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“Harry Josh”, is a name I’m sure you all have heard. This particular brand has been popular among celebrity supermodels like Gisele. Harry Josh is a person and a brand who proclaims his signature products and collection to be “Hollywood’s One-Stop Shop for Gorgeous Hair”. In fact, this title is given to this brand by ELLE magazine’s Jana Johnson O’Toole.

Now, what makes this hair stylist and his brand so popular is exactly what we tried to investigate with heart and soul. To truly find out if Harry Josh and his signature avocado-hued dryers which celebrities and elites go gaga for are really worth the investment and if it stands near to some of other top listed dryers is exactly what you’ll get to know from this write-up.

A Quick Review

Harry Josh does not have a large collection of hair dryers, it has only a few versions of its signature light pastel green hairdryer. Also, it has its diffuser that needs to be separately purchased. Its narrow nozzle concentrator that is a great tool for styling your hair like professionals do previously needed to be bought separately but now comes with the package. Following is the quick overview of Harry Josh Dryers and Attachments.


Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer


Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer

Harry Josh Ultra-Light is just the lightweight version of the Pro 2000 dryer. Since holding a 2.2 pounds hair dryer no matter how good that is, can be stressful for a professional or a regular user. The unwanted strain on the limbs, therefore, can be avoided with Harry Josh Ultra-Light which is less than 1 pounds in weight with the same powerful configurations of Pro 2000 such as, French made interior and exterior and convenient stylist friendly design.
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Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Runner Up

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

This dryer is conveniently designed for hair stylists and professionals with its 2000+ powerful wattage. Also, the motor is high-quality AC motor that flows the perfect air and helps create the perfect look that you want to create if you can use the correct techniques. This dryer is made in France and is a Celebrity’s favorite. However, to know more about its effectiveness on average users skip ending to read the detailed review.
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About Harry Josh

Harry Josh, when he was as young as 15 knew in where to navigate with dreams and his wishes. He wanted to be a pioneer in the world of fashion. In pursuit of his teenage dream, he left his home city Vancouver, Canada and went to New York City. Soon he earned the position of the casting director for classic brands like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

In the course of his career as a casting director, he was a natural is building great relations with models and fashion insiders. He also was often requested to provide hair styling services to models while he was already working for these brands officially and that is how he got his first loyal clients.

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His hard work and enthusiasm made harry carry out his journey through ups and downs and even made him reach Vouge although he didn’t even have a proper salon or owned a place to carry out his job smoothly and worked as a walk in a stylist for celebrities. His appearance in Vogue earned him the milestone he ever wanted to reach and till now he is at the peak of his career.

When it comes to his brand and not just the person he is, Harry Josh confidently advertises his brand to be the ultimate destination of red carpets and runways for celebrities and models. He also, over the years and the course of his career became one of the most desired editorial stylists globally.

Although his skills as a stylist are the key to his success, he humbly disagrees and gives all the credits to his collection of tools which he has designed personally. He also provides stylists all across the globe to have access to purchase his tools and style hair of their customers his way.

He definitely wants to lead the styling industry in whatever way possible. Apart from giving stylists the chance to get a touch of his creations in their work, he also wants consumers and hair styling enthusiasts to get a taste of his world-class professional grade hair styling tools.

Harry is one of the most wanted editorial stylists till now. He and his work made it to the pages of leading magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, British Vogue, GQ, Allure, Teen Vogue, and V Magazine and many other fashion publications. His work has contributed to brands like Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Maybelline for their publicity and advertising campaigns.

It doesn’t just end there! He has been featured in People’s Magazine as well. Name a few A-List celebrities and models and Harry Josh has styled them a few times at least. He has worked with supermodel Gisele and Hollywood actresses like Jeniffer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr etc. He has made appearances many daytime television shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show! He has been in the limelight on screen and off the screen!

Harry Josh Brand Logo

Contemporary Brands with Harry Josh

In terms of price, reputation, quality and other factors, contemporary brands with Harry Josh are T3, Drybar Buttercup, Dyson, Elchim, CHI etc. Many of these brands and older and ruled the market much longer and stand superior to Harry Josh according to consumers and users in terms of their quality and service.

To help you find out whether Harry Josh as a brand lives up to all its hype and glory compared to many reputed hair dryer brands is what we are here for.

Features of Harry Josh Hairdryers

When it’s a Harry Josh hair dryer, you may want to overlook the essential features a hair dryer should have and just get it because of its brand value which of course is well earned. But a conscious consumer wouldn’t fall for the hype and would want to know if the investment is worth it. Following are the features you will find in a typical harry josh hair dryer.

2000+ watts to ensure professional standards

To many, Harry Josh is the ultimate brand for professionals and stylists, and that means these dryers need to meet the professional standards in terms of wattage. Harry Josh dryers are 2000+ watts to be able to produce the powerful airflow that dries hair fast and a good and long-lasting style in any hair would require.

Ionic technology to help fight frizz

Ionic Technology Of Harry Josh Hair Dryer

Signature Harry josh dryers come with Ionic switch which enables you to choose between ionic and non-ionic airflow. Negative ion enriched airflow does not only haste the drying process, but it also helps smoothen and flatten the cuticles of the hair and helps fight frizz efficiently. The ionic switch in the dryer is placed in a very user-friendly way that eases your frizz problems.

Quality AC motor for enhanced performance

Motor Of Harry Josh Hair Dryer

Harry Josh has European quality AC motor, and this dryer is manufactured in France. Harry Josh himself advertises the motor quality of this dryer to be of excellent quality and we couldn’t disagree. The powerful AC motor produces powerful airflow that will dry and style hair with efficiency.

Simple signature exterior

The light mint interior is made of good quality plastic. There is no bling nothing too extra about the outlook of this dryer but it’s simply gorgeous the way it is. In one word, this dryer is classy with a good sense of design even from the technological point of view.

The weight distribution of the dryer is cleverly done which does not make the user feel the actual heaviness of a professional dryer. The switched are placed at the back of the dryer’s handle which is convenient for a hairdresser but might not be the most convenient for people who will use it on themselves.

Long cord for convenient use at salons as well as home

Long Cord Of Harry Josh Hair Dryer

Cord length of Harry Josh hair dryer is 11 ft. Which is longer than most dryers and extremely convenient especially for hair stylists and salon owners. Other than that, the cord quality is better compared to many dryers.

The long length of cord ensures that the dryer will not disconnect easily with movements of the arm required to dry and style the hair which is the case for many dryers with short cord length.

Their latest dryer is lightweight and comfortable to handle

Comfort Handle Of Harry Josh Hair Dryer

The old-fashioned Harry Josh Pro 2000i had some drawbacks and hence, Harry Josh want3ed to make a revised version of the same dryer which is Harry josh Ultra-Light. This dryer is below 1 pound in weight with the same technological options and light mint exterior but much more comfortable to handle.

Their target is people with all types of hair

Hair experts, and beauty enthusiasts and various blogs often differentiate technologies and label them to be especially suitable for different hair types.

For example Ceramic for thin hair and Titanium for thick hair. Harry Josh is none of that. It is a simple Ionic dryer that targets people of all hair types. Since it has a wattage of 2000 and Ionic switch, it can be used on hair regardless of their thickness. All you have to do is keep the temperature and airflow in check. The more the density and thickness of the hair, the more is the temperature and the opposite for thinner hair types.

A few negative aspects

Although Harry Josh himself is considered to be a style icon and owning a Harry Josh hair dryer is almost a status symbol these days, following are the drawbacks of these dryers.

Diffusers need to be purchased separately

Harry Josh dryers do not come with diffusers and you need to purchase them separately unless they give out special offers through stores or online stores they have a partnership with. For people with curls and waves, it’s a bad news.

No other varieties of dryers

Harry Josh do not have other varieties of hair dryers such as hooded or bonnet dryers, dryers with attached brush, travel dryers or dryers with lower wattage. For a brand which is dedicated to hair styling, this can be a drawback.

Very High Priced

Harry Josh’s latest dryer can be bought with a budget of $500 which is according to most, outrageous! The older version can be bought for $350 dollars. Keep in mind that this dryer although is French made, there is nothing in any hair dryer whatsoever to be so high priced. Not to mention, there is no tourmaline or semi-precious minerals used in this dryer either to enhance the quality of drying further. So price-wise, it’s unreasonable.

No infrared/far infrared heating system to protect hair from heat damage

Since Harry Josh is a plain ionic dryer, it does not have ceramic, tourmaline or any of that which can emit infrared or far infrared rays which work as heat protectant whereas, many cheaper dryers have them and work equally great or greater in terms of keeping your hair protected from heat-induced damage.

Does not have Tourmaline, ceramic or Titanium dryers

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Harry Josh dryers do not have Tourmaline, Ceramic or Titanium in any of their dryers. Which of course isn’t impressive. Will Harry Josh ever include dryers with such configurations? Well, as we can see in their latest dryer they have already considered the weight factor in line with the contemporary and popular brands that are earning revenue with their almost weightless dryers, let’s hope there will be a worth buying Harry Josh Tourmaline dryer in the future!

Top-Rated Harry Josh Hair Dryers

Well, there is nothing to choose for the lack of variety because Harry Josh only has a few blow-dryers. Detailed Review of Harry Josh Ultra Light and Harry Josh Pro 2000 dryer is given below.

1. Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer – Winner

Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer - V1 Sep

Harry Josh Ultra Light is a blow dryer that is a must buy if you are looking for a gadget with a posh outlook and great service. Although this dryer is plain ionic, it is great for frizz reduction and gives you the option to choose between ionic air flow and Non-Ionic airflow.

With all the configurations of the classic Harry Josh Pro 2000i dryer, this dryer is lighter in weight and hence more convenient for styling. Its design was well thought and its switches are conveniently placed. However, as we have already discussed that this dryer is outrageously priced, we feel the need to compare this dryer with other dryers with similar configurations but lower price range.

In the following table, we have compared Harry Josh Ultra Light with SEDU Revolution 4000i and Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer.

FeaturesHarry Josh Ultra Light Pro DryerSedu Revolution Lite Hair DryerElchim 3900 Healthy ionic Hair Dryer
Wattage2000 Watts2000 Watts1600 Watts
Weight1.0 Pounds2.3 Pounds1.2 Pounds
Cord Length11 Ft9 Ft6 Ft

As you can see from the comparison above, Harry Josh Ultra Light is overly priced compared to dryers people usually like to replace with Harry Josh. While the Sedu Revolution is behind with its wattage, many users like to compare this dryer with Harry Josh for their similar outlook and almost identical switch placements except that SEDU is white.

In terms of service, many prefer Harry Josh over SEDU. However, in terms of price, SEDU definitely is more reasonable with more to offer. Elchim 3900 healthy Ionic, however, is a winner in terms of price and its performance. Apart from everything else, following are the pros and cons of Harry Josh Ultra Light Hair Dryer.


  • Quality interior and exterior for long-lasting
  • Conveniently placed switches for salon owners and hairstylists.
  • The cool shot button that actually blows cool air and not just removes heat from regular airflow like other driers.
  • 11 Ft. long cord for drying and styling without the worry of disconnections.
  • Ion enabling the switch to let you choose ionic or non-ionic airflow.
  • Ionic technology helps you get that perfect frizz free hair.
  • Variable 6 heat and speed settings.
  • Powerful 2000 watts airflow and French made AC motor for long lasting service.
  • Below 1 pound weight gives you strain free drying.


  • No heat protecting options whatsoever so you will need to use heat protectant sprays or gels.
  • No materials like Tourmaline, Ceramic or Titanium used to enhance hair quality.
  • Overpriced compared to many blow-dryers of equal or greater quality.
  • No diffuser attachments.

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2. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 – 2nd Best Harry Josh Dryer

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 - V1 Sep

Harry Josh Pro 2000 is designed with the direct supervision of Harry Josh, which made this dryer an extremely stylish friendly dryer. Harry Josh being a hair stylist himself has made sure this dryer has everything in place.

Identical to Harry Josh Ultra Light, this dryer is actually the prequel that has similar interior and exterior. The color is a bit more avocado-ish than mint and the weight is a bit more on the scale. Otherwise, it has the same cool shot option, switches behind the handle and the classic bulky body and most importantly French made AC motor and 2000 watts.

Because of the latest release of Harry Josh Ultra-Light, the price of this prequel has fallen a little bit and it can be availed with a budget of $300. We have compared this dryer with its contemporary T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i and CHI Pro to give you a true picture of this dryer and its features.

FeaturesHarry Josh Pro Dryer 2000CHI Pro Hair DryerT3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer
Wattage2000 Watts1300 Watts1800 Watts
Weight2.2 Pounds2.0 Pounds1.1 pounds

As you can see, compared to Harry Josh, T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i has better configurations. It is better in terms of its materials and it is much lighter in weight compared to Harry Josh.

However, Harry Josh is better in terms of its wattage. Chi Pro, on the other hand, is lower in wattage compared to both dryers and is heavy. Harry Josh compared to both these dryers can own a mid-position. Following are the other Pros and Cons of Harry Josh Pro 2000.


  • Ionic switch to enable or disable ionized air.
  • 11 Ft. Long cord for drying conveniently in salons or any other place.
  • The cool shot button that flows cold air to set hair in place.
  • Cleverly designed to distribute the weight properly so that it doesn’t strain your hands.
  • French made AC motor and 2000+ watts to ensure powerful airflow.


  • This dryer too is high priced with no extraordinary features or materials.
  • No heat protecting configurations.
  • No diffuser attachments.

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Harry Josh Diffuser

Harry Josh Hair Dryer Diffuser

This diffuser is compatible with both Harry Josh Ultra Light and Harry Josh Pro 2000 blow dryer. This diffuser helps to create perfectly coiled coiffe and add extra bounce to your curly or kinky hair.

It reaches the cross sections of your patterned hair to dry properly.  Sadly this diffuser does not come with the dryer itself and needs to be purchased separately. If you have curly, kinky or natural hair and own a Harry Josh Dryer, you must purchase this diffuser since this will perfectly fit your dryer and also your hair needs it.

Harry Josh Pro 2000 Diffuser – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Harry Josh Narrow Nozzle Concentrator

Harry Josh Hair Dryer Nozzle Concentrator

This product previously needed to be purchased separately but now it comes with the dryer itself which is great news. This nozzle is the perfect tool to get sleek straight hair because of its narrow opening.

If you like to use your Harry Josh blow dryer to straighten your hair, use this nozzle instead of the wider nozzle as it will if you the best results.

Harry Josh Ultra Light vs. Pro 2000

Harry Josh Ultra Light and Harry Josh Pro 2000 dryer have the basic difference of weight. Harry Josh Ultra Light dryer is 1.0 pounds whereas Harry Josh Pro 2000 is 2.2 pounds in weight.

The difference is huge although the latter has a convenient weight distribution. However, the exterior and the internal design is more or less the same. Both these dryers are made in France and popular among many users including celebrities and renowned hair stylists.

Harry Josh vs. Dyson hair dryers

Harry Josh Vs. Dyson Hair Dryers

The comparison between Harry Josh and Dyson is legitimate in terms of their prices. Both of these dryers and overpriced and hence they’re not something everyone is looking for to dry their hair on a daily basis.

However, from a technological point of view, Dyson is more upgraded and innovative with its intelligent heat and speed settings and ultrasonic technology. Nevertheless, these two dryers have often been on the spotlight for of course their clever advertising and publicity.


The hair industry is booming with new technologies, innovative designs and lightweight dryers. Although Harry Josh has its position for the legendary hair stylist himself and all the endorsement it receives from Hollywood celebrities and Supermodels, it can be said that this brand needs to step up its game in terms of materials used in their hair dryers.

Also, a little bit of variation in their products, for example including travel dryers and hooded dryers can bring some fresh air to their mundane products. Apart from all the criticisms, Harry Josh still remains as a brand in the limelight.


  • 1. Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer (B0771RTYZX)
  • 2. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 (B00DUMWDOQ)

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