Does Sitting Under A Hair-dryer Cause Heat Damage?

Featured Image Of Does Sitting Under A Hair-Dryer Cause Heat Damage?
Well, technically, the answer would be – No! Though it might cause some damage, however, the damage is less than the styling tools that exert direct heat to the hair. Sitting under a hair-dryer, particularly, hooded hair-dryer causes less damage as it exerts indirect heat to the hair.

Direct and indirect heat is the main players in this case. Direct heat is caused by styling tools like the hot comb, flat iron, hair-dryers without diffusers, irons for curling etc. On the contrary, indirect heat is produced by tools like hooded hair-dryers, hair steamers etc. In this article, we will focus on hooded hair-dryers and its impacts, as the title technically indicates towards hooded-dryers.

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When sitting under a hair-dryer is compared to drying hair with movable usual hair-dryers, it is clearly understood that sitting under the dryer causes less heat damage. The reasons behind this are pointed out below:

  1. There is no close proximity between the hood and the hair. Unlike normal hair-dryers which are in very close to the hair.
  2. The hair-dryer doesn’t come in direct contact with the hair.
  3. The heat is spread out evenly throughout the hair. The hood creates a chamber of heat and diffuses heat evenly.
  4. The intensity of heat is less. Due to the diffusion of hair, the heat wave spreads out which in turn makes the heat mild.
  5. Convenient drying speeds. The speed can be easily lowered and increased. The heat intensity can also be increased and decreased.
  6. Heat circulation is equal under the hood. This is because the hood encloses the heat in a small area. Due to this, the circulation takes place in an equal manner.

On the other hand, heat-protectant gels are always there to save your hair from damage. You can just put some quality heat protectant and air-dry for a few minutes, then go and sit under your hair-dryer. This will save you from the slightest amount of heat damage also.

Though the damage by sitting under hair-dryer is far less than the damage caused by flat irons and usual hair-dryers, the time taken to dry the hair is pretty high. People nowadays are always in a hurry and cannot afford to spend time sitting under a hair-dryer. The time taken is a big disadvantage of the hooded hair-dryers, however, the benefit it provides is priceless.

Therefore, by now, you should be clear about the question if sitting under the hair-dryer causes heat damage or not. Share this knowledge with your friends and family, too. Style your hair without damaging it.