How To Get Better Looking Curls Using A Diffuser

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The job of a diffuser is to diffuse the air while blow drying so that you get defined curls with less frizz. The steady airflow of a diffuser usually permits the hair to dry naturally. The question may arise that why using a diffuser where one can blow dry hair without it.

Curly haired curls will know how tough it is to maintain the curls along with the frizz. With the help of diffuser, you can minimize the bumpiness and roughness and can get smooth voluminous curly locks.

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Diffusers are for curly hair but what if diffusing curly hair with diffusers work as a woe? When the nozzle of any diffuser discharges too much air towards your hair, the blow dryer will act against your hair by deflating the shape and volume.

So what can solve this problem regarding curly hair diffusing? Get a Deep Bowl Diffusers; it is as simple as that!

We revealed one secret and there are some more tips to get revealed. Let’s go through them.

Guidelines for Better Diffusing

Use the Cool Shot button

Hair Dryer Cool Shot Button

Hot air may dry your hair fast but is it healthy for your hair? If you want to lessen the damage and get a long-lasting hairdo, simply go for Cold Air.

Yes, most of the blow dryer brands nowadays offer dryers with a cool shot button that allows you to use cold air. Cold hair prevents the hair from creating frizz and getting stretched.

Lock your hands

Running your fingers or holding hair while blow drying with a diffuser is worse than anything. You may think that you are trying to keep the hair set but unfortunately, it will prove you wrong. Touching your hair when you dry will cause you more frizz. So, try to keep your hands away from the hair and let the diffuser work on its own.

Spice up with extra volume

Holding Diffuser Against The Scalp

Do you want to get a little lift and volume on your hair? Follow a simple trick. Just hold the diffuser against the scalp. Now try to rotate the diffuser (left to right to left to right.)  When you will see the result, you will certainly see a difference.

Add a little Curl Definition

Who doesn’t love defined curls? If you want more volume and definition then follow this. All you have to do is raise your diffuser against gravity for boosting up the curls. In simple word, first get your hair upside down and then rest the hair into the diffuser.

If you try this, you will see the magic. After finishing, you will get fabulous defined curls with ultra volume.

Pick you Products

To get better and shiny looking curls you should settle on some products that will make your curls stable. For the thickness of hair, you can use Hair Mousse, for smoothness and softness you can go for Hair Cream and for lifting up your hair and setting it you can select any of the branded Hair Spray.

Once you have experiences using a diffuser, you will certainly notice why diffuser dry is superior the air dry. Remember ladies, using any device is not enough to get you better results rather you are required to use the device properly.