Basic Understanding of Bonnet Hair Dryer

Men or women, everyone is fashion concerned now a day. Everyone wants to be more stylish in their regular life as well as professional. Style, smartness added an extra afford for increasing someone’s confidence.

Hair setting is one of the important issues before getting ready. Life becomes so busy that we cannot have enough time to take extra care of our hair naturally. Thanks to all the electric hair styling or hair setting devices which make our daily life easier for hair care!

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Hair Dryer: A great invention for hair styling/setting

A modern electric device which blows normal to warm air over wet/damp hair to speed up hair drying procedure is called a hair dryer or blow dryer. It makes our lives easier for hair styling or setting. Hair dryer is not used not only for hair drying but also for different types of hair styling and hair treatment. It also gives us full hair. Various types of hair dryers are invented for a different purpose.

Two major types of hair dryers are seen now a day. They are—

  • Handheld Dryer
  • Hood Dryer or Bonnet Dryer

Handheld Dryer VS Bonnet Dryer

Handheld dryers are a modern version of the hood dryer or hard bonnet dryer. They are easy to use. But the blast of air through nozzle could damage hair because of extra heat. Some hair could be stuck in the dryer. By operating the dryer with the hand cannot give proper air circulation all over the hair. Holding it longer time could make your wrist pain. Handheld dryers are used only for hair blowing.

Between them, Bonnet Dryers are not only best for hair drying but also for hair care, hair treatment and so on. One can relax while drying by reading a book or watching TV. The damage of the bonnet hair dryers is less than the handheld dryer. Besides even circulation of air reduce hair drying time.

Bonnet Hair Dryer

Bonnet Hair Dryer also knew as the hood hair dryer use in the salon for hair drying, styling, and treatment. Hair Dryer which has an arena that fits over a person’ head to dry by circulating warm air gently, rather than blasting lots of hot air from a nozzle in is called Bonnet Hair Dryer. It’s different than the handheld hair dryers. Hair dries evenly into the Bonnet Hair Dryer. You can use this hair dryer for various purpose. Like —

  • Hair Drying
  • Voluminous Hair
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Care/Treatment
  • Deep Conditioning

Types of Bonnet Hair Dryers

There are two types of Bonnet Hair Dryers. They are—

  • Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer or Traditional Bonnet Hair Dryer
  • Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Traditional Bonnet Hair Dryer

A hood dryer has a hard plastic dome that fits over a person’s head to dry their hair. Hot air is blown out through tiny openings around the inside of the dome, so the hair is dried evenly. Hood dryers find in hair salons. (Wikipedia)

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

A soft bonnet hair dryer is one of the models of a traditional bonnet dryer with a foldable headpiece. It gives salon-dryer quality results at home. Moreover, the design of the hair dryer is travel-friendly.

Things need to know about Bonnet Hair Dryers

Hair Dryers are hot hair tools which are a key factor in the hair care and hair styling industry. Bonnet hair dryers have a different appearance and working procedure than the handheld hair dryers. Check some of the issues before choosing a bonnet dryer—

Hair Type

Drying very thick and curls are a big problem. Damp hair could increase hair fall or other hair damages if they are not dry properly, Rather using the handheld dryer, it’ll be wiser to use bonnet hair dryer who belongs thick curly hair. Bonnet hair dryers provide even flow of hot air all over the headpiece so that it’s easier to dry hair completely.


Some features are the main key factors of a good bonnet hair dryer. So make sure that your bonnet dryer has those features which could make it a perfect one. Like—

  • Heating Technology
  • The surface of the bonnet
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Size of the bonnet
  • Wattage
  • Price and so on

Heat Settings

Drying temperatures vary from hair to hair. Different hair types need different heat settings. So it’s better to a bonnet dryer which has multiple heat settings with a cool shot option. Ionic technology reduces the possible danger of overheating and scalps burning.


Budget is a big factor according to working quality of a bonnet dryer. If you want salon type hair from your bonnet dryer, you have to pay more money. Besides prices are vary on technologies.

Head Piece

Bonnet hair dryers typically have room for small to medium-sized hair rollers sets. So if anyone wants to wear big roller sets under the bonnet dryer, they must check this issue before either it will fit or not. Some hairstyles like hair color, rebounding use chemicals which could harm the internal surface of the bonnet. So it will be better to choose a bonnet dryer which is proofed against chemicals.


Different countries have a different voltage range and plug-in system. If you are a travel lover, choose a soft bonnet dryer which has a dual voltage system. You can either use a voltage converter or adapter.

Additional Things

Some bonnet dryers have other attachments. Like—

  • Vent brush attachment for style and voluminous hair
  • Extra-long flexible hose
  • Easy Lock feature
  • Compact storage case and so on

Advantages of using Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Minimum hair damage than the handheld dryer
  • Even air circulation
  • Less drying time
  • Ideal for the wet set style
  • Perfect for deep conditioning
  • Hair color, hair rebounding could be more efficient by using a bonnet dryer
  • Open up hair cuticle and let it soak up the nutrients from treatment
  • Soft hood dryers are travel-friendly
  • Salon type performance
  • Easier for drying wigs and headpieces

Things need to be considered about Bonnet Hair Dryers

  • Traditional or hard bonnet dryer can be expensive
  • Some dryers can be noisy
  • Hard bonnet dryers are not travel-friendly

Final Thought

This article is about to help you know the details about Bonnet Hair Dryer. At the end of the day, the decision is still up to you. On a final note, choose wisely a bonnet hair dryer that is within your budget which serves your needs with satisfaction.


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