Tips For Using A Diffuser On Curly Hair

Featured Image Of Tips For Using A Diffuser On Curly Hair
If you are a hairstyle freak, you must have heard about diffusers. Diffusers are one of the most imperative objects for the people with curly hair as they make your hair more manageable and afford you a sophisticated look.

Despite playing a fundamental role, diffusers are often abused for not working properly. But what we have to understand is it’s not the diffuser rather it’s the inappropriate method of using a diffuser that leads to dissatisfied output. If you use a diffuser in an accurate way, it will definitely provide you with the ideal outcome.

For your expediency, we have arranged 8 tips on how you should use a diffuser on curly hair. Let’s have a look at the following guidelines.

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1. Purchase a dryer accompanied by a diffuser

The first step that will help you to manage your curly hair is investing in a hair dryer that provides a diffuser along with the set. Usually, the diffusers available in the market are of various shapes and it is tough to find the idyllic shaped diffuser that will fit your dryer.

Universal Diffusers

There are available dryers on the market that supplies diffuser but make sure that you do a little research before purchasing. If you are not interested to spend in any new dryer then go for the UNIVERSAL DIFFUSERS accessible in the shops.

2. Keep the Temperature in LOW settings

According to the stylist Teddi Bickers, if you are going to use a diffuser then you should always settle on the LOW/MEDIUM heat settings at the time of blow drying your curly hair. This will not only dry your hair gently but also will keep the hair away from getting unwarranted frizzy.

3. Place your Curls into the Diffuser

When you start your diffusing process, you have to push the curls gently into the diffuser bowl. Allow the diffuser’s fingers to define your hair by functioning from the core to the scalp of your hair.

4. Apply products for voluminous curls

ISO Bouncy Cream

For adding up the definition to your curls you should apply products that make your hair look frizz-free at the same time voluminous. We can recommend you ISO Bouncy Cream for this purpose.

5. Air Dry a little

Try not to dry all of your hair together, rather when one-fourth of the drying process is done, let the hair air dry before using the diffuser again.

6. Stop using your hands

Prevent yourself from using your hands too much as it will frizz up your hair. Let the diffuser do its work by not using your hands.

7. Patience is the key

The diffusing process may seem lengthy as you have to keep the heat into LOW, but be patient because this lengthy procedure will guide you to frizz-free defined curls.

8. Hairspray is a must

Hairsprays like Joico JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray

The curls will lose their gleam in course of time and so hairspray is the key to keeping them perfect. Hairsprays like Joico JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray can provide your long lasting defined curls.

Now, to wind up, we will recommend you to stop using any cheap hair dryers or diffusers because no matter what they will not satisfy you with the upshots. Go for any professional dryer with a diffuser that will do no harm to your hair and moderately, will gratify you with perfect diffused curls.