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Hair dryer is one of the essential things in our everyday life. In the past, people started to use it as an alternative to drying hair naturally. But now, this tool is being used for different purposes all over the world.

People now use blow dryers to change their hairstyles straight to curly, curly to straight, adding curves to their fine hair or adding more textures to their curly hair. They also use it to detangle their hair and make them strong, smooth and shiny. When people use a hair dryer for more than the basic purpose (drying hair), they sometimes need professional hair dryers which are a little costlier than domestic dryers.

In this article, we are going to discuss those blow dryers which cost more than $50 but less than $100 and we will show you what you can get from those products and what you cannot.

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What is important!

There are different types of hair dryer products available in the market which are different in quality, offers various features and are also different in price. If you look at the aspect of pricing, you will see that you cannot get all kinds of features in a good quality hair dryer product in a particular price range. As this article is about the products which cost under $100, we need to focus on the following points before choosing a hair dryer product:

  1. Dryer type.
  2. Wattage.
  3. Technologies.
  4. Attachments.
  5. Additional Features.
  6. Weight.

What you can get from an “under $100” hair dryer

Usually, the dryers that are used for domestic use only are cost comparatively low. But when you raise your budget of more than $50, you will see most of the hair dryer products are for professional usage.

Up to 2300 wattage

Wattage is one of the most important points of which you should be aware. Dryers of high wattage have the ability to create more wind power and it will help you to dry your hair more quickly, finely and will not damage your hair.

High wattage is very much recommended for the people of thick and kinky hair where fine hair needs minimum 1300 wattage to dry. In this price range, you will find products that provide up to 2300 wattage.

But technically you will get the products of maximum 2000 wattage because the products that provide more than 2000 watt are not good in quality and features. Moreover, many of them are non-branded.

Heat settings

Hair dryers of this range are usually of 3 heat settings. They are: hot, warm and cool. There are some dryers that offer 2 heat (hot and cool) settings.

Hair dryer brands include this feature so that you can apply the perfect heat to your hair. People with fine hair can dry their hair in low or medium heat settings and thick, curly hair people need high heat settings to dry their hair finely.

Heat And Speed Settings - V1 Image

Speed settings

Hair of all portions of your head does not always stay in the same condition. So you will often feel the necessity to change the speed of the airflow of the dryer for easy drying. Dyers are usually of 3-speed settings. They are: High, medium and low. But in some dryers, the medium setting is not available.

Cool shot button

The cool shot button is needed to set your hairstyles. It is actually a button by which a blast of cool air flows to your hair directly.


There are a few kinds of technologies a dryer can be made of. From our analysis, we saw that hair dryer under $100 can have any one or two of the following technologies. The technologies are:

  • Tourmaline ceramic: This technology is good for drying your hair quickly by flowing the air of the dryer equally through your hair.
  • Tourmaline titanium: This technology also assists to dry your hair rapidly because it can distribute the heat in every portion of your hair equally.
  • Ionic: Ionic technology is mainly used for fast drying. At the same time, this technology makes your hair healthier.
  • Thermal Ionic: Thermal Ionic technology produces millions of negative ions that help to make hair healthier, smoother and shinier.
  • Infrared Heat Technology: Infrared heat technology makes your hair shinier with fast drying.
  • Nano titanium: The Nano Titanium is a progressive technology. This technology helps to dry hair rapidly and makes the hair silky and strong.


Attachments help to style your hair besides assisting easy drying. There are 4 types of attachments usually provided with the blow dryers. They are:

  1. Diffusers
  2. Concentrators
  3. Brushes
  4. Combs

Removable end cap

Hair Dryer Removable End Cap
The removable end cap is needed to clean up the inside of your hair dryer. Many professional hair dryers offer this feature.


The weight of a dryer is very much important for its users. People find it very difficult to blow their hair or style their hair with a hair dryer which is heavy. They cannot hold it for a long time. This is why most of the people are interested in the dryers which are lightweight. Though dryers that cost over $50 are usually professional dryers, many of them are very light in weight. Some of them are sold especially highlighting their “ultra-lightweight/featherweight” feature.

Thin mouth

The vent/month of these dryers is comparatively thinner than the dryers under $50. As a result, you can get more concentrated airflow normally even without a concentrator nozzle attachment.

Thicker cord

The cords of the professional dryers are more durable and thick.

Non-slip mat

Non-Slip Mat Of Hair Dryer
The build quality of most of the professional hair dryers is fantastic. They are made of the high-quality mat so that it never slips off from your hand.

Travel hair dryer

Travel hair dryers are made for the travelers and chosen by the travelers mostly. Travel hair dryers offer folding handle feature so that you can keep them in your bag easily. Moreover, they are compact in size overall. But the fact is dryers of $50-$100 are mostly professional dryer. They are not made for traveling. As a result, you will find a very few travel hair dryers in this price range.


Under $100 Hair Dryer Brands
The most popular brand for this price range is BabylissPRO. You will get plenty of good quality hair dryers of BabylissPRO in this budget. Besides this company, you will get good products of Revlon, Rusk, Jinri. You will also find hair dryers manufactured by Solia, Andis, Conair.

What you cannot get from an “under $100” hair dryer


There are some technologies that are used only in “very” expensive hair dryers. You cannot get those technologies in the hair dryers under $100. The technologies are mentioned below:

Air Multiplier

This technology is able to multiply the airflow 3x as it climbs on the adjacent air. it also keeps the motor sleek and regulable.

Heat Control

This technology is used by some manufacturer company in their products so that the dryers can keep the temperature of the dryer under control. This technology actually helps prevent extreme heat damage.

Digital motor

This is an advanced technology. The digital motor is a particular type of motor that has enduring magnets in the rotor. It is called a brushless DC motor. Dyson brand uses this motor in their hair dryers.

Vibration reduction mount

Vibrant reduction mount decreases the noise of the hair dryer. It is actually a rubber mount and it can finely stop the vibration produced in the handle.

Dual voltage

Dual voltage feature is very much convenient for the people who travel around the world. They can easily switch between the voltage settings according to the place. So you do not need to buy different hair dryers for different voltage settings.

Unfortunately, you will not find any dual voltage hair dryer from the $50-$100 price range. The products of this price range are mostly professional and they are used in professional fields. As a result, they are mostly used in a salon or a parlor and they are often taken from one place to another. This is why personal care brands did not make any dual voltage hair dryer in this price range.


You cannot afford hair dryer products of T3, Solano, Elchim. Dyson brands. They are all cost more than $100.

Top 5 Hair Dryers Under $100

We already have informed you the facts you should know before choosing a hair dryer to buy in the product section. Now you know the features you can get from an under $100 hair dryer. We have searched deeply and come up with great products in this price range and in this section; we will suggest you the best hair dryer products in three different categories.

Travel Hair Dryer Under $100

As we mentioned in the above discussion that hairdryers in this price range are not made for traveling. From our analysis, we saw that there are very few dryers available on the market that claim a travel hairdryer.

But none of them is “a true” travel hair dryer because they do not have the dual voltage facility which is the prime feature of a travel hairdryer. “Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle” is one of those products that claim to be a travel hair dryer but does not offer dual voltage facility and cost over $50. So you better not buy this dryer.

But you can buy fantastic quality travel hair dryer products under $50. You can either purchase “BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer” or “Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle”. These products are very durable, dual voltage supported, compact in size and very much portable.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer And Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer And Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Professional/Salon Quality Hair Dryers Under $100

In this section, we will suggest you 3 professional hair dryer products. Take a look at the following table where we have compared the products for you convenient:

PicturesBaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme DryerRUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt DryerSolia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
Model NameBaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme DryerRUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt DryerSolia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
Item NumberBAB2000W8lessB000KPZ7SK (ASIN)
Weight1 Pound1 Pound1 Pound
TechnologyCeramicCeramic, TourmalineIonic
Attachments1 Concentrator2 Concentrators (Wide and thin mouth)2 Concentrators (Wide and thin mouth)
Cool Shot ButtonYesYesYes
Heat Settings332
Speed Settings222
Non-Slip MatYesNoYes
Removable CapYesNoNo
Cord Length9 Feet8 Feet9 Feet
Warranty2 yearsN/A2 years
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


All three of the products are very good in quality and provide almost all of the basic features that will make your usage comfortable. All of the products provide concentrator nozzle attachment which helps you to control the airflow of the dryer and saves your hair from damaging.

These products are very good for the people of any length (short, medium, long) and any kind of (straight, wavy, fine, natural, thick and curly) hair. Each of them has almost the same specifications and do great jobs for your hair. so you can choose any of them undoubtedly. It will satisfy you by drying your hair finely and assist you in styling.

Hair dryers under 100 dollars especially for hair styling (detangling, straightening)

Brush and comb nozzle attachments are not provided with most of the hair dryers. But these attachments bring amazing changes to your hair that other attachments cannot do. So, if you want to buy a hair dryer specifically for styling (detangling, straightening) purpose, then you can go for either of the following products:

PictureJinri Salon Grade Professional Hair DryerRevlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
Product nameJinri Salon Grade Professional Hair DryerRevlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
Item NumberB075DBXBJK (ASIN)RVDR5222
Weight2 Pounds1.6 Pounds
TechnologyIonic, Far infrared heatIonic Technology with ceramic coating
Attachment1 Diffuser, 1 Concentrator and 1 Comb NozzleNon-detachable Brush Head
Best fornatural, extremely curly, black or tangled hair.fine, straight hair
Cool Shot ButtonYesCool Tip Feature
Heat Setting33
Speed Setting2No
Non-Slip MatNoYes
Removable CapYesNo
Warranty2 Years4 Years
Price Check Price Check Price


As you can see from the table that they have quite dissimilarities. They are actually different types of products. So you better not get confused. Comb attachment is great for natural, curly hair as it can detangle the hair finely and able to add texture to the curly hair.

On the other hand, the brush is good for the people who have fine and straight hair because by using a brush you can brush and dry at the same time. It also enables you to add a little wave or big curls to your straight hair. Both of these products are very good with quality and works fine as a hairdryer. Comb nozzle and brush are used for different purposes when it works with the dryer. This is why you should choose any of them depending on your own type of styling you want to do with your hair.

Products you should not buy under $100

All products on the market are not good. People often confuse while looking for a good product among the big amount of products with so many features. Neither should you buy the products that offer fewer features nor the dryers that offer good features but not good build quality; not durable.

Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer - V1 December
Why you should not buy:

Revlon has included the common features that most of the good hair dryers provided in this product. It is of ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology, 1875 wattage, 2 Pounds weight. It has 2 heat and 3-speed settings, cool shot button and provides 1 concentrator nozzle and 1 diffuser attachment.

But the bad side of this product is it is not durable. It has a manufacturing problem and its build quality is very poor. So it may stop working after using a few days or months and may disappoint you greatly.

Besides this product, we would like to suggest you not to buy any non-branded (most of them are very poor in quality; not durable and often provide fewer features) hairdryer product. As you are spending quite a lot of money for a dryer, so avoid non-branded dryers and buy renowned Branded blow dryer products that we already have suggested above.

Reviews In A Nutshell

In the product section, we have suggested a total of 5 hair dryer products and divided them into 2 categories for your convenience. We also have given a side by side feature comparison table so that you can easily find out the difference.

As there is no good travel hair dryer in this price range so we have suggested two travel hair dryers that cost under $50. In overall, some products may have contrast among themselves from few aspects but we found all of them very good in quality, durable and superb in features packaging from our deep research.

You can choose any of them depending on your needs and comfort zone.


  • 1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
  • 2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer
  • 3. Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
  • 4. Jinri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer
  • 5. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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