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Hair! It is NOT fair!!!

Have you ever lost sleep over a hairstyle that you wanted so badly but couldn’t get it done by yourself? You did everything you can think of, used all your weapons in your private arsenal; still, the end result never looked quite as smooth and chic as you wanted to be! Sigh…I know I have! After a few unsuccessful attempts, I finally gave up saying, ‘I am not blessed by the hairstyle fairy!!!’ Still in the back of my mind, I kept pondering about what was I missing until I came across the soft bonnet hair dryer!!! Well, I always knew, I could get any hair style done at a hair salon! Alas! Only if I could find the time and money to do it every other day! So the question was; what does a hair salon have that I don’t? Brace yourself; the answer is, apart from a skilled and experienced hair stylist, every salon has the bonnet hair dryers!

From the 50’s, the hairstyles that girls desired and men noticed was mostly done by using these! I told you, the answer is so very visible that you didn’t care to notice it! It’s also okay if you are intimidated by the alien look, size and the price of a hard bonnet hair dryer but the good news is now there is a soft bonnet hair dryer that is powerful, affordable as well as manageable to operate on your own! As for the hairstyle expert, when it comes to your own hair, you are the most experienced one ever, except for your Mom of course, if you count those childhood years when you didn’t do much styling! The truth is, now you can get that dream hair look every single time on your own with a bonnet hair dryer! Hopefully; this article, the bonnet hair dryer reviews will give answers to many frustrated girls out there and help them to decide which one is the most suitable for their hair type and lifestyle.

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Does your hair type matter?

Type Of Hair - V.2 Aug
Yes! Of course, it matters! You have to adjust the time and heat according to your hair type! Like water washes any type of hair universally, this soft bonnet hair dryer is as universally effective on hair drying and styling too. For example, if you have thick afro black hair then you will need more heat and time compared to an Asian black haired girl who needs lesser heat and lesser time since her hair is thinner.

It also works on permed, colored, frizzy, fine or coarse hair and on natural blondes, redheads, brunettes or Asian raven hair as long as you follow the instructions properly. If you buy the one with the ionic feature which has a hot sauna-like hydrating effect, it will make your hair shine more! On straight finer hair, in which styles don’t last for long, you will be able to wear perfect curls for longer! Naturally curly or wavy hairs will be more manageable too. Every hair type gets a different advantage from the soft bonnet hair dryer.

Why do bonnet hair dryers work better?

Okay, so now you know that the bonnet hair dryer works the best and it works for all types of hair too, but how and why? Actually, the air outside can’t disrupt the setting process due to the protective hood. But what about the tiny little holes in the hood!!! Through these holes the hot air and the moisture from your damp hair can escape, otherwise, your hair will sweat and won’t get dry at all!! Due to the pressure of hot air getting out; relatively colder outside air can’t get through those holes, thus maintaining the warmth stable and undisturbed.

The hot air evenly circulates and all the hair or the setting rollers get the equals amount of time to set. With a hand-held blow dryer, the air outside interferes with the heat so it not only takes longer to dry your hair but by the time you reach the last few rollers, your hand is already tired thus you get an uneven and tacky result.

While writing the Bonnet hair dryer reviews, I have decided to discuss every aspect in depth, so please kindly bear with me. And those who are in a bit of a hurry can check the comparison table below. I’ve discussed the table in detail so if you can read it, please do because I bet you won’t be sorry.

The Bonnet hair dryer reviews: Classification and Comparison features of the bonnet hair dryers

TypesHard bonnet hair dryersSoft bonnet hair dryers
Semi classificationFixed steel stand with base wheelsFoldableCompact in a box
Power watt

  • 1500 to 1800 watt

  • Can be damaging to the hair if not used under professionals

  • Risky for the household fuse capacitor

  • High electricity bill

  • 1300 to 1500 watt

  • Can be damaging to the hair if not used carefully

  • The hard hat becomes very hot after using so somewhat risky, may get burnt if not careful

  • High electricity bill

  • 400 to 800 watt

  • Non damaging to the hair, In fact, the one with the ionic feature will hydrate damaged hair

  • Minimal risk

  • Minimal bill

SizeLarge and heavy, big bonnetMedium weight, big bonnetLight weight with big bonnet
HeightadjustableAdjustment not necessaryAdjustment not necessary
TimeTime setting availableTime setting unavailableTime setting unavailable
PortabilityRoom to room, not travel friendlyPortable but still big to carryAbsolutely travel friendly
PriceCostliest, above $99 or more$35 to $90Budget friendly, $20 to $50
Extra advantages

  • Tourmaline hard bonnet, makes your hair dry up faster

  • Non stainable, essential if you wish to use chemical treatments

No extra feature

  • Creates ions to smooth hair and locks the moisture like hydrating spa effect

  • Non stainable, essential if you wish to use chemical treatments

From the above chart, we can see there are two types of bonnet hair dryers, The Hard bonnet, and Soft Bonnet. The hard bonnet is again divided into two types, however; the basic methods of drying in all these dryers are absolutely the same, just the exterior is different.

  1. Hard bonnet hair dryers are divided into the following two types,
    • Foldable hard bonnet Hairdryer: Price range is: $35 to $90 approximately. It’s foldable so semi-portable but not as portable as the soft bonnet variety.
    • Hard bonnet hair dryer with adjustable stand:$109 at Amazon. It’s not travel-friendly at all because of the size and weight. Mostly seen in the salons. Performance is the best but costs a lot more. Storage and portability are not as good as the foldable or soft bonnet one.
  2. Soft bonnet hair dryers: Price range $20 to $50 approximately: Most travel-friendly as well as efficient and budget-friendly.

For a basic understanding of bonnet hair dryers, you can read this article.

Various features of the soft bonnet hair dryer

Features Of Bonnet Hair Dryer (Banner Image)
The hood is hard and fixed in both the types of hard bonnet hair dryers. The smaller version of the foldable hard bonnet dryer doesn’t come with a stand or base wheels. Soft bonnet hair dryer has a bonnet that is a bit more flexible since it’s soft. Do look for the ones with the ionic feature. It will give your hair a hydrating sauna treatment inside the hood so you will have extra shiny hair. There are many models to choose from so patiently compare the following point of each model and pick the one that suits you the best.

  1. Heat: the soft bonnet hair dryer is from 800 to 1100 watt approximately. No matter what type of bonnet you choose, your hair doesn’t need any more wattage than that! The electricity bill will not skyrocket too! Adjustment of the heat is another thing to consider. The more heat adjustment option available the better will be to customize for different style as well as different hair types. You can save time by increasing the heat but don’t expect the result of 1-hour treatment in 30 minutes though. Too much heat is not good for the hair either so don’t always increase it, just because you can. The research team of The Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews highly recommends using heat protector serum or lotion depending on your hair type. The risk of getting burned by touching a hot hard bonnet dryer is another thing I have to mention. Be careful not to keep it where people or children may come in contact just after you had used it.
  2. Time: None other than the big stand-alone hard bonnet hair dryer comes with a setting time regulator so keep an eye on the time on your own. No matter which type you use, take the instruction about your hair type seriously and always keep a little more extra time in your hand than necessary, you know; just in case!!! If you have fine, thin or damaged hair, you don’t need any more than 30 minutes. Just towel dry your hair and then use it as directed by your bonnet dryer. Medium, normal, straight or wavy hair requires a bit more time, about 45mintues. Thick and curly hair needs the full 1-hour treatment; so for the best result, you should set the heat of the dryer according to your hair type and set an alarm on your cell phone for the time. When the time is up, even if the machine is off, don’t remove the hood immediately; waits for another extra 15 minutes to cool down for the best result and just to be sure. You can start it again at low heat for 10 minutes if you want to rush it but I say, please don’t expose your hair to unnecessary heat for no reason at all.
  3. Size:
    • Be sure to consider the size of the hood when you buy any type of bonnet hair dryer. It matters so you can fit even the biggest setting roller inside the hood comfortably.
    • Height adjustment: In case you buy the hard bonnet hair dryer with the large stand, make sure you adjust the height of the stand first so you can sit comfortably for more or less, about an hour or you will end up with a sore neck! Adjustment for a tall or short chair can’t be the same or for the people of different heights, you will need to readjust too. Soft bonnet or the foldable dryers are pretty much portable so you can set it almost anywhere.
  4. Anti-Stain: If you wish to use dye or use chemical inside the hood, do consider the interior of the hood too. Anti-stain ones are more durable and will not get messed up.
  5. Portability: I have to mention, these hard bonnet hair dryers are not traveled friendly at all! There are models that have a wheel so you can take the machine to a different room but make sure at least two wheels can be locked for stability. The research team of The Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews advises you to check the safety lock before you start hair drying session each time so you don’t end up in the hospital. They are bigger and heavier too! Even the foldable hard bonnets are not as portable compared to the soft hooded ones.
  6. Storage: Storage is a big problem with the hard bonnet too. If you can’t fix it in a place better to buy the foldable ones or the one that can be taken apart for more compact storage. However, the more parts they have more chances of breaking, losing etc. The time and hassle to fit it all over again is another negative point given to the hard bonnet dryers from The Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews team. For storage and lightweight, Soft bonnet hair dryers are the best one in my point of view.

The Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews has been written considering the home users who would have difficulty comparing available products of different companies. Therefore; we have reviewed the top 5 soft bonnet hair dryers below since more home users asked about these models.

The Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews: Soft bonnet hair dryers comparison table

Features/product namesLaila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet DryerAndis Professional Bonnet Hair DryerConair Soft Bonnet Hair DryerDeluxe Limited Edition Pink Soft hood Bonnet Hair Dryer AttachmentUniversal Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment
Power800 Watt500 Watt400 WattNot mentionedNot mentioned
Heat adjust

  • High hot (good for the first 20 minutes)

  • Low hot (good for the next 10 minutes then

  • cool (a. high or b. low) for the final finishing.

High and low onlyHot warm low cool but the hot and warm feels the same.Poor heating compared to othersYou have to hold a handheld dryer to get the heat. Not good!
Other features

  • Ion-infused airflow dries hair quickly

  • Compact, everything fits inside the box itself

  • Stain proof

2 speed settingVent brush and extra-long 4-foot flexible hose with lock-and-release system

  • Unique adjustable chin strap

  • Huge roomy hood

ColorPurple and WhiteBlackWhiteBlack or PinkSilver

Summary of the Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews Article

Considering all the aspects, our team of experts at the bonnet hair dryer reviews undoubtedly recommends the Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer. It’s cost-effective yet powerful, gives a visible result, most travel-friendly requires less storage space and has a little bit of extra flexibility due to the softness of the bonnet so the biggest setting rollers will even fit perfectly. After comparing all the points above, I personally recommend it.


  • 1. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

User Rating

3.33 (3 votes)

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

If you are the individual who already owns a very high quality professional hair dryer and do not spend more money to buy a whole new dryer, we have a solution for you so that you can enjoy every benefits that a person can get from a soft bonnet hair dryer. The solution is – soft bonnet hair dryer attachment. In this section, we are going to introduce this amazing tool with tiny details.

Almost all of us pretty much know about the general hair dryer attachments (concentrator, diffuser, and comb) as we have to use those fabulous tools with our blow dryers quite often to take extra care of our hair. And there is no disparate between those and soft bonnet attachment. So after buying this attachment, you can easily use it with your already existing hair dryer by simply attaching it like the other usual attachments. It is beneficial and economic as well. These bonnets are adjustable in both ways. It can be fitted easily to your head and to your fantastic dryer as well. The hood capacity varies from product to product. You will find the hose very much flexible as a result it will not bother you to move at all. There is enough ventilation in the hood so that it can flow the heat without any complication and get your job done at ease.

Soft bonnet hair dryer attachments are very advantageous until you choose the right product. If you failed to choose the right one, it can dangerously back-fire you. Your money will be wasted and you will get zero result. To save you from that tough situation, we are here to suggest you the best soft bonnet hair dryer attachment of the market. Before that, take a look at the following comparison table between some soft bonnet hair dryer accessories.

Model NameBonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe SofthoodBonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Adjustable Hooded Bonnet for Hand Held Hair Dryer Hair Styling Curling Deep Conditioning Hair Steamer CapCool Cap Bonnet Soft Nylon Hood Hair Dryer Attachment
BESTIM INC(TM) Soft Hair Drying Cap Bonnet Hood Hat Blow Dryer Attachment
Weight0.3 lbs0.2 lbs0.2 lbs0.3 lbs
Hose length39 inch36 inch32 inch28 inch
Hose diameter2.25 inch2 inch2 inch2 inch
Hood diameterOver 1 feet11.8 inch11 inch10.5 inch
Ventilation hole120-1401008565

Why we did not choose BESTIM INC(TM) Soft Hair Drying Cap Bonnet Hood Hat Blow Dryer Attachment

We are not selecting this dryer because it can be individually a good soft bonnet hair dryer attachment but when compared to other products above, we can see that all of its provided features are less than other products. Its hose length is shorter than the average; it has comparatively very little ventilation which will take a lot of time to dry hair.

Why we did not choose Cool Cap Bonnet Soft Nylon Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

This attachment is lightweight and has all the properties in average number. It would be better if the offer the properties a little more but for now, let us consider these numbers acceptable for average use. The main problem of this product is, the manufacture did not make this tool for hand held hair dryers. So we do not even have to even consider other features now. This product is out of our choice.

Why we did not choose HYRIXDIRECT soft bonnet hair dryer attachment

To be honest, it is one of the finest soft bonnet attachments in the market, it is very lightweight, and has very good ventilation, good length hose, and hood diameter. But here, we are comparing this product with Hair Flair soft bonnet attachment, and compared to Hair Flair, HYRIXDIRECT has less number of properties which ultimately knocks out this dryer from the winning.

Winner – Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood

Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood

This dryer has better quality, large bonnet diameter, hose length and large number of ventilation in the hood. Check out its features below:

  • Exclusive variable chin strap and side fitting drawstring finely secure the hood in place
  • You can use it while using the rollers as it has the largest hood capacity
  • It has 120-140 ventilation holes so that it can dry your hair faster
  • It has 39 inch hose length so that you can move around and use it with much comfort
  • Non-slip silicon hose collar
  • The hose fits nozzles up to 2.25 inch
  • Hand washable
  • Nylon holdall is provided which will give you benefits while traveling
  • Lightweight, about 0.3 pounds.

Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood – Check Current Prices On Amazon