Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer Review

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Starting from deep conditioning treatments and relaxations to set the custom hairstyle that makes you look fabulous, all these things are perfectly managed by a bonnet hair dryer at the salon. Bonnet hair dryers are mainly used at salons. However, beauty stylists also suggest getting a bonnet hair dryer for home use. If you do not have enough time to frequently visit the hair salon, then Babyliss pro ionic hard hat dryer is such a home usable bonnet hair dryer that can be your best solution. It is a standing hair dryer, so you do not need to handle it by hand. This model of bonnet hair dryer is smaller in size than the ones used in the salons. But, the service and efficiency of output are no less!

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Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer is a must have at home or small salons. So, let’s get introduced with the hard hat dryer first.

Specifications of the Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer

  • New thermal ionic technology installed in the dryer
  • It runs with a power of 1600 watts
  • There are 3 temperature settings
  • The bonnet is adjustable to height accordingly
  • Removable inlet grill present
  • Built-in airflow diffuser installed in the dryer
  • Comes with two locking wheels
  • The weight of the product is around 20 pounds
  • Comes in black or white color
  • Auxiliary input mechanism present
  • Rustproof

Should you opt for the Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer?

Facilities of babyliss pro ionic hard hat dryer

The Babyliss pro ionic hard hat dryer is a product worth buying. However, every product in this world has its pros and cons. This hard hat dryer is no exception. So, below are the pros and cons of the dryer:


  • Flexible roll-about: The movability is probably the best advantage of this hard hat dryer. The dryer can be moved or rolled to any place in the house wherever required. It can be the bathroom, bedroom, living room or even kitchen! Storage is also easy due to its moving flexibility. You can store it in the corner of your closet or at the corner of your room.
  • Modern ionic technology: The ionic technology enables the dryer to be the best among the hair dryers available. Due to this technology, the dryer dries the hair faster, brings a shinier look and also reduces frizz. And it works better than a normal blow dryer.
  • For all types of hairs: It does not matter if you have thin hair or thick hair, curly hair or straight hair or wavy hair, this bonnet dryer will work on your hair well.
  • Heavy duty spine locks: The structure of this dryer is very strong. There are heavy duty spine locks which attach and hold the bonnet to the inner stand of the product.
  • Strong duty anchor bolt: To lock the base and pole of the equipment in place, the heavy-duty anchor bolt serves the purpose efficiently.
  • Locking wheels: The Babyliss hard hat dryer is movable, as already mentioned. It has wheels at the bottom of the base. While in use, the equipment should be locked in place to avoid any accidents. There are two locking wheels at the base to serve this purpose.
  • Durable base: The base is very strong and well built. It prevents breakage or tipping of the entire equipment.


  • Expensive: The Babyliss hard hat dryer is high-end equipment. It has features of a professional high-end dryer and this depicts that the price will be high. The price varies, and it is about $200 or above. The price range is not affordable for many.
  • Noisy under the bonnet: Though Babyliss ionic hard hat dryer is a professional dryer installed with modern technology, it does not have a soundproof mechanism installed. Under the round bonnet, you will experience a noisy environment when you use this equipment.

For whom is the Babyliss Ionic Hard Hat Dryer?

Available hair type for babyliss pro ionic hard hat dryer

Well, the answer to this question needs a bit more in-depth analysis of the pros, cons, and specifications of the dryer.

The dryer is very much well-built and is of a very high quality. However, your hair type, your schedule, affordability, house size could be factors to decide if you should buy this product or not.

First comes the hair type. Well, technically, this Babyliss ionic hard hat dryer is for every hair type. It works on all types of hair, no matter what. However, if your hair is thick or curly, you should buy this dryer. Why? Because regular ionic hair dryers might not work as much efficiently as this bonnet dryer can! Using the bonnet dryer can also save your hairstyling time. Since you can get your desired hairstyle with much less effort with this product.

In addition to that, Babyliss Ionic Hard Hat Dryer is most advantageous for people with African American hair, thick and coarse hair, unmanageable dry hair and color treated hair.

Next comes your daily routine. If you are a busy person, who has a lot less time to afford to visit the salon, then you should consider buying this product.

The third is your affordability. This Babyliss Hard Hat Dryer is expensive, as mentioned earlier already. If you think that the opportunity cost is better if you buy this bonnet dryer, instead of regularly visiting the salon and paying them for the service, then you must buy this product. However, if your affordability does not allow you to buy this, you can always visit the salon at intervals to get your hair deep conditioned with a bonnet dryer.

Lastly, I think that house size might also be a deciding factor. Why? Because you at least need a medium sized house to make space for this product to store. If your house is too small, please do not buy this. In a medium-sized house, you can at least move the dryer inside your house and store it without looking clumsy. Although the dryer is not TOO big, you must be living in a medium sized house at least. That is my suggestion.

This model is selected as a featured product on our blog.

Do you want to deep condition your hair and enjoy a relaxation session at home?

If your answer is YES, then Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer is a great solution for you. With this dryer, deep conditioning will be very easy for you, since you do not need to run for the hair salon every week. Hair salons are time-consuming and costly as well. So, it is better to deep condition your hair at home with this magical instrument, that will leave your hair shiny, smooth and bouncy for a longer period of time. Deep conditioning is a must for people with very coarse and rough hair (like the African Americans). And, Babyliss hard hat dryer is the best solution for deep conditioning without any sort of hassle.

On top of that, you also have the option to invest more time for relaxation at home! This Babyliss dryer has an auxiliary input option which will enable you to connect to your mp3 device. You can play some soothing music and relax under the hard hat dryer while you deep condition!

Summary Of Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer Review

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer is undoubtedly a good investment for a professional hair care at home. Deep conditioning, at home relaxation session, setting up the hairstyle for a longer period, drying the hair from root to tip without frying- these are the services that the Babyliss dryer offers at home. It not only saves time but also money! If you think, only the buying price is being a factor to you, I would suggest to save up some money for this amazing product. It will be worth it!


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