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These days, people are really concerned about their hair. And when it comes to grooming, styling and caring for hair, hair dryers are indispensable. Of course, people come in all shapes and sizes and so do needs concerning their hair.

While some people can afford the very best and most expensive dryers to address said needs, others can only afford the bare minimum but would still like to get quality hair care. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers are making dryers with prices ranging from lowest to highest while maintaining the overall quality of their products.

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So if you have a tight budget, fear not, you may still have the best quality dryer for your hair’s most basic needs.


Understanding the price range

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is the price range. Dryer products under $30 are known as cheap dryers. They are also called “affordable hair dryers”. So if your budget is maximum $30, then you have to accept the fact that you cannot get the type dryers that are commonly used by hair experts and each and every feature in them in this budget.

But you will be happy to know that you can actually buy very good quality hair dryers which can fulfill all of your basic needs.

Revlon RVDR5105LA1 Banner
John 6900 Banner
Elchim 3900 Banner
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What you are going to get under $30

Though you are going to spend less, you should not lose your hope because you can get lots of cool features and technologies in these affordable dryers.

Available dryer type and brands

All of the dryers in this range are made for domestic use. The names of most popular companies that made high-quality hair dryers below $30 are – Revlon, BabylissPRO, Conair, Andis, and Remington.

Some common features

Under $30 Hair Dryer Features

In general, you will get some common features with these dryers. Like, you will get various heat and speed settings, cool shot button, removable filter facility, hanging ring etc. besides these, there are some big facilities you are going to get. Let’s find out.

Technologies that are frequently used

You will find 3 basic technologies that are vastly used in the dryers under 30 dollars. They are Ionic, tourmaline and ceramic technology.

All of the technologies are used so that the dryers can dry your hair fast. At the same time, they have abilities to prevent your hair from damaging. It is because all of the technologies emit infrared heat and negative ions which are absolutely non-damaging.

Besides these, tourmaline technology makes your hair strong, improves health and ultimately prepares it for them so that the can encounter the excessive temperature of the dryer and do not get damaged. Pearl ceramic is also an amazing technology that makes hair smooth and lot shinier.

Provided attachments

You can get each and every type of attachments like diffuser, concentrator, brush, comb with the dryers in this price range. So you can enjoy all the facilities that the attachments provide.

What you are going to miss under $30

As we have said before, if you invest comparatively less, you will definitely get fewer features in dryers. Have a look at the following things you are going to miss.

Dryer types and brands

You cannot get salon-standard and professional hair dryers. And if your budget is not more than $30, you cannot get dryers made by these companies: Dyson, T3, Solano, Pibbs, Panasonic, Elchim, Bio Ionic.


You cannot get hair dryers that offer air multiplier, heat control feature and of a digital motor.

Choosing the right product under $30

Before choosing a hair dryer that costs below $30, you have to know 3 major sides of a dryer:


Your hair dryer should have a good wattage because dryers of low wattage will not be able to dry your hair properly especially if you have thick hair. So, you should ensure that your dryer provides at least 1800 of wattage unless it is a travel hairdryer. You also have to make sure that the dryer has multiple heat/speed settings. It can really save your hair from damage while drying.


The comfort of using a dryer mostly depends on its weight. The weight of the dryer should not and must not exceed 2 pounds. Otherwise, it will cause muscle strain in your hand and you will not be able to finish your drying and styling properly.


As you are going to buy a hair dryer which is comparatively cheap in price, you should know the durability state of the product. If your dryer dies after using it a couple of times, all of your money will be wasted. So check the overall quality and features it provides and do not buy a product that does not provide any official warranty.

Top 4 Hair Dryers Under $30

From our deep research, we have come up with some hair dryers that have sufficient power system to get your job done, comparatively light in weight and durable.

1. Revlon PRO collection salon infrared styler: Best for every type (fine, curly, thick) of hair

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V5 Apr

Why we love it

  • Ceramic coated infrared heat technology will dry your hair fast and also will make your hair shinier and soft
  • Tourmaline ionic technology will leave your hair free of frizz and will also enhance the shining while drying your hair rapidly
  • The special 3X ceramic coating is used to prevent your hair damage
  • 1875 wattage
  • 2 heat and 2-speed settings help you to control the dryer finely
  • The cool shot button will make your hairstyles last longer
  • Concentrator nozzle attachment will assist you drying by flowing the air more perfectly
  • Diffuser attachment is provided so that the people of curly and thick hair can keep up the volume of their hair. This accessory will also help fine hair people to make their hair a little wavy and curly
  • Hanging ring included
  • Weight is around 1.5 pounds
  • 4 years of warranty


No brush or comb attachment included for detangling (you can buy a comb attachment named “Willie Morrow’s Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle”).

Revlon PRO Collection Salon Infrared Styler – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Similar product: Magnifeko Hair Dryer (best for fine hair)

Magnifeko 1875W Professional Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer - V1 AprFrom our research, we have seen that both Revlon and Magnifeko hair dryers have quite the same specifications and their pricing is close as well.

We are not recommending this product for the people who have curly or thick hair because this hair dryer does not provide any attachment that can add volume or will help you to maintain their curly hair. Besides this, it is very good for fine, wavy and all lengths of hair as they provide both wide and thin vented concentrators.

Check out the following comparison table and choose any product among these two that meets most of your requirements:

Magnifeko Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

ModelRevlon PRO collection salon infrared stylerMagnifeko Hair Dryer
Best forAll types of hairFine, natural, wavy hair
TechnologyCeramic far infrared and tourmaline ionicionic
Attachments1 Concentrator and 1 Diffuser2 Concentrators
Heat setting23
Cool shot buttonYesYes
Removable FilterNoYes
Hanging Ring/YesNo

3. Remington Pro Hair Dryer: Best for curly, thick hair

Remington Pro Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer - V2 Apr

Why we like it

  • Ionic technology for rapid drying result
  • Ceramic technology evenly distribute the heat, dry the hair fast and make the hair silkier, smoother
  • When heat passes, the pearl element emits micro-conditioners which ultimately assist hair to have a smooth, shiny and soft feel. This feature of pearl ceramic technology is very good for curly hair.
  • 1875 wattage
  • Professional AC motor for fast air flowing (40% faster) which actually can help people with thick and curly hair especially. On the other hand, this motor lasts longer as well.
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings for easy control
  • Cool shot button for cold airflow
  • 1 concentrator nozzle for perfect to flow the air perfectly on every section of hair.
  • 1 diffuser attachment included for the convenience of curly hair people. This tool helps to maintain their curls and adds necessary volume to the hair root.
  • Lightweight (around 1.3 pounds)
  • 2 years of warranty



There is no comb attachment for detangling hair. So you can additionally buy “Willie Morrow’s Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle” and attach it to the dryer.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. Conair Hair Dryer with folding handle: Best for the travelers

Conair 1875W Dual Voltage Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer - V1 Apr

Why we like it

  • Folding handle feature for easy storage
  • The height of this Conair hair dryer is 3.2”; a perfect compact size product. (If the height of the dryer is below 7.5”, it is considered as a compact sized dryer. General dryers have around 9” in height)
  • Dual voltage (110/125 and 220/250 volts) for worldwide travel
  • Ionic technology for fast hair drying experience. It also makes the hair strong and smooth.
  • 1875 wattage
  • 2 heat/speed settings for convenient control
  • There is a button of cool shot which will help to set your hairstyle
  • The removable filter is included so that you can clean inside and keep the dryer dustless
  • Lightweight (around 1.3 pounds)
  • 1 year of warranty

Conair Hair Dryer With Folding Handle – Check Current Prices On Amazon


Since this product is specially made for easy, on the go type usage, the manufacturer company did not provide any kind of attachment with the dryer. But still, you have the scope to attach diffuser, comb or concentrator accessory additionally.

We are mentioning some good universal attachment for hair dryer products in the following. You can buy any of them depending on your requirement and use with Conair hair dryer:

Hair Dryer Universal Attachments

Willie Morrow’s Nozzle, BestTrendy Universal Diffuser & NZ3 Smart Universal Nozzle

  • Willie Morrow’s Unbreakable Thermo Blow Dry Nozzle
  • BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment
  • NZ3 Smart Nozzle Universal 3-way Adjustable NozzleRead for Size Fit

Overall Observation

Hair dryers now have become very handy. You do not have to worry if you have less money to invest but at the same time, you want a good hair dryer.

All of the listed products cost under $30; affordable. You can buy Revlon hair dryer which is good for any type of hair or go for 2 other products which are listed because they are specially made for their targeted users.

Fine, wavy hair people can buy Magnifeko and thick, curly hair people can buy Andis hair dryer. And there is also Conair dryer for the convenience of all hair conscious travelers. With this dryers, you can take care of your hair and do basic hair styling while drying them without having any complicacy.


  • 1. Revlon PRO Collection Salon Infrared Styler
  • 2. Magnifeko Hair Dryer
  • 3. Remington Pro Hair Dryer
  • 4. Conair Hair Dryer With Folding Handle

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