The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Hair Dryers

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Are ‘cheap’ products synonymous with inferior quality? Does the term ‘expensive’ automatically imply superiority? Are these factors directly proportional? We have grown up hearing and somehow believing in it! But it is not always the case. ‘Cheap’ does not inevitably mean ‘poor’ as much as ‘pricey’ does not infer ‘premium’. It holds more so in the current global context; where good quality ensures mere survival in the ultra-competitive market. Preserving the quality lets the manufacturers simply stand a chance to ‘survive’; they can no longer afford to play around with quality. Moving up the notch and standing out from the rest requires a lot more than just quality. Shoppers are ever more conscious and cautious of where they shell out their precious cash; thanks to the immensely vast database out there providing reviews for every kind of product one can think of!

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Prices of hair dryers range from affordable numbers to really exorbitant figures that raise eyebrows and make jaws drop – leaving you wondering if it is worth it! There are ones for all and sundry and then there are those designed to pamper the brand-lovers who are ready to splurge whatever it takes to preserve their much-nurtured ‘taste’.

So what is it that makes one product bag in more of your hard-earned bucks than another? What is the parameter to distinguish each from the next? How do you grab a good bargain?

Well, it has more to do with the utility each product has to offer its users. There are multi-purpose dryers as well as those with a solo function; common sense suggests that the former would charge you higher than the latter. Then comes the material that builds the product; costly materials would render a higher price. Ceramic or Tourmaline dryers would definitely fare off pricier than the olden Iron ones. Along with it comes the technology being employed. Tech-savvy ones are more likely to garner a bigger bill than the good old hot-air emitting noise production units. Features like the durability or longevity, the finish, the options to adjust the temperature and air settings, extra styling accessories, warranties etc. give one product an edge over the other and hence account for a surge in the price.

Analyze each factor to gauge how much more you need one over the other.

Having said that, there is disclaimer too! There is no denying the fact that the good old belief of tagging price with quality, in other words, ‘you get what you pay for’, does hold true in some cases. There are poor quality hair dryers out there that do match the meager price tag they display and make sure that you pass a hard time repairing the fragile parts every now and then. Not to mention the extra bucks you are forced to pay in the process and the risk you bear in handling a defective electrical gadget posing severe threats. Word of caution! And then there are the posh ones which do serve you better but are surely much overpriced.

Back to square one then? How on earth do you decide which one to aim for? Search online or get your hands on the manuals to do a research for yourself to find out the specs of each type. It truly is not rocket science!

Making the right choice requires prudent judgment; you would need to weigh and balance. Identify the utility first. Then go for the pros and cons of each type. Make a thorough study of the service each product will deliver and make a judicious decision accordingly. What do you need a hairdryer for? Do you need it simply for the sake of drying wet hair; or do you mean to employ it as a tool of styling up your hair? Do you need it for personal use or are you shopping for the hair salon you own? Are you a professional hair-stylist aiming dryers for clients and wish to give them classy looks? Would you rather spare some cash to go for the ones with a single function or expend more to choose one with multiple roles?

Odds are high that for personal everyday use you may want to settle on the cheaper budget friendly ones aka drugstore versions that serve the purpose of ‘drying up your wet hair’ alone; albeit being watchful of the flimsy types that crumble into fragments at the slightest jolt or even worse, mess up with the system causing electrical hazards. Also, watch out if it would over-heat eventually robbing your hair of its natural luster. Don’t be so thrifty that your hair needs to pay the price. Better safe than sorry!

On the other hand, if you need regular ‘professional’ hair-styling then spending more on a high-end robust dryer that lasts longer would be rather sensible. Chip in a few more bucks and pick one with extra styling accessories. Talk about ‘investment’? Yes; when you get to reap the full utility of a product, the cherished cash you spend to buy it should be labeled ‘investment’ as opposed to ‘luxury’ as many would like to term it.

‘Invest’ in the type that fits your needs the best. Be confident in your decision. Shove off the judgmental looks others hurl at you; ‘you’ know best what you require!

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