What Does Ceramic Hair Dryer Mean?

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If we consider today’s picture, almost every household has got a hairdryer.  And the members use it as an inevitable hair tool. A tool which is this much useful is bound to be a daily-use tool.

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When it comes to a hair dryer, we all understand what it is. What we mostly don’t know is how many types it has got. According to the material and process of working, there are four or more types of blow dryers. Among all the others, today we’ll learn about the ceramic hair dryers.


From the title, you might have got some idea about the thing. This dryer’s primary material is ceramic. If we say in details, the heating elements and some other areas of this type of hair dryer is made of or coated with ceramic. The ceramic heating units supply the power to produce the hot or cold air to dry the hair.

Ceramic hair dryers work in automatic process. Thus, they automatically lower the temperature of the air when the surrounding environment’s temperature increases. For this reason, they don’t have a lot of temperature settings. They mostly comprise two configurations; the on-off buttons and the cold or hot air settings.

This type of dryer distributes the air through the hair strands evenly. That’s why these dryers don’t over dry your hair. They use infrared heat waves. These waves reach hair strands gently and quickly dry your hair. Ceramic dryers also emit negative ions so that they neutralize the positive ions of the water of wet hair and thus the hair becomes dry.


The benefits of ceramic hair dryers are enough to meet all your expectations from a hairdryer.

    • Ceramic dryers dry your hair gently. The little emission of negative ions makes your hair frizz-free and shiny.
    • You get smooth and silky hair using these dryers.
    • They distribute the heat gently. So, you don’t have to worry about over-drying any portion of hair.
    • The self-regulation process keeps the drying light. So, you get dry hair with minimal possibility of damage.
    • You don’t have to worry about applying a heat protecting gel or serum if you use a ceramic hair dryer.
    • Ceramic hair dryers prevent the formation of bacteria on the scalp. So, your scalp stays healthier.


Ceramic hair dryers are slightly more expensive than the other types. They cost more, but the benefits certainly overshadow this little drawback. The performance that we get and the silky smooth hair are worth the expenses. Ceramic hair dryers take a bit more time to dry hair than ionic or tourmaline hairdryers.

Most hair stylists prefer ceramic based hair styling tools. Ceramic dryers are safer than other types, and they ensure less frizzy hair along with a shine on them. For everyday use, hair experts suggest ceramic hair dryers and so do I. For someone who prefers the safety of hair to the required time, ceramic hair dryer is the best choice.