Easy And Practical DIY Ideas To Organize Your Hair Tools

Featured Image Of Easy And Practical DIY Ideas To Organize Your Hair Tools

Hair styling tools take up much space in our bathrooms. Hair curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, brushes, and combs- all these stay there and make it a disordered place in no time. Some DIYs (Do It Yourself) could help you a lot with this problem.

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We, women, understand it quite well how challenging it is to find the required hair equipment quickly. Well, how about organizing these tools a little and put some effort to systematize our place? Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell you to do any tough stuff. I’ll show you the easiest ways to organize the tools and save space. Let’s see what we got for you today!

1. Use a Magazine holder to store your tools

Use a magazine holder to store your hair tools

Magazine holders have ample space to hold at least 3 to 4 of the styling tools.

  • You could use a spare one of your house and keep it in the bathroom so that you can put your hair tools in it.
  • Decorate the holder with wrapping papers if you like. Try to use the strong ones so that they can handle the weight of the equipment.

2. Make a storage box to keep hair tools and products

Hair tools storage box

You could make a storage box from scratch and use it to store your hair tools. Doing this will keep your things organized and lessen your trouble of finding them.

  • Wood, fiberboard, cardboard, or whatever durable material you get- make your custom storage box with these elements.
  • Make enough compartments (three to four) in the box so that you can keep both the hair products and tools in it.

3. Use a basket or bucket to put the tools away

Using basket to put hair tools away

Use a basket or bucket to hang in your bathroom wall.

  • You could use an old metal bucket for this purpose. Hang it in any suitable wall or corner in the bathroom and use it as storage.
  • You can use two or three buckets/baskets and hang them on the bathroom wall with a rope. You’ll get more space in this way and put all your necessary elements there so that you can get them quickly when in urgency.
  • Try to use heat-resistant basket/bucket. You don’t have to wait for the tools to cool down. You can put them away in the bucket/basket when they’re still hot.

4. Use PVC pipes as storage stands

Using pvc pipes as hair tools stand

You can use new and old PVC pipes in many ways to arrange your hair tools in order.

  • Take two-side open smaller length PVC pipes and attach them in your bathroom cabinet. Make sure to take pipes of different diameters as per the size of the tools. Use these to have the tools in one place. You can also attach the pipe portions in the bathroom’s door or wall.
  • Alternatively, take a bigger PVC pipe. Try to find one which has branches of smaller tubes. Use the different open sides to keep your hair tools.
  • Paint and decorate the pipes to make them look unique and beautiful.

5. Use command hooks/adhesive hooks to hang the tools

Hair tools hanging hooks

Adhesive hooks or the command hooks are a charm to tuck up anything! You can use them wisely to drape your hair tools. A common problem that we face is tangled wire. Command hooks can solve this problem.

Take some of the hooks and use them on your cabinet, or bathroom wall, or anywhere else as per your convenience. Hang the styling tools on these hooks with the wires.

6. Use Kitchen Utensil Holders as storage

Using kitchen utensil holders as hair tool storage

Utilize your kitchen’s utensil holders to organize the hair styling tools. You have round pots, stainless steel pots and wall hangers, and many more options.

  • Take a round pot. Steel or metal pots will hold the tools nicely and give you an organized bathroom. Attaching the container with you rack might give it a more arranged look.
  • Use pot holders to store away tools when they’re hot. This one is a low-maintenance way to have your products amassed.

7. What about pencil canisters?

Using pencil canisters as hair tool storage

Let’s have more uses out of our pencil canisters! Curling and straightening irons can effortlessly fit into a pen canister.

You can use both plastic and metal canisters to keep the tools. However, using metal ones are the most sensible decision as plastics cannot endure much heat.

8. Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers using as hair tool storage organizers

The wall-hanging shoe organizers have many little pockets to hold shoes. Those can also carry your hair tools and products.

  • Buy an extra shoe organizer and hang it on the bathroom door. Keep the combs, irons, brushes, shampoo, conditioners, and other hair products in it.
  • Be a little cautious with the material of this thing as you’re putting heating equipment in it.

9. The shower caddy!

We all have it in our bathrooms to keep the shampoo and conditioners. What about getting another one to organize the hair tools?

  • Buy an extra caddy and attach it to the bathroom wall, or door, or outside the bathroom. Put the hair tools in it.
  • You can use a basket in the place of a shower caddy also to do the same.

10. Making a vertical tool organizer

Vertical hair tool organizer

Save your cabinet space with this awesome DIY! It’s a little complicated than all the other methods I mentioned here, but it’ll save more space also.

  • Take an Aluminum Board as much long as you need. Add 4 to 5 pipe clamps with screws at a distance of at least 8 inches from each other. Use big and small clamps as all your styling tools aren’t of similar size. Hang this board on the wall and use the clamps to put the tools in them.
  • Before attaching the clamps, make sure to decorate the aluminum board. Use duct tapes, colors to make it look attractive.

Do little experiments and check out the unused items in your house. You’ll discover more ideas to organize all your equipment. I showed you some ways to help you through it, and I’m sure that you’ll find more exciting ways to put the things in order and make your place look beautiful.

If you do not like these DIY ideas, then we will suggest you buy a hair dryer holder.