How to Deep Condition Your Hair with Heat

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Hardly there will be any women who have not heard about deep conditioning yet. After shampooing, where your hair becomes pollution and dirt-free, you also lose the natural oil and other prominent ingredients considered necessary for the vigor of your hair.

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Deep conditioning appears to be simple? Slapping on some conditioner, adding them to your hair strands, waiting for a few minutes and rinsing off, so easy. But is that all you need to have healthy and moisturized hair? This is definitely not the accurate procedure. To get salon perfect hair, you need to deep condition your hair with heat.

Here, we are going to endow you with 5 different manners of deep conditioning your hair with heat.

1. The Body Heat Conditioning

The Body Heat Conditioning
Considered as the most economical technique of deep conditioning hair with heat, this method only requires a plastic cap. As you can deep condition your hair when it is dry then you should know that this technique does not call for any other heating element. The name “Body Heat” stands true because in this way your own body conditions your hair with the body’s heat. The foremost thing you got to do is apply conditioner on your dry and shampooed hair. After preparing your hair with the conditioner, take a plastic cap to cover up your head. You are done! Now you can, without doubt, go for a workout session or wherever you like. This technique is extremely helpful for the kids who do not like to deep condition their hair as it requires plenty of time. With the help of this process, you can send your daughter to the playing field so that they can have fun and at the same time they can have an ideal deep conditioning for moisturizing their hair.

After more or less 30 minutes, rinse your hair. If you want more protection then we will recommend you to go for any leave-in conditioner. The work of any leave-in conditioner is to create a protective shield over your hair to safeguard the cuticles. If you are using any leave-in conditioner, it can serve you best result if you leave the conditioner overnight. This is because the conditioner gets enough time to condition your hair appropriately.

2. Hooded Hair Dryer Conditioning

Hooded Hair Dryer Conditioning
Are you tensed about your low-porosity hair? Usually, this sort of hair is less responsive to any oil or similar product. If you have this hair type, you will be facing the problem of proper deep conditioning because low-porosity hair cannot absorb conditioner well. The quick solution to this trouble is Hooded Hair Dryer! In this method of deep conditioning, you will be required one hooded hair dryer.

All you need to do is apply conditioner on your hair and sit in the hooded dryer for more or less 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, the heat of the hooded hair dryer will melt and thaw out the conditioner into your hair. For the proper heat distribution, your hair will absorb the conditioner effectively. These dryers are available in the market with several heat-settings. You can go for HIGH heat or LOW heat as per your requirements.

3. Electric Hair Steamer Conditioning

Electric Hair Steamer
The Electric Hair Steamer Conditioning is a popular yet easy way of deep conditioning your hair. Prepare your hair with any conditioner and let your head in the steamer. The steamer permits the steam to release the hair cuticles of your hair and lets the conditioner into your hair. 20-30 minutes use of these steamer machines will assist in deep penetration for an idyllic conditioning performance.

4. Heat Cap or Steam Cap Conditioning

Heat cap hair onditioning
Heat Cap or Steam Cap is getting popular nowadays for its handy and easy-to-operate nature. This kind of cap is not identical to the regular cap rather it is a device that has the option of heat your hair with electricity. Heat Caps or Steam Caps has a cord that can be connected to the power outlet of your home. With the help of electricity, this hair cap heats up and serves your hair hotness.

The cap covers your head and opens the pores which lead you to moisturized conditioning. These kinds of devices have the option of setting the heat to either higher or lower. All you need to do is shampoo your hair, apply conditioner and then tie the cap and turn it on. The cap itself will heat up your head and will condition your hair.

5. Microwavable Heating Cap Conditioning

Microwavable Heating Cap Conditioning
Microwavable Heating Cap Conditioning is the identical method to Body Heat Conditioning. The difference between these two techniques is Body Heat Conditioning heats up the head with the body temperature where the Microwavable Heating Cap Conditioning can be heated up in the microwave for faster result. These caps have the ability to get heated up in the microwave.

In this method, you have to get your hair done by adding up some conditioner and then you have to microwave the cap for about 2-3 minutes. Now you will be required to tie the heated cap on your head and do your household chores. This process does not require additional time rather saves your time and energy and helps you do your other works. You have to leave the cap on your head until it gets cold. If you need deeper conditioning, you have the option to re-heat the cap and use it again.

All the ways of Deep Conditioning require proper knowledge and practice. Some of the techniques are cheaper and some are costly, where costly techniques bear more protection and cheaper processes are quick and easy. It is up to you what method you prefer to go for. Remember, before to do deep conditioning, clean hair is a must. So wash your hair with any good shampoo if you want your deep conditioning work accurately and do not forget to rinse conditioner off from your hair appropriately.


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