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Have you ever wondered how ridiculous people look when standing attached to a wall by a cord while listening to music on their cordless earphones or portable speakers?  If by any chance, you are thinking the person I am talking about is tied to the wall by hooks and cords or somehow stuck, then let me make things clearer. The person in this story is simply drying their hair with a hairdryer.

For the frequent traveler, adventurous campers, someone always in a hurry with no time to waste or simply someone who wants the freedom of doing their hair right next to the mirror, at any spot of their house, a simple cord can be a huge disturbance.

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Problems of a conventional hair dryer

If you still think a wire is really, not that much of a significant inconvenience, then consider these points:

Traveling light becomes a difficult task

The weight of a normal hair dryer is on average 2 pounds. Don’t forget the additional room the wires and adapters for wall sockets.

You can skip blow drying your hair when camping

when going on adventures like camping and overnight hiking, a convenient power outlet is not easy to find.

Using up a large amount of electricity

A hair dryer is one of the most power consuming electrical tools, a general hair dryer will take up from 1900 watts to 2400 watts. Depending on the duration and settings you use, it can significantly contribute to your utility bill.

Exposure to EMF

All electric appliances once plugged in, has their electric and magnetic fields (EMF) that radiate energy, this energy interrupts the natural EMF that we have as humans. This is said to have a negative effect on our immune system and overall health. Normal hair dryer uses a large amount of electricity and they are held very close to our body when in use, this intensifies the exposure of EMF.

Safety becomes an issue

Most people use hair dryers in the bathroom because of the convenient proximity of the power outlet and the mirror. However, this is dangerous since water conducts electricity and faulty wires can cause serious electric shock.

There are many things that restrict our freedom, for example, responsibilities, fears, insecurities etc., etc., however, a cord does not have to be one of them. The point of this overly dramatic statement is that there is a solution to all these discussed problems which is, a cordless hair dryer.

What is a cordless hair dryer?

Just like the name suggests, these are hair dryers that do not come with a cord and so we do not have to plug it in for use. We could also call them battery powered hair dryers because the main source of power comes from a rechargeable battery that is either built-in or one that is removable.

These hair dryers are built for:

  • People who want mobility and flexibility when using a hair dryer. So, it is perfect for travelers, who want to travel light or may need to use different voltages without the added weight of adapters.
  • For campers, who may not always have access to a convenient power outlet.
  • People with short hair, who don’t require that much power and would like to use a hair dryer wherever they want.
  • Men, who generally have short hair and who require little time for drying and styling their hair.
  • Kids and pets, since we would require mobility and extra safety.

How are they different from normal hair dryers?

They are Battery-powered

Battery Powered Hair Dryer

Most commonly used is lithium-ion batteries. Lithium is the lightest of all metals and it is very reactive, which means a lot of energy can be stored in it.

These batteries also have a low self-discharge rate meaning they do not lose their charge over time as fast as other rechargeable cells. However, the duration of use and heat needs to be controlled since overheating can cause it to malfunction.

They use DC motors

Hair Dryer DC MotorsConventional hair dryers use motors that use AC (Alternative Current) but wireless ones usually use DC (Direct current). Because of this, the motor of the wireless dryer is lighter in weight but they also produce less powerful airflow and less intense heat.

They need to be charged

Charging Cordless Hair Dryer

The battery needs to be charged. It is either external, which means you will be able to take it out and charge it, so having two will allow us to use one while charging the other. Or it could be internal, which means the battery is built in and you would need to attach it to a power supply to charge it up.

What are the key benefits of a wireless hair dryer?


We can be near the mirror; we can be multi-tasking like reading our emails while we are drying our hair. Since it is lightweight it will also not cause arm fatigue. We also do not need to be in the musky humid bathroom right after a shower to style our hair.


A power outlet is not a necessity anymore. We also do not need a special dual-voltage hair dryer, since we don’t have to be connected to the power outlet.


Cordless hair dryers use up around 400 watts, which is less comparatively and we don’t have to use it while its connected to power this results in lower exposure to EMF radiation.

Easy to use and lightweight

A cordless dryer can weigh from 0.8 to 1.2 pounds. They are very simple to use with minimal features that allow you to adjust the flow and the temperature. Many of them are foldable as well.

What are the important features in a cordless hair dryer?

Running time

You need to make sure that the hair dryer is running long enough for you to finish drying and styling your hair, a single charge should last you long enough to at least get your daily hair routine done. Remember that, using the dryer on full heat setting will drain the battery more.

Typical running time: On Average, we need at least 30 mins (15 mins for drying and 15 mins for styling), now this will vary depending on hair thickness and length.

Charging time

we can either get a wireless hair dryer that has a fast charging feature or we can use replaceable batteries. So, we can replace the battery and charge it up, while the other one is being used.

Usual Charging time: Around 3 hours


The DC motor being light has allowed the hair dryers to be lightweight and suitable for carrying around when traveling.

Expected Weight:  Less than 2 pounds.


The power will determine the battery size and thus the weight and bulkiness of the hair dryer. If you need more heat and faster drying, then a higher power is suitable. If you have short or fine hair that doesn’t need a long time to dry or if you don’t prefer the high heat setting then, a lower power can satisfy your need.

Typical Power usage: Around 400 watts.

While the features mentioned are sufficient, there may be other special features that you may want in your cordless dryer are:


Ionic hair dryers release negative ions that react and break down the water molecules into wet hair. This ensures faster drying and removes frizz to make the hair smooth and sleek.

Cool shot button

Cool Shot Button - V1 May

The cool shot seals the hair cuticles, it adds shine and makes all hairstyles longer lasting.


The energy emitted by an electromagnetic field of hair dryers can be very damaging to our immune system and health in general. Thus, it is a sought-after feature in all dryers.

Dryer attachments

Hair Dryer Attachments - V1 May

We can use many kinds of attachments. For instance, a diffuser spreads out the air and heat over a wide area and this allows us to maintain curls, bounce, and volume in the hair.

A concentrator focuses the air and heat in one place, so this is used to smooth down frizz and straighten hair.

What are the drawbacks?

Weaker Airflow

A dc motor produces less powerful airflow and so you can’t really do a salon grade blowout.

Limited usage

A single charge will last you for a limited amount of time and so, to truly stay away from any power outlet even for charging, we need to keep our usage time to a minimum.

Not suitable for coarse/thick hair

Thicker hair takes a longer time to dry and so it is highly likely that we would need longer usage time thus too frequent charging sessions.

Battery overheating

If we overcharge our lithium batteries or the battery somehow gets overheated, it is a possibility that the battery will malfunction.

Low heat

Using the dryer on high heat will use up more power and the battery will run out of charge faster. Moreover, these dryers are not likely to heat up air as hot as normal hair dryers because they use less power or wattage.

Now that we have a better idea of how to judge a cordless hair dryer, let’s have look at some of the options that are available in the market.

The products mentioned below, are all cordless hair dryers that are especially good for travelers and are made to accompany you on your adventures outdoors. All of them use lithium-ion batteries and use DC motor, this makes them all lightweight and travel- friendly. Apart from this, each has their unique features that are discussed below:

The 3 Best Proposed Cordless Hair Dryers

1. SCNVO Outdoor Cordless Hair Dryer – For men and Children

SCNVO Outdoor Cordless Lithium Battery Rechargeable Hair Dryer - V1 May

The product is mainly for people with short or fine hair, so it is perfect for men’s and children’s hair because it is usually short and they do not necessarily require high temperature and high-pressure airflow to dry and style their hair.

It is also especially good for children’s hair due to its safety features as well. In the case of women or people with long hair, you have the option of adding an extra battery for more power.

Apart from these categories, depending on your needs, this hair dryer can be very useful for travelers and campers that enjoy outdoor activities like swimming and hiking.

Features good for children and fine hair

  • EMF free
  • Mild wind and lower temperature are gentler on the scalp and hair.


  • Uses lightweight DC motor and has an overall weight of 1.9 pounds.
  • Rechargeable battery that can be detached. (Allows us to carry extra batteries for backup)

Features to love

  • Come with a concentrator attachment
  • The battery can be used as a power bank to charge your phone
  • Long working time: Hot air can be used for 20 mins and then cold air can be used for another 20mins. Can be used for 4-5 hours if only cold air is used.
  • People with long hair can use it but an additional battery is required.


  • Long charging time which is 3.5 hours
  • Lighter than normal hair dryer but a bit heavier than other cordless dryers.
  • Comparatively expensive and additional cost for people with long hair, to purchase additional batteries.

Final Thoughts

A reliable, good quality cordless hair dryer. It is a very effective product for people with fine hair and a safe one for children with a surprisingly long running time and other multifunctional use. It is also particularly useful for men who usually have short hair do not require a long usage time.

This option is a good balance between the three; it checks all the required features and is a reliable, all-around cordless hair dryer.

SCNVO Cordless Lithium Battery Powered Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

For Lithium Battery – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Budget-Friendly Cordless Hair Dryer by Evertop

Evertop Cordless Folding Handle Rechargeable DC Motor Hair Dryer - V1 May

A simplistic cordless dryer for travel junkies that want the bare-essentials and want to stay on a tight budget. This dryer has all the features you need, nothing more and nothing less. Just what backpackers, campers, and travelers blinded by wanderlust need.

Travel-Friendly features

  • Folding handle
  • Very lightweight at 0.77 pound

Things to love

  • EMF free
  • Cold switch feature for locking in frizz
  • Super-Wind feature: Can produce powerful wind.
  • Comparatively cheap as the usual price is over $100 and it is under $75


No hot air so drying may take a bit longer and cannot be used to straighten or curl.

Charging time of 3 hours but running time of only 30 mins.

Final Thoughts

If you want a cordless device to only dry your hair and don’t have any other requirement then this is perfect. Since the running time is 30 mins on only cold air setting, hair styling isn’t really an option. However, this is suitable for people who are very concerned about heat damage and want to avoid heat completely.

This option is for extremely light packers and people who prefer the simplicity and minimalistic approach without any extra frills. It is most suitable for frizzy hair as it has a cool switch.

EVERTOP Cordless Hair Dryer with Folding Handle – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. FreeDryer Cordless Hair Dryer – Multi-purpose hair dryer with its own charging unit

FreeDryer Cordless 400W Hair Dryer - V1 May

This product is a classic as it claims to be the world’s first cordless hair dryer. This innovation is perfect for anyone or a scenario that requires blow drying without a power outlet nearby.

It is several uses such as, for campers, babies, pets even make-up artist who use it to dry latex glue when doing special effects make up.

Things to love

  • Comes with its own charging unit
  • Can be used with two removable batteries, so one can be used while the other is charging
  • EMR free, so safe it claims to be even safe than water


  • Charging time is 4 hours which is comparatively very long. So very frequent charging is required.
  • Running time of only 15 mins of hot air and 7 mins of cold air.
  • Bulky since the charging unit will need to be carried around as well. The dryer weighs 1 pound and along with two batteries and a charging unit, it would take up quite some space in your luggage.

Final Thoughts

It’s a classic and has its charm; however, the combination of high charging time and low running time can become very difficult when traveling. It requires very frequently charging batteries and the charging unit needs to be charged by a cord so, in a way, this can make us feel that we are still not fully cordless.

This option is a classic choice that is for people who prefer having two batteries with their own charging unit and those who require a hair dryer for short periods of time.

FreeDryer Cordless Rechargeable Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Each of the wireless hair dryers attracts people with different perspectives. They deliver as a way for us to detach ourselves and feel the freedom of not having to endure the problems that come with using a normal hairdryer in certain circumstances. It’s good to know that, we have options that can make styling and dry our hair much easier when traveling, camping, hiking, using a hair dryer on our children and pets or any other reason.

Alternative Solutions

Apart from a cordless hair dryer, there are other solutions that can give you a similar solution to your problems:

Travel hair dryers

If finding an electrical output is not a problem for you, then travel hair dryer is a great choice for travelers.

What makes it a good alternative?

  • It does come with dual voltage feature
  • They are lightweight, compact and sometimes foldable.

Extra benefits

  • Since it doesn’t depend on a battery, no charging required and running time is unlimited.
  • You can use more power as it is connected directly to a power outlet. So, the airflow and heating system will be better.


  • Comes with cords
  • Uses up more electricity

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer – Powerful and compact with salon-grade features

JINRI Lightweight Negative Ionic 1875W Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer - V1 May

It’s for anybody who has limited space but wants features as similar as possible to a salon grade hair dryer.

Its compact as it is foldable, very small (size, when folded, is 9.45×5.5×4.72 inch).and it also comes with a removable concentrator. Despite its small size, it has a powerful 1875 Watt motor which produces a lot of heat and creates intense air pressure to dry hair very fast.

Special Features

  • Cool shot button
  • Ceramic tourmaline that gives us the ionizing feature that helps create long-lasting and frizz free hairstyles.
  • Dual Voltage feature so we can use anywhere in the world.

JINRI 1875 Watt Travel Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Hair Dryers with car adapters

These are hair dryers that you can straight up plug into your car. It’s a solution for people on the go.

What makes it a good alternative?

  • Many of them are foldable and compact so you can store it in the glove compartment easily.
  • It allows us to use a hair dryer on the road so it gives us mobility.

Extra benefits

  • If you are traveling in an RV or camping out in a van, this is a good solution.
  • No external batteries needed
  • No need for dual voltage feature


  • Comes with cord
  • Uses up fuel

RoadPro RPSC-818 12V Hair Dryer – Perfect for short hair

RoadPro RPSC-818 12V Folding Hair Dryer - V1 May

It is for people on the go. It’s for the travelers who prefer to travel around in RVs and vans or simply people who are running late and need to get their look together in their car.

The heat is very minimal, it is warm rather than hot and so it’s more suitable for short hair since longer or coarse hair would require a long time to dry. All we have to do is plug it into the lighter socket/power socket of the vehicle.

Best features

  • Very lightweight (less than 1 pound) and foldable
  • 8-foot cord gives us flexibility.
  • Since the heat is warm, we can use it to defrost car windows.

RoadPro RPSC-818 12V Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Here, we have given ratings to our selected cordless blow dryers.


  • SCNVO Outdoor Cordless Hair Dryer
  • EVERTOP Cordless Hair Dryer
  • FreeDryer Cordless Hair Dryer

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