Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair

Featured Image Of Tips for Growing Long Natural Hair
Growing long natural hair is a dream for any girl. But the efforts they take always goes in vain. The main reason being there is no proper understanding of what makes the hair long and strong. There are a lot of articles on the internet on the same topic but most of them just do not work. So here we are presenting an answer to a few of the fundamental questions on hair and how can you grow it longer, stronger and safer. You can also taunt your friends with your long, natural and absolutely mesmerizing hair.

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Keeping it clean

shampooing hair
One of the very basics of maintaining good hair is cleaning them at regular intervals. By cleaning, we mean shampoo and rinse the hair. Everyone’s hair is different and so as yours. So the interval needed between two nourishments might differ. The general consensus if your hair is looking dehydrated, then it’s time for some shampoo treatment. A co-washing might also help between two shampoo sessions. Shampoo also helps clean the scalp which is essential for a healthy hair growth. Cleansing your scalp clears out dead skin and other debris and makes way for good hair.

Trim the Split

trimming split hair
This is again an age-old tradition that you might have heard about a lot but not paid much attention to. This is probably the first topic comes in where there is a group discussion on best hair practices. Split hairs are bad. Hair tips are the oldest parts of the hair and if there is a split at the end it is not a good omen. But the control process is easy. Just trim of that part. Leaving a hair strand to keep splitting might lead to weak hairs which would eventually fall apart. So trim it when you see a split.

Keep it Simple

We all love the hair. And we love making a lot of styles with it. But do you know that the more you manipulate your hair the more are the chances that it might break? That does not mean that you should not make any styles with your hair which is absolutely not possible. But when you make a style make sure it is less manipulative and have protective measures like twists and braids. And try to reduce the number of styles you make in a day or rather weak.

Break the task

multiple segments hair
The longer and strengthen the hair grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to cover all the regions of your hair. Be it shampooing, conditioning or applying a color it is very tough to reach out to all the parts of the hair. So, when you are doing any of these activities, divide the hair into multiple segments, and make sure you do one segment at a time. This will ensure that all the parts of the hair are covered equally and nothing is left out. Half nourishing is as bad as no nourishing at all since the unhealthy hair might also affect the healthy ones.

Choose the Right Oil

Girl using hair oil
Oiling your hair is very important for healthy hair. Our moms have told it to us a lot of times. But little known is that there are two types of oils. There are few oils and hair creams that only makes an outer coating of your hair. Though it is good for the winter season by forming a protective layer, there is a much better way. Oils like Coconut oil and olive oil are called penetrating oils and they get into the hair and scalp to nourish it and make it healthy.

Dryer Matters

girl using hooded dryer
It is important that you dry your hair after a wash but is also important what kind of dryer you are using. Regular hot air dryers are good. But more often you end up with a completely dry hair that makes your hair look messy. Hooded dryers, on the other hand, make sure the water is evaporated from the hair but does not make your hair dry making sure your hairstyle stays for long and looks perfect. Since hooded dryers are of indirect heat source, there is a little to no chance of a heat damage that is common with the normal dryers.

Leave-in Conditioner

girl Conditioning hair
A leave-in conditioner is optional. But if you would like to have a hair with defined curls and looks gorgeous and stays the same throughout the day, a leave-in conditioner is a big yes. It minimizes the frizz and dryness that happens to the hair when you go out in the sun. Without a leave-in conditioner, you might lose the shine of the hair that you had while you came out of your home.

A Healthy dose of Vitamins

Hair Vitamins
Vitamins are good for hair. There are a lot of health supplements out there in the market for the health and growth of the hair. Be cautious that an overdose of vitamins can lead to a problem called hypervitaminosis and cause an adverse impact on the body. The risk is higher as there are a lot of new products in the market which promises faster hair growth but actually has a huge dose of vitamins which are not good for health. Just make sure you buy a branded multivitamins or even a vitamin-rich health diet would do the magic.


Girl drinking water
There is no savior like water. Yes, the natural water is not only a rehydrating agent for your body but for your hair as well. All the shampoos will hydrate the hair from outside just how moisturizers do the for the skin. A healthy hair needs hydration from inside as well. Water, the best hydrating agent is used to hydrate the whole body including the hair. This will result in the healthy scalp and healthy hair right from the inside.

It is very difficult to maintain a long hair more than growing one. Care should be taken at each and every step of the process and hope the points that we have covered here helps you have a long, natural and strong hair.