The Best Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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You cannot think of a day without hair dryer if you are a hair conscious person. Can you? There are so many brands that have come forward to make life better of people like you by inventing amazing quality products for hair drying.

In 1991, Dyson has come forward to participate in the competition and since then, they always try their level best to become the most significant hair dryer product of the modern era. In this article, we will be discussing their features, technologies in detail so that you can decide if Dyson is the right product you are looking for or not.

About Dyson

Dyson Supersonic Logo

Dyson is one of the world’s best technology companies that have gained popularity at its best in the modern era. Dyson Ltd is actually a British company which is established by James Dyson in 1991. You see Dyson has come to people’s hand only 28 years ago and since then it has attracted people with its marvelous designed and manufactured household appliances. It became popular gradually by launching many advanced technologies and features in their products. Dyson Company designs and manufactures hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, heaters, and bladeless fans. For its worldwide distribution, now 12000 employees work with Dyson.

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Contemporary Brands

There are too many hair dryer companies and their manufactured models in the market right now. They are of different qualities and prices as well. Dyson is considered one of the most expensive brands worldwide with the highest advanced technologies and features included. This is why there are not many companies that produce hair dryers like Dyson according to the qualities. But T3, Solano, Elchim are considered as the contemporary brands of Dyson for their amazing quality.

Dyson’s research history

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Researching

From the very beginning, Dyson did not want to compromise their quality at all. As a result, they were much focused to develop their products according to people’s need and the demand of the modern era.  From then to now, they have invested almost 50 million dollars only to develop their hair dryer. If you notice, you can see that Dyson does not make hair dryers with a lot of variations of features and technologies. They focused on the quality, not the quantity. So they invested all they can to make one fabulous dryer rather than making many models by compromising the quality. We are going to introduce the product below but we want to let you know that they have manufactured 599 prototypes before the final one. So you can clearly see their dedication in making their product best in the world.

They have invested 50 months to understand the actual science of hair. 103 specialists have analyzed 1010 miles hair to verify that they are not going to the wrong path. They even analyzed the hydrophobic properties of hair so that they can make their product more convenient to save people’s hair from any kind of damage.

What makes Dyson hair dryer different/main features

In this section, we will dig deep into the main features and technologies that Dyson hair dryer offer so that you clearly find the reasons to choose Dyson over other hair dryers.

Digital motor v9

Dyson Supersonic V9 Motor

Digital Motor V9 – have you ever heard the name of this motor? No? Let us tell you about this amazing and advanced digital motor. There is no hair dryer company in this world beside Dyson that has used this motor in their hair dryer products. Dyson has invested such effort to make this motor, now it is the finest digital motor in the world that is used in a hair dryer. The motor is 27mm wide, has 13 impeller blades that generate 3.5KPa of pressure and propel 13 liters of air up to the amplifier every second where other normal dryers have only 11; for this, it is one of the quietest dryers in the world. This amazing motor has 110000 revolutions per minute and it is 6 times faster than any other hair dryer motors.


The wattage of every electrical component is important. When it is about the wattage of hair dryers, it means more. The capability of a hair dryer, whether it can dry all types of hair finely or not depends vastly on the wattage of that particular dryer. Hair dryer needs minimum 1300 wattage of power to dry fine and wavy hair. But dryers need more power to dry thick and curly hair. The 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c type hair cannot be dried in lower wattage or it will take so long. Hair experts around the world suggest that a dryer should offer minimum 1600 to 2000 wattages of power to dry natural, thick and curly hair. But the most preferred wattage for these types of hair is 1800. As Dyson Supersonic hair dryer offers 1600 wattage of power it will dry fine, wavy hair easily. And in the case of thick, kinky hair, it is also capable to dry them amazingly because Dyson has included built-in heat control technology with the flow of negative ion. Besides this, Dyson has used the most powerful digital motor that has ever used in a hair dryer in their product which automatically accelerates the generated power according to the hair type.

Controlled heat

Heating System of Dyson Supersonic Dryer

As we have said earlier that Dyson has analyzed 1010 miles hair to determine the real science of hair. From that experiment, it is known that when the produced temperature of the hair dryer is above 150 degree Celsius, it causes a great amount of hair damage. And that damage is irreparable. This is why heat control is very much important they thought. They developed the heating control idea by adding a glass bead thermistor in front of the heating element so that these can measure the exit airflow temperature 20 times every second. With this glass bead thermistor and microprocessor, the double stacked heating element is controlled very sincerely. This technology prevents the temperatures exceeding 150 degree Celsius and by doing so, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer protects your hair from absolute heat damage.

Air multiplier

Air multiplication is one kind of need from any hair dryer that every user expects, especially people who have curly, thick hair. Everybody needs it but no hair dryer offers it except Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. We have already said that they are very focused on the needs of their users and they try their best to fulfill them. They have placed their motor in the handle so that they can get space in the head of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. There, the high pressured air is converted into a high velocity and controlled jet, angled at 20 degree which entrains the surrounding air and multiplies the air. They have used the principle of the great Daniel Bernoulli here. By doing so, produced airflow by the motor is amplified into three times which will cause no effect on your general drying.

Fast Drying with effective and safe drying

Dyson Supersonic Fast & Safe Drying

Drying with hair dryers should be effective and safe at the same time. Effective drying requires powerful airflow and controlled heat balance to ensure the safety of drying. Dyson Digital motor V9 is so small that it can be fitted in the handle which allows a better balance in hand and produce enough power that dry hair fast and with Dyson’s heat control technology, the produced power does not damage hair at all. On the other hand, air multiplier is combined with Dyson’s digital motor V9 that produce high-velocity jet of monitored air which is very advantageous for fast drying and specific styling.

Vibration reduction

If you are a regular hair dryer user, you know the annoyance when your dryer continuously vibrates during the motor is running. The annoyance gets to its level best when hair experts have to use the dryers for all day long in their salons. In Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the motor is prevented by a silicon mount so that it does not cause vibration against the inside of the handle. It decreases the noises between the case and the motor finely as well.

More balance and comfort

Dyson Supersonic Dryer Balanced Holding

A hair dryer can be lightweight or heavy but not all the dryers are manufactured so that you fell balanced holding the dryer. Even no hair dryer except Dyson has paid any attention to people’s this comfort at all. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is engineered with the motor in the handle which shifts the whole hair dryer’s center of gravity to make you feel balanced and easy in the hand.

Attachments – 360-degree rotating and magnetic

Attachments are one of the most essential and beneficial tools of hair dryer that takes the styling to another level.  Dyson Supersonic hair dryer offers rotating attachments that no hair dryer ever offered. Dyson has made these attachments magnetic so that you can easily click them on and off while styling with them. Advanced heat shield technology is used in Dyson. As a result, the surface of the attachments stays cool, even while when it is used closely. There are 3 types of attachments that Dyson Supersonic hair dryer offers.

Nozzle & Concentrator of Dyson Supersonic Dryer

The Dyson Smoothing nozzle

This tool helps to style and dry hair smoothly using gentle and wide air.

The Dyson Styling concentrator

People often face the complication while drying their hair with a dryer. Sometimes they try to dry particular areas of their hair and style them in their own way but the air from the dryer flows vagrantly. Dyson styling concentrator helps to airflow specifically where you need to blow. With this amazing tool, you can shape your hair in one particular area at a time where the rest sections will not be affected at all.

The Dyson diffuser

Diffuser of Dyson Supersonic Dryer

This is a must-have tool for curly and thick hair people. Diffusers are must for them because it helps to add volumes in their curls and look them thick and highlighted. Dyson diffuser helps natural drying with accelerated airflow where this air flows equally around your curls. It helps to reduce frizzes as well besides improving the definition of your curls.

3 speed and 4 heat settings

Speed and heat settings are very important in a dryer because every person does not have the same type and length of hair. People, who have fine or wavy hair, will not need high heat or fast speed to dry their hair all the time unless they are on a rush. And they also have the hair type that is very prone to damage when it comes to the touch of high heat temperature. On the other hand, people who have curly and thick hair need high heat and speed as well to dry their hair finely. Dyson has included all the necessary heat and speed options in its hair dryer. It has included 3 precise speed settings. They are: fast drying, regular drying, and styling.

Dyson has included 4 precise heat settings and the amazing fact is they have informed the user the exact temperature of the airflow users will be getting while drying by setting a specific heat setting. You will get 4 different temperature settings, they are: 100°C, 80°C, 60°C, 28°C they are included respectively for fast drying and styling, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold.

Cool shot button

Cool Shot Button of Dyson Supersonic Dryer

People who use a hair dryer for styling besides the basic drying, they know the importance of a cool shot button very well. Dyson has this specific button so that you can set your hair after styling with 28°C cold shot.


A hair dryer should be lightweight so that the user feels the comfort while using the dryer. And this becomes mandatory when the dryer is used by a hair expert or in salons because experts who work in salons have to use the hair dryers all day long. And most of the professional hair dryers which are vastly used in salons are very heavy in weight. As a result, it causes muscle strain very often. Dyson is also a full professional hair dryer with the most advanced technologies and features included and the fabulous thing about this dryer is it is very lightweight. It is only 659 grams. So you can use this dryer all day long if you have to without any complications.

Cord length

Dyson Supersonic Dryer Cord

The length of the cord of a hair dryer is very important, especially when it is used by professionals. If the length is short and you use the dryer at home, you can actually manage until it is too short. But in salons, you cannot even deal with “normal” short cords. You will need at least 6-7 feet long cords to move around easily while drying and styling your hair without causing your cords tangled. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer offers 9 feet long cords and for professional usage, Dyson has made the cord thick and full professional so that any short circuit does not affect the durability of the cord at all.

Easy clean

Cleaning Dyson Supersonic Dryer

As a full professional hair dryer, Dyson offers you the option to clean the inside of the dryer so that the dust cannot to do any harm to the dryer and keep it durable and long lasting. You just have to twist the lower part of the dryer and clean it up.


Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is very much durable physically as they have used very fine material to build this product. But to earn the trust of its users, Dyson offers 2 years parts and labor warranty as well. So unfortunately if you face any complication in any parts of the dryer, Dyson will repair them without any cost within 2 years. And if something goes very wrong with the parts of the dryer which have never happened before, Dyson has offered its respected user to pay the money back within 30 days.

Negative Aspect

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is the finest hair dryer in the world, according to many famous hair experts in the world. Dyson has made this dryer so carefully included all the exclusive features and technologies, it does not have any severe negative side but here are few:


Hair experts and hair concern people often do not pay heed to the price of a dryer if the product gives more of what they want from a dryer. But many of us cannot afford the dryers that cost above $300 or sometimes scared to spend a good amount of money to buy any electrical components.  Dyson has done whatever they could do to reach people. But they have used so many advanced, exclusively developed features and technologies in their product which have made their manufacturing cost are very high. As a result, this fantastic hair dryer is very expensive but it’s worth buying.

Changing heat or speed setting

Another negative side of this dryer is if you want to change the speed or heat setting, you cannot do it while drying. You have to stop then change the setting, start and continue drying further.


As Dyson hair dryer is different in technology and other kinds of stuff, so we cannot actually compare with exactly this kind of hair dryer because there is none. But we are comparing this product with hair dryers of Dyson’s contemporary brands which are of the close price range. Check the comparison table first:

Comparison between Dyson vs. T3, Solano, Elchim

ModelDyson Supersonic hair dryerT3 - Cura LUXE Hair DryerSolano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair DryerElchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer: Professional Ceramic Blow Dryer
Motor typeDigital motor V9ACDCAC
TechnologyControlled heat
Air multiplier
Advance heat shield
T3 digital IonAirIonicIonic
Vibration reductionYesNoNoNo
Build to balanceYesNoNoNo
AttachmentsTypesNozzle, concentrator, diffuserConcentratorConcentratorConcentrator
Speed settings3222
Heat settingsHow many4533
Specific temperatureYesNoNoNo
Cool shot buttonYesYesYesYes
Cord length9 feet9 feet12 feet8 feet
Weight1.4 lbs.2 lbs.1 lb.1.6 lbs.

Justifying the categories

We are picking up 9 major categories from the above comparison table and now we are going to justifying those and see whether Dyson can beat its contemporary brands or not.

Motor type – WINNER

In this section, Dyson is the clear winner as it offers digital motor V9, which no hair dryer manufacturing company has used ever in their products. And it serves more work hour (10 times more than T3, Elchim and 18 times for than Solano) and more durable. You can read this post to see how the motor works of this brand.

Technology – WINNER

T3 has used its very own T3 digital IonAir and Solano, Elchim has used ionic technology in their product. On the other hand, Dyson has used advanced heat control, heat shield protection and air multiplier technology in their product. Dyson offers technologies more in number and power as well than other brands.

Wattage – DRAW

If you see the table, you will see that Dyson has offered less wattage power than other brands. Higher wattage obviously is important and beneficial in dryers but Dyson is offering digital motor V9 which generates high power according to the hair type automatically. As a result, Dyson is not staying behind in this section rather it is giving a tough competition.

Vibration Reduction and Build to Balance – WINNER

We do not even have to talk anything in this category as no other brands except Dyson offer any of these features in their dryer.

Attachments – WINNER

Dyson is winning this section all the way. They are offering all 3 types of attachments with the dryer where all 3 other brands offer concentrator only. Besides this, Dyson’s offered attachments are magnetic and have a rotating feature which no other brands have even imagined yet.

Speed Settings – WINNER

The more options you have, the more benefits you will get from this setting. Dyson has included 3 different speed settings where other brands offer 2.

Heat Settings – WINNER

Heat settings are another important option like speed settings. Here, Dyson is offering 4 which are quite enough where Elchim and Solano are offering 3. Though T3 offers 5 different heat settings, Dyson has informed the users the specific temperature they will get by switching around which more is convincing than having many options with no particular information.

Cord Length and Type – WINNER (in type)

If we only determine the winner by simply measuring the cord length, Dyson is not the winner. But Dyson Supersonic hair dryer’s cord is thicker and its build quality is way better than others. So Dyson will definitely win if you compare the quality of the cord.

Weight – Neither WINNER Nor LOSER

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is not definitely the lightest among all these 4 hair dryers. But 1.4 pounds is not considered as heavy in the case of hair dryers. Usually, hair experts call those dryers heavy which are over 2 pounds in weight. So, Dyson is still one of the lightest hair dryers and it will definitely not cause muscle strain ever.

Take a glance at our desired product before we wrap up

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer - V1 Feb

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


  • Exclusive Digital Motor V9
  • Advanced heat control technology protects hair from extreme heat by measuring air temperature 20 times per second, and keeps the heat in control
  • Ultra-fast drying, powerful airflow
  • Vibration reduction and air multiplier feature provided
  • Magnetic and rotating attachments: offers nozzle, styling concentrator and diffuser
  • With exclusive heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool
  • Lightweight, only 659 grams
  • Build to balance, placed the motor right in place so that users feel comfortable and balanced while drying and styling with the dyer.
  • Cool shot button included.
  • 3 specific speed settings: fast, regular and gentle drying
  • 4 specific heat settings: 100°C, 80°C, 60°C, 28°C
  • Long, durable and professional 9 feet cord
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 years parts and labor warranty


  • Expensive
  • Changing heat and speed settings need to stop drying

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon


Global Category Director of Dyson, Tom Crawford said, “Fast drying isn’t just about high-speed air. You also need the right balance of pressure and turbulence. You need to control the air, and make it stable.” This is what actually Dyson has focused in and developed these concerns exclusively all these years which has made Dyson Supersonic hair dryer the ultimate king of hair dryers.


  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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