Best Hair Dryer Holder 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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Nothing beats coming home from a tiring day out to find a clean, tiptop house. Or perhaps it’s your salon that endures torment all day long tending clients left, right and center. Be it your bathroom countertop, your dresser, the cabinet or simply a professional setup of a hair salon; tidiness adds to the aura.

A topsy-turvy place drains your energy off. Just the thought of working in a mess makes your heart sink. Think of the pain of having to clean clutter when you come home exhausted and don’t have an iota of energy left! But just as every cloud has a silver lining, there are products out there at your disposal; ready to help you out!

What is a Hair Dryer Holder / Organizer

Hair dryer holders/organizers are specifically designed to house all your hair care kits, especially the blow dryers. These are must-have rescuers aiding you in keeping stuff organized and tidy. Needless to mention that all the hair accessories that embellish your hair so gracefully deserve some care too! Here are some tips to help you analyze and select the right product.

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Why you need a holder

Why spend some extra bucks on a holder if you can do without one? Well, if you want to stick to a hazard-free systematized routine, you actually need one!

Red alert: Leaving a hot hair dryer lying open can be a serious health hazard for the little ones at home. Even worse, imagine leaving the dryer plugged in mistakenly and discovering your kid trying to have a fun game running it. An utter nightmare, isn’t it?

Shocking shocks: Along comes the perils of electrical mishaps if the wires and plugs are not taken care of; might cause a sudden surge of electricity leading to shocks which are fatal indeed! Not worth risking your life!

Business codes: In case of a salon you would likely want to display as much competence as it takes. Clients look for services that make them feel secure in their investment. You would definitely not want your clients to find themselves in a muddle of gadgets and tools and cables every time they walk in; chances are that they would turn faces away! Risks your business!

Longevity: Proper care makes sure that a gadget lasts longer and serves you better. A holder/organizer takes care of it all!

Varieties of Holders

Wall-Mount Hair Dryer Holder


There is the wall-mounted type that does mercy by leaving out precious space on the countertops to be used otherwise. You can place it on the wall or the cabinet doors – out of the way but near at hand!

Table-Top Hair Dryer Holder

Table-top / Countertop

Then there are the table-stand ones that you can place wherever it suits – sink countertops or inside the cabinets.


There are the hanging ones that you can hang on the towel racks.


Portable Dryer Holder

Want something instant? Go for the portable types that come with easy-to-install outfits; lets you set it up anywhere and carry along while enjoying some nice outings.

What to look for

The build

Do not settle for feeble holders made of flimsy materials that fall apart at the slightest stress. Settle on solid ones made of durable materials. It needs to be able to bear the burden after all!

The ‘cooling’ factor

Search for holders that allow fast cooling of your heat-generating machine. It would depend on the material used as well as the design. Especially if your dryer is a metallic one, it would require some cushioning in order to tame the heat.


Track ones that have enough storing space for the dryer and cables alike. Dryers with multiple accessories would need an abode to store the whole package together. Having multiple storage niches for these add-ons would make it an excellent multi-tasker. Avoid holders with design flaws that do not serve your purpose.

The price

Here comes the deal! How do you balance the cash with the kind? Would you spend handsomely for some ‘style’ or rather stay thrifty for just the ‘service’? Perhaps you want a bargain that wins both!

Go through the specs to find out what each product has to offer, and then do a thorough comparison of the price and the facility. This way you leave no room for regrets afterward.

What about the ‘looks’?

Who says ‘necessity’ is bereft of ‘style’? Just because these are mundane apparatuses doesn’t imply they need to look grim and dull. Go all stylish with all the mandatory fixtures you get to set up for your home or salon.

There are smart and classy holders out there in the market that just add to the beauty of your dressing station. You can choose ones that match the other fittings of your station; be it at home or the salon. It’s an ever-growing industry with thousands of varieties, sizes, and colors. Do a bit of research before you go shopping. But of course, give preference to the utility over the looks; the function of the appearance.

If you do not want to purchase a holder, you can do it with some of the unused items from your house.

Top 5 Hair Dryer Holders for both home and salon

1. Polder Style Station Multi-faceted Table-top Hair Styling Storage Unit

Polder Style Station -Heat Resistant Hair Styling Storage Unit - V1 May

A station indeed! The name does due justice to the features.

Why we love it

  • What makes it stand ahead its competitors is its multipurpose trait. It serves as an all-in-one device – just what you’ve been looking for! It has three storage slots lodging all your hair styling gadgets – the dryer itself, the straighteners, the curling irons, and last but not least the brushes too! The center slot is 3” in diameter whereas the other two are 2” each.
  • Much flexible to position itself; you can place it where you like – the countertop, the dresser, inside the cabinet or simply hang it from the towel rack – it stands up high with dignity. Yes, it’s this much handy!
  • So what about the cords that come along? Well, it takes care of this extra hassle too! You can neatly tuck away the cords in the rear slot designated for this purpose.
  • The heat-resistant silicon base pad and rugged stainless steel mesh help cool down your fuming hot gadgets evenly. Cool, isn’t it?
  • The build is robust, sturdy and light in weight all at the same time.
  • Dimensions: 9.75” x 5.75” x 9.5” (L x W x H)
  • The price-tag is just on par!

Grab it right away!

Polder Style Station – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. mDesign MetroDecor Countertop Hair Care Tools Holder

mDesign MetroDecor Countertop Hair Care Tools Holder - V1 May

It’s chic and sleek! An eye-catching fixture to adorn your dresser.

Why we love it

  • Multiple storing compartments – two rings and a wire grid base meant to accommodate all your hair care accessories. The base rests at an elevation to safeguard your dear tools from moist surfaces.
  • A smooth satin finish of stainless steel makes it sport out absolute gorgeousness.
  • Place it wherever you want – it stands right upright occupying very little space!
  • Simple, elegant, light, durable – everything you can ask for in a holder.
  • Allows the gadgets to cool down in minutes.
  • Dimensions: 75″ x 6.25″ x 7″
  • A perfect price tag!

It has all you can ask for and more!

mDesign MetroDecor Countertop Hair Care Tools Organizer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Taymor Industries Wall-Mount Hair Dryer Holder

Taymor Industries Wall-Mount Hair Dryer Holder - V1 May

Here comes the creepy-crawly! A perfect wall-mount to save up much-needed space.

Why we love it

  • Wall-mounted; hence leaves up your countertop empty and free.
  • A round-shaped ring, 2.25” in diameter, to fit your dryer just right!
  • As handy as it gets! Just pop in your dryer and ta-da! Saves up from tangled wires dangling around.
  • Smooth classy nickel surface exudes beauty.
  • Comes in chrome finish too.
  • Package includes the mounting hardware; saves you from the trouble of hunting for the extra gears thus.
  • Dimensions: 2.75” x 2.75” x 4”
  • Price? Just as much as it takes!

Go trendy and seize it!

Taymor Round Hair Dryer Holder – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. Bathequip Hands-Free Portable Blow Dryer Holder

Bathequip Hands-Free Portable Blow Dryer Holder - V1 May

Hands-free! The name sums it up!

Why we love it

  • What we absolutely love about this product is that it gives your arms the much-sought-after rest! No need to bother holding your dryer for hours on end. It does the blow-drying on your behalf by holding the dryer in its bungee straps.
  • The adjustable gooseneck lets you adjust the dryer in perfect elevation and angle.
  • It’s instant! The chuck lever suction cup base lets you fix it literally anywhere you wish. Saves your walls from sustaining drill-injuries! Gives you mobility!
  • A travel-friendly gear.
  • Light in weight but heavy in duty.
  • Charges you just the right amount of cash!
  • Dimensions: 15” x 6.5” x 3.5”

Get it and you’ll love it!

Bathequip Hands-Free Hair Dryer Holder – Check Current Prices On Amazon

5. Mokale Aluminium Wall-Mount Spring Style Hair Dryer Holder

Mokale Aluminum Wall Mount Spring Style Hair Dryer Holder - V1 May

A dashing fitting to pair up with your styling equipment!

Why we love it

  • High-quality aluminum rust-free material; doesn’t corrode or fade.
  • Water resistant. You can fix it on the washroom wall without any fear of getting all drenched in the shower.
  • Install in a snap! Comes with two anchor screws; spares you the trouble of fishing for the attachments.
  • Heat resistant of course.
  • Curling coils grip your dryer tight and close.
  • Exquisite looks to add to the washroom splendor.
  • Slim and light!
  • A ridge at the bottom to clutch the plug. Talk about safety!
  • Dimension: 4.5″ x 3.75″ x 5″
  • Bill? A figure that makes you smile!

Fetch it and win!

Aluminum Wall Mount Spring Style Hair Dryer Holder – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Final words

Of the thousands of products available out there, these are just a few budget-friendly suggestions based on our overall analysis. Shove off all the jumble and go tension-free. Pick the one that suits your needs best and pull off a great clutter-free experience!


  • 1. Polder Style Station Multi-Faceted Table-Top Hair Styling Storage Unit
  • 2. MDesign MetroDecor Countertop Hair Care Tools Holder
  • 3. Taymor Industries Wall-Mount Hair Dryer Holder
  • 4. Bathequip Hands-Free Portable Blow Dryer Holder
  • 5. Mokale Aluminium Wall-Mount Spring Style Hair Dryer Holder

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