuticles are smoothened and gets a lustrous, shiny and silky texture and without any frizz. In addition, ionic technology dries hair faster by shrinking the water molecules and blowing them away with its powerful 1875 watt airflow.

It also facilitates precise drying and versatile styling with its 3 heat and two-speed settings alongside a concentrator nozzle to do it perfectly.

Features Of Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer

  • Technology: Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 3 Heat, 2 Speed Settings
  • Attachments: 1 Connector Nozzle
  • Cool Shot Button: Available

Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Wazor Professional ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline Hairdryer – The strongest salon-grade blow-dryer for thick and curly hair

Wazor Professional 1875W Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer - V3 Mar

This Wazor professional hair dryer will take perfect care of your curls. It comes with the triple benefits of ionic technology and a fine coating of crushed ceramic and tourmaline to nurture your natural curls and smoothen the thick layers of cuticles.

This hair dryer has tourmaline and ceramic combined to smoothen hair cuticles for both thick and curly hair and give the frizz-free finish. Thick hair has a thicker cortex and a larger cuticle area which requires strong elements to smoothen them.

Naturally-curly hair is also thicker in texture, plus, it has a nonlinear shape with more cross-sectional points to break hair and thus create frizz.  Far infrared heat will dry your hair faster.  It will penetrate your hair up to the cortex with very even heating which will protect your hair from heat-induced damage but also quickly dry it at the same time.

This hair dryer has an 1875 watt AC motor which has 4 times longer lifespan than average motors. Also, this motor gives a strong airflow of 90 kilometers per hour that gives salon-grade fast drying. Its durable AC motor and strong airflow make it one of the strongest hairdryers for great professionally styled curls.

Its tourmaline infused ionic technology will accelerate fast and healthy drying further by emitting negative ions of heated tourmaline to ensure healthy cuticles but also reducing the drying time by 30% to 40% less.

The bonus is, this comes with a diffuser attach which is an absolute necessity for curls and also has concentrator nozzle and comb attachments for great styling options. Cool shot button and 2 speed and 3 heat settings will lock your style in your desired way.

Features Of Wazor Professional ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline Hairdryer

  • Technology: Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Technology
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 0.9 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings
  • Attachments: 1 Connector Nozzle, 1 Diffuser & 1 Comb Attachments
  • Cool Shot Button: Available

Wazor Professional Ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline Hairdryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

BayBilissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer: The Most Durable Tourmaline-ionic blowdryers for Afro Hair

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

This BayBylissPRO Tourmaline-Titanium 3000 is also incorporated with ionic technology which is a perfect package for you African-American hair and will last longer than expected. Thus, we are listing it as the most durable tourmaline-ionic dryer for thick and African-American hair.

Thick hair has more cuticle cells compared to thin hair, and this it requires materials that can produce stronger heating and conditioning. Tourmaline and titanium combined with this dryer promise shinier and healthier thick hair. As mentioned before, titanium is much lighter and heats up faster in comparison to ceramic.

It often gets challenging to dry thick hair faster with ceramic technology and hence titanium is the solution over ceramic. This dryer, therefore, will give similar results with thick like Ceramic does for thin hair and give you a smooth and silky finish.

African-American hair, on the other hand, has a nonlinear shape that makes the hair more voluminous and has a rougher texture and requires stronger and more powerful elements to smoothen them and fast dry them. Tourmaline-Titanium works perfectly to solve the problems of drying afro hair and give them the perfect finish keeping the integrity of the cell layers intact.

This blow-dryer has a powerful wattage of 1900 with a high-torque motor. You do not need to worry about replacing the motor or the components. Higher torque of the motor will provide more acceleration essential for your dryers to avoid any internal damage to the machine.

Therefore, no worries about repair costs. On the other hand, the exterior of the dryer has a rubbery texture which will give you a better grip on the handle and protect your dryer if it falls unexpectedly. And, as mentioned, its strong interior and the good quality motor will keep the heating elements intact for years to come. This dryer has a limited 24 months warranty as well.

Tourmaline infused ion generator in this hair dryer will produce infrared heating and healthy hair drying ensuring frizz reduction.

For best frizz-free perfect afro-curls also purchase Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser. This diffuser will ensure the evenness of heat and blow the unwanted frizz away from your gorgeous curls.

Features Of BayBilissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

  • Technology: Tourmaline Titanium Technology
  • Wattage: 1900 Watts
  • Voltage: Single Voltage
  • Weight: 0.14 Pounds
  • Speed & Heat Settings: 6 Heat/Speed Settings.
  • Attachments: 1 Connector Nozzle
  • Cool Shot Button: Available

BayBilissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Final verdict

A wide variety of ionic blow-dryers are available in the market at different prices. It is a wiser idea to have a decent budget to get a better quality blow dryer than to buy a cheap one and having to replace it sooner than you should.

However, do not jump to conclusions based on clever advertisements, rather be your own judge and do your own studies before purchasing. Doing your own little research on which dryers are doing great will make every penny worthwhile.


  • 1. Remington AC2015PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Dryer
  • 2. Wazor Professional ionic-Ceramic-Tourmaline Hairdryer
  • 3. BayBilissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

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