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It goes without saying that your natural or relaxed ethnic hair demands much attention from you as well as hair dryer. When you want to use a hooded hair dryer, you need to be very careful as there are soft hood and hard hat of tabletop, floor standing, and wall mounting options. Above all, not all hooded dryer is perfect for your hair types, natural or relaxed.

Being a reader and buyer, you want to know the facts related with your hair types and to have the best hooded dryer, and I have covered all the issues and presented facts with easier distinctive charts and grounds. Hopefully, you will get the right direction from this article. Happy reading and buying !!!! and don’t buy impulsively.

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What are the differences between hooded & conventional hair dryer?

The invention of hooded hair dryer gives greater versatility over the normal hair dryer. Here are the major differences between them.

Hooded hair dryerConventional hair dryer
Works in circulating warm airWorks in blowing hot air
No such issue as it is coveredOutside air plays a disrupting role
Hands free deviceHand-held tool hence drying can be of a tiring job
Discharge indirect heat to your hairGives off direct heat
Healthy drying and beneficial to hairDo harm in form of breakage to your hair to some extent
Can give the best upshot for “wet styling”Largely depends on apt use of nozzle attachment
Better drying result with less effort on your partRequires more effort on your part
Pricy method of hair dryingCheaper solution of hair drying

If you like a regular hair dryer for your black hair, then you can read this article.

But what are your hair type and problems with that?

According to hair experts, our hair is of four types i.e. 1,2,3, and 4 and they are sub-categorized by a,b, and c.

Please have a look at the following picture for better understanding.

Hair Types
Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Kinky hair are of 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively

So, I can say that you have got one of the 3c, 4a, 4b, or 4c types.

Type-1: Naturally curly or kinky hair

3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c are termed as curly or kinky black hair.

For a better clarification and understanding please look at the following pictures and subsequent descriptions.

Figure-3c Hair
Figure-3c hair


  • Defined tight curls
  • Medium textured but densely packed
  • Normal or high elasticity
  • Normal Porosity
Figure- 4a Hair - V2 Oct
Figure- 4a hair


  • Nearly “s” shaped
  • Dry and prone to frizz
  • High density
  • Retain moistures
Figure- 4b Hair - V2 Oct
Figure-4b hair


  • “z” shaped with a fluffy appearance
  • Dry and prone to breakage
  • Shrinkage up to 75% of normal length
Figure-4c Hair - V2 Oct
Figure- 4c hair

Features: Similar to 4b but tightly coiled and detangling is difficult

Drawbacks of ethnic black hair

  • Extreme curliness deters organically produced oil to reach the ends, making your hair dry and frizzy. So, you need deep conditioning.
  • Your coiled or kinked mane is generally very coarse. So, you need faster drying and avoid toasting.
  • Porous cuticles of your hair shaft loose moisturizer easily. So, you need to lock natural moisturizer.
  • Your hair is susceptible to breakage because it is dry by nature.

Type-2: Relaxed/fine/straighten Afro

Sometimes you may transform your natural black curly or kinky hair to straight by relaxer or thermal reconditioning, and you have to be more careful in taking care. A hooded hair dryer can give its best for the best of your hair.

Setbacks of relaxed/fine/straighten African rooted hair

  • Ruthless chemical or thermal reconditioning makes your hair damaged and flimsy.
  • Putting extra heat than usual is harmful.
  • Breaking of protein bonds by relaxers makes your mane strengthless.
  • Because of brittleness, your hair is prone to breakage.

Why is hooded hair dryer so important for your hair and you?

  • Your damaged, coarse, or dry hair can absorb more nutrients from deep conditioning under appropriate heat while removing white blobs from your mane.
  • The best outcome for “wet set” style not because this type of style is arranged before drying but because hooded dryers make faster drying.
  • It takes less time without giving direct heat.
  • Multitasking is possible while drying hair and taking a cup of coffee or reading an email or preparing plan for the day.

While using hooded hair dyer you may use the following for optimal benefits and safety

  • To be in safe side, use Arvazallia Heat Protectant Plus before drying not because it protects heats from hair dryer fairly well but because it repairs existing hair damage.
  • Use Diane Ear protector if you use hard hat type dryer with high temperature.
  • Or you may use UB shield to protect your face, ear, and neck by deflecting heat.

Criteria for selecting a best hooded hair dryer for afro hair

Like everything you purchase, hooded hair dryer has some essential features that you need to consider as you have some constraints on your hair type. Here are four principles you have to be stick to.

Rule#1: 500 to 800 for soft hood or 1200 to 1900 for hard hat

Having more wattage doesn’t mean you are going to use its full potential, but to suit your needs, hair type, or styling needs. Greater wattage with proper control can give you the best upshot.

Rule#2: Ionic air flow

Your hooded dryer must generate negative ions to seal off the cuticles of your hair to help prevent from further damaging, speed up drying time by breaking water molecules into smaller ones while giving shiny and healthy looking of your mane. Moreover, infrared heat with negative ions, generated by tourmaline or ceramic, reaches deep into your hair and dry inside out. So, negative ion generation by ionic technology is a must, and tourmaline or ceramic presence adds extra benefits.

Rule#3: Multiple heats and speed setting

Low to high heat and germane speed settings are must for your hooded hair dryer. Medium to a high-temperature setting, for instance, is required for your thick or coarse natural hair; low heat setting for your relaxed mane as it cannot absorb equal heat compare to the natural mane.

Rule#4: Cool shot facility

Usually, you want to dry with hot air but for perfection, you also need to switch to cool blow of air when your hair is nearly dry. This facility also prevents your hair from over-drying. In professional dryers, same functionality and result can be achieved by lowest temperature settings.

Debates of the Soft hood and hard hat

Soft hoodHard hat
Covering whole area of your headNot covering fully
Generally of low wattage i.e. from 400 to 800 wattage hence lower utility billsTypically standard wattage to conventional dryer i.e. 1200 or 1900 wattage hence higher utility bills
Offers easier portability of the dryer and flexibility of moving your head due to lose hoseNeed to sit in one position though height can be adjustable
Using of rollers is quite possibleLargely depends on the hood size
Travel friendlySome have touring friendliness
Provides heat evenly all around the headConcentrate heat on the top of the head
Only one typeCan be of table top, floor standing, and wall mounted
Diffuser or concentrator attachment is possible
Usually cheaperNearly double price as of its step brother
Designed to use at homesDesigned to use at saloon but saloon performance at home tool is also available
No time setting is offeredTime setting is available.
Not having such precaution and degree of expertiseAdvised to use carefully or by experts

If the price is a real concern for you, I would suggest buying soft hooded one while keeping portability in mind. As a hard hat, on the other hand, gives you professional performance with folding capability tabletop, I cannot but suggest buying a dyer with a hard hat. Lastly, you can buy height adjustable floor standing one if you stay home usually to have saloon performance at home.

Competitors for a soft hooded hair dryer for natural/black/ethnic hair or relaxed tresses

As soft hooded hair dryer is of relatively low wattage, circulates hair instead of blowing, and has multiple heat/speed settings, you may use low heat settings for your sophisticated relaxed/straighten mane and relatively high heat settings for natural/ethnic coarse and dry hair.

CriteriaHot tools PRO 1051Laila Ali LADR5604Gold 'N Hot GH3984
Rule-1: WattagePass: 800 WattPass: 800 WattPass: 500 Watt
Rule-2: Ionic air flowPassPassPass
Rule-3: Multiple heat and speed settingsPass: 3 heat/speedPass: 2 heat/speedPass: 2 speed & 2 heat
Rule-4: Cool shot facilityPassPassPass
Approximate price$42$45$86

Winner: Hot tools PRO 1051
Hot tools PRO 1051

Justification for choosing

  • Rule-1, at least 500 wattages for a soft hood, passed and this tool is of 800 wattages.
  • Rule-2, ionic air flow, passed because this device has a mechanism of flowing ironic air which helps retain moisture and prevent breakage while gives healthier and shinier mane.
  • Rule-3, multiple heats and speed settings, passed since it has 3 speed and heat settings.
  • Rule-4, cool shot facility, passed because it can blow cold air with a cold-shot button for setting styles.
  • Adjustable stings to fit your head size perfectly.
  • Compact size and single placeholder make it suitable for traveling
  • Durable AC motor promises a longer life of the device
  • Affordable price for all facility of a standard soft hooded hair dryer.


  • Two contrasting yet attractive black and white colors
  • Perfect for drying roller and flexi rod sets and braids
  • Useful for dealing out chemical and conditional treatment
  • Comfortable handle for easy carrying
  • Auto shut off upon water immersion hence require resetting
  • UL listed ensures safety


  • The single voltage of 110-125 puts a restriction of buying an extra device while flying across the world
  • Hosepipe becomes loose over time and of smaller length
  • Made of plastic material hence prone to breakage

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Alternatively, you can

Use your existing hair dryer with soft hood attachment by setting low temperature or comfortable one. I like deluxe limited edition pink or vintage design most because of larger hood capacity, adjustable chin strip, and side fitting, and more ventilation holes while you can buy home gifts for an economic reason.

Rivals of hard hooded table top hair dryer for natural hair or relaxed hair:

CriteriaLaila Ali
Hot tools PRO
Conair Pro
Rule-1: Wattage of 1200 to 1900Pass: 1600 WattPass: 1200 WattPass: 1875 Watt
Rule-2: Ionic air flowPassPassFail
Rule-3: Multiple heat and speed settingsPass: 2 heat/speedPass: 2 heat & 2 speedPass: 2 heat & 2 speed
Rule-4: Cool shot facilityPassFailFail
Approximate price$50$45$43

Winner: Laila Ali LADR5603
Laila Ali LADR5603

Justification of selection

  • Rule-1, at least 1200 or higher for a hard hat, passed. Though there is no clear information regarding this, experts believe this device is of at least 1200 or at best 1875 wattage.
  • Rule-2, Ionic air flow, is being agreed because it reduces drying time, seals off cuticles, gives smooth and shiny mane.
  • Rule-3, multiple heat and speed settings, is also confirmed. Depending on your hair types, ethnic or transition, and thickness it can provide befitting heat and speed settings.
  • Rule-4, cold shot facility, fulfills the need of setting the style and perfect drying.
  • Evenly heat distribution guarantees perfect drying
  • Ionic technology can be switched on or off with an indicator light


  • Ideal for deep conditioning of thick hair
  • Comes with attractive purple and black colors
  • Extra large round hood for accommodating jumbo roller sets
  • Takes fewer storage spaces as it is foldable to half of the regular size


  • Very few options for height adjusting
  • No auto-shutoff mechanism included
  • The single voltage of 110 to 125 makes you buying extra converter device to use it with 220 volt

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Test chart for floor standing hard hat dryer for black or straighten lock

CriteriaHot tools 1059Babyliss PRO BABHHDRIW
Rule-1: Wattage of 1200 to 1900Pass: 1875Pass: 1875
Rule-2: Ionic air flowPassPass
Rule-3: Multiple heat and speed settingsPass: 4 heat & 2 speedPass: 3 heat
Rule-4: Cool shot facilityPass: AlternativePass: Alternative
Approximate price$110$200

Winner: Hot tools 1059
Hot Tools 1059

Grounds for opting out

  • Rule-1, the wattage of 1200 to 1900, is justified as it has 1875 wattage that reduces drying time to half.
  • Rule-2, Ionic air flow, is vindicated as this apparatus has the capability of infusing negative ion into the air to break off water molecules into smaller droplets for faster drying and to provide shiny, healthy and less frizzy hair.
  • Rule-3, multiple heat and speed settings, is confirmed because it has 4 heat and 2-speed settings to treat either your natural or relaxed hair.
  • Rule-4, cool shot facility, can be achieved by lowest temperature settings.
  • Tourmaline provides a smoother inner surface along with natural ion and infrared heat that dries your hair from inside out.
  • Ion on/off switch so you can use it as a normal hairdryer.
  • Ideal for deep conditioning as it requires proper heat.


  • Two out of five lockable wheels for stability
  • Adjustable hood angle
  • Telescopic adjustable stand for getting the exact height
  • Not very loud compared to hand-held ones
  • Removable legs from the base for easy storing
  • Adjustable front visor


  • A single voltage of 110 to 125
  • No timer settings

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At a glance of best 3

For best buying of your own, you may need to compare the important features of all the tools.

CriteriaBest soft hoodBest hard hat table topBest hard hat floor standing
Hot tools PRO 1051Laila Ali LADR5603Hot Tool 1059
Ionic air flowYesYesYes
Multiple heat & SpeedYesYesYes
Cold shot facilityYesYesAlternative
Weight in pound4715
Tentative price$42$50$110
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
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Final verdict

Buy affordable one out of the three for your black or straighten mane, though they differ in positing base but equally effective.


  • 1. Hot tools PRO 1051 Soft Bonnet Dryer
  • 2. Laila Ali LADR5603 Dryer
  • 3. Hot Tool 1059 Portable Salon Dryer

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