Using A Hot Air Round Brush

Featured Image Of Using A Hot Air Round Brush – Tips And Techniques

Hot round brushes use the latest technologies to give you the service of blow drying while not damaging your hair. This tool is a must-have one in modern days. You can style your hair in many ways using this tool. The hot air round brush might become your favorite hair styling tool after reading this article. However, first of all, you need to know the procedure for using this thing.

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Looking at a hot round brush gives us an idea that it’s a round brush, but actually, it has a hair dryer combined in itself. It gives you perfect, voluminous hair in minutes. Let’s see how to use it to get the most out of it.

Step 1 – Preparing the hair

For any hairstyling, you need to prepare your hair first. The preparation phase includes some more sub-steps like washing your hair, drying, detangling and combing, conditioning, etc.

At first, you need to ensure that your hair and the roots are clean. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and use conditioner if necessary.

Washing hair

After that, soak the water from hair with a towel and let them air dry. Hot air brushes can style damp hair too, but it’s best to use this tool when your hair is almost dry, for instance, 80% dry.

After drying to an appropriate extent, use your fingers to detangle the hair strands. Run your fingers through all your hair. Then, comb the hair properly.

The preparation is complete. However, if you’re using the hot round brush for getting volumes in your hair, you should apply some volumizing spray, or mousse, or gel, or any leave-in conditioner. Though the air round brushes don’t have many damaging effects like hair straightener or curlers, you can still use heat protective-sprays if you want complete protection.

Step 2 – Heating the brush

This tool works on electric power. When you connect the power cord to an outlet and set the temperature, the brush heats up. You’ll find a range of temperatures on the body of the brush. You can set one from them as per your requirement.

When heating the brush, don’t rush to use it. Instead, you’ve to wait until it reaches the previously set temperature. Otherwise, different sections of your hair will get a different temperature and create an uneven look.

Step 3 – Make some sections

Hair sections - V2 October

Making hair sections help like magic while curling, straightening, or blow drying. Sectioning hair saves your time when you start using the brush. Moreover, it defines the hair strands more than using the brush randomly.

You should always make sections from the bottom to top. You can make 1-inch thick hair strands as a standard. Whether you curl your hair or straighten them, if you do this section by section, your hair strands will get a balanced amount of heat.

Start by clipping the upper portion of hair and leaving the hair in the bottom of your head. Brush them slowing to your way up. If you section your hair, the styling process gets much simple.

Step 4 – Brushing and Styling

The hot air round brush has the properties of a blow dryer, but it can give your much more than that. After following the steps 1, 2, and 3, now it’s time for using the brush. The brush has reached its temperature, and your hair is also ready for a little styling. So, turn the brush on and run it from the roots to the tips.

While doing this, you can also use a comb. Combining these both will give you straight hair if your hair is naturally curly. If you have straight hair and want to curl it a little, you’ve to roll the one section of hair around the brush at a time, leave it for 5 seconds, and then unroll it.

Without following these techniques and just using the brush usually will give you a perfect blow dry. Repeat the steps for each section of hair until the hair reaches the look you want.

Step 5 – A Finishing touch

Comb your hair again. Use the brush again if any section of hair looks different than the others. To get a more defined look, use serum or hairspray to your hair.

Using hairspray

This step is also necessary because you might need to hold your hairstyle for a long time. So, choose your finishing products wisely.

Step 6 – Cooling down

While some don’t, most hot round brushes have a ‘cool’ option. This setting lets you have heat-free brushing with the same tool after using the heat to style the hair. This setting makes the brush cool down in some seconds, and then you can use it again.

Using a hot air brush might seem a little complicated if you don’t know the procedure. So, help yourself a little patience to read the details of the steps and follow them accurately so that you, like others, can use your hot air round brush effortlessly.