BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Hair Dryer Review

featured image of babyliss pro tt tourmaline 5000 hair dryer

It has all the outstanding technologies to give your hair a shiny, smooth & stylish look. It has Tourmaline Titanium with ionic generator combinations which are a perfect vibrant mixture for hair styling/drying.

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BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer uses Tourmaline Titanium technology to facilitate outstanding heat conductivity. It’s fast drying system effectively reduces frizz & locks hair cuticles. It also takes care of your hair as like as professionals.

Advanced Tourmaline Titanium Technology & ionic generator gives your natural hair an extra boost which is beneficial for hair drying or styling. Ergonomic handle helps you to use this product long time without paining your wrist. The speed/heat settings buttons’ attachments are perfect for controlling. The hang-up loop is included for easy storing. Concentrator & cool shot provides enough airflow for styling hair. Those features make this dryer a nice one.

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BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer uses Tourmaline & Titanium infused grill to enable heat conductivity. The Ionic Generator reduces curliness, cuts off drying time, generates proper heat to give hair a dazzling, silky & volume look.

Multiple 6 heat/speed settings are beneficial for different hair styling.

The ergonomic handle makes for a relaxing grip which helps the user to handle the dryer so easily. The removable filter section is designed for easy cleaning. Besides, it’s a good hair dryer with a sensible price.


This dryer has no diffuser for curl/wavy styling. Extended cord can’t be retracted. This dryer is intended for 19000-watt. So before using, one must be careful because it can be so hot that anyone can hardly handle it. The dryer is a little bit heavier than other models, though one can easily handle this long time without having pain on the wrist.

BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Hair Dryer Specification Table

Product nameBaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer
Brand nameBaByliss
SpecialtyThis dryer locks the natural moisture of the hair & hair looks healthy & shiny after using it.
Suitable hair typeAll types
Why should you purchase the product
  1. Tourmaline & titanium infused grill to enables heat conductivity
  2. Lightweight with compacted size
  3. Ionic generator emits negative ions
  4. Powerful AC motor
  5. Quieter like an average dryer
  6. 6 heat/speed settings with cool shot for hair drying & styling
  7. Extended Long Cord (almost 8 feet) with wall attached hang-up ring for easy storing
  8. Detachable back filter for easy cleaning
  9. Dry hair without creating scalp spot
Things to consider
  • Does not have diffuser
  • Little bit heavier than other models
  • Cord is not retractable
Heat/Speed Settings3 heat/speed settings with 1 cold shot button
Product Dimensions8 x 3.2 x 9 inches
Weight2 pounds
SizeLittle bit heavier than another model, but one can still easily handle this dryer comfortably
Added accessories
  1. User guide
  2. Concentrator
  3. Removable back filter
  4. Ring Loop for easy storage
WarrantyLimited 2 years

Summary of BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer is a splendid product to blow dries/style your hair so swiftly. So you don’t have to doubts about hair damages. The combination of extraordinary technologies & efficient presentation make this an exclusive like a professional dryer. Ignoring the weight, one can easily choose this as his or her dryer which will worth money!


  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.8/10

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