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Although there are professional hairdryers starting from 2000 watts, many professional dryers come with 1875 watts. The reason is, of course, 2000 watts becomes too intense for fine and delicate hair types. Therefore, 1875 watts blow-dryers are more convenient for hairstylists and professional to serve the fine haired customers.

Wattage consumption largely depends on the heat and speed settings. The lower the settings the lesser the wattage use.

What we mean by an 1875 watts hair dryer is when your dryer consumes 1875 watts with the highest heat and speed settings.

In this article, we will be focusing on hairdryers with 1875 watts.

What is the purpose of an 1875 watts hair dryer?

Most of the popular hair dryers are either 1875 watts or more. It’s hard to find professional hair dryers that are below 1875 watts.

This is because the purpose of 1875 watts hair dryers is to create the standard airflow needed for faster drying. Also, the airflow powered by 1875 watts is also convenient for styling than what you get from hair dryers with lower wattage.

These dryers are also fit for fine hair for its balanced heat emission.

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Who is an 1875 watts hair dryer best for?

While hair dryers and their wattage do not specify the types of hair they are good for, it does work differently for different hair types. 1875 watts is considered as the standard wattage for a hairdryer.

However, hair dryers with such wattage work especially great on fine and delicate hair types. If the wattage is lesser than 1875 watts, it can get time-consuming to dry fine hair properly.

On the other hand, more than 1875 watts create airflow too intense and burn or damage fine hair.

What features should your hair dryer have alongside standard wattage?

While a good wattage is a premium feature, there are other essential features that a hair dryer should have. Following are the features of an 1875 watts hair dryer should have.

Your dryer must have the ionic conditioning to control frizz and static

Alongside good wattage, a good hair dryer should have the ionic conditioning to help you deal with frizz, breakage and healthy hair drying.

Ionic dryers emit abundant negative ions and interact with the water droplets in your shaft to shrink them into a smaller size and blow them away with 1875 watts airflow.

It also puts back necessary amounts of moisture into the hair shaft to maintain a balance and prevents your hair from getting all dried up.

Tourmaline for versatile use

Your 1875 watt hair dryer will be able to provide service to all types of hair if it is infused with Tourmaline extracts. Tourmaline is naturally gifted with smoothening and conditioning properties. And thus it is by far the most effective material in solving frizz and breakage problems in hair.

Tourmaline is also able to emit far infrared heat which is very gentle on hair. People with fine hair can greatly benefit from Tourmaline since it very delicately dries your hair but ensures fast drying at the same time.

Ceramic as a cheaper alternative to Tourmaline

Tourmaline dryers are great but expensive. And thus ceramic is there to the rescue. Although ceramic is slower in heating than tourmaline, it creates gentle infrared heating perfect for fine hair and is a classic material that has been popular in the hair industry for decades.

Ceramic, similar to tourmaline smoothens and softens hair cuticles and seals them to create shine.

Pearl Ceramic to ensure healthy hair in humid conditions!

Pearl ceramic hairdryers are Ceramic hair dryers with infused pearl extracts to help your hair fight hair problems caused by humidity. While ceramic ensures gentle heating and smoothening, pearl naturally rejuvenates broken hair and helps it fight humidity. It also gives added smoothness and luster to your hair.

Good Motor quality for longevity and great service!

Hair Dryer Motor - V1 May

Your 1875 watts hair dryer can have AC or DC motor but it’s better to know which motor works the best.

While AC motors are usually brushless and more durable, DC motors with high torque are quieter and accelerate faster. A good dryer can have either.

AC motors generally last 3 years or more and help create more. If you buy a dryer with a DC motor, check if there is a warranty included with the dryer.

Variable heat and speed

Hair Dryer Heat & Speed Settings - V4 May

Make sure your dryer with 1875 watts have at least 2 heat and 2-speed settings. Best of the dryers these days usually have 3 heat setting.

This option is required helping you chose the convenient temperature and airflow based on your hair type. For fine hair, use low or medium settings for best results.

Cool shot button for setting styles

This option is important in order to set hairstyles. Use the cool shot when hair is already dry enough and experiment with great styles.

Concentrator and Diffuser attachments for precise drying

Hair Dryer Concentrator & Diffuser Attachments

Concentrator allows the dryer to ensure precise drying. It flows air to selected sections and dries thoroughly. It is a great tool to create volume to limp hair or straighten curls.

The diffuser, on the other hand, is a must to care for natural curls as it decreases the velocity of air.

3 best hair dryers with 1875 watts

Based on the essentials features and important technologies and keeping wattage as a priority, following are the shortlisted 1875 watts hairdryers we think are greater among many other ones available in the market.

1. Revlon 1875W Infrared dryer – For faster drying and Damage control!

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V7 May

This hair dryer has gained popularity among many users for its attractive price and features! This dryer, of course, is 1875 watts to ensure the perfect airflow and heat. This dryer is also very feasible in pricing and can be bought with a budget of 50 dollars only! Following are the other Pros and Cons of this dryer.


  • This dryer is infused with Tourmaline extracts to ensure natural conditioning and smoothening of the cuticles.
  • Tourmaline ensures faster drying by breaking the water molecules into tiny parts through the interaction of natural negative ions.
  • Tourmaline emits far infrared heating to make it gentle on hair and protect from further damage.
  • It has a 3x ceramic coating for added damage protection.
  • Ionic technology ensures frizz and static-free
  • Standard 2 heat and 2-speed settings for convenient airflow and temperature.
  • Cool shot available to enable styling options.
  • Durable AC motor.
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments included for precise drying and styling options.


  • 2 heat and 2 speed might not be the most versatile option to control airflow and speed. However, it does the job.

Revlon 1875W Infrared dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Conair Infiniti pro – Most durable classic Ceramic dryer for volume in fine hair!

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875W Salon Performance AC Motor Hair Dryer - V2 May

This 1875 watts hair dryer by Conair has gained great popularity for both salon and home use with its Ceramic-ionic technology and is a classic! Following are the Pros and Cons of this dryer for your easier understanding.


  • This has a powerful AC motor that has a 3x longer life. It comes with a removable filter helping you keep the dryer clean that will enhance the durability of the motor.
  • Ceramic works as a conditioning material and provides infrared heating to gently dry your fine hair.
  • Ionic technology helps dry hair faster. Plenty of negative ions interact with your wet hair and breaks the water drops into tiny fragments while 1875 watt airflow helps blow the tiny water molecules away to accelerate the drying process.
  • Ions also retain necessary moisture by putting water fragments back into the cortex. Ceramic and negative ions together seal the frizzy ends of the cuticles to bring back the lost shine and smoothness.
  • This dryer 3 heat and 2-speed switches allowing you to control the temperature and the airflow. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle that can help you try volumizing techniques and different hairstyles.


  • This hair dryer might not be as fast as Tourmaline dryers but apart from that, it gives great service.

INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology – For frizz control!

Remington Pro Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer - V4 May

This 1875 watts Remington hair dryer is a great buy for frizzy fine hair! With Ceramic and pearl extracts, this dryer is a great tool to seal the damaged cuticles and bring back the lost shine. Following are the pros and the cons of this dryer.


  • It has Ceramic Technology to create gentle airflow and naturally condition and even heat distribution.
  • Pearl naturally rejuvenates damaged hair and brings back luster.
  • Pearl extracts also work extraordinarily great to repel humidity and thus saves hair from getting frizzy.
  • It has the ionic conditioning to help your hair dry faster and retain necessary moisture at the same time. Ionic technology combined with pearl extracts provide added protection from frizz and static.
  • It has a strong and durable DC motor to ensure professional quality service and longevity of the product.
  • It provides 3 heat and 2-speed settings ensuring maximum temperature and airflow control, it also has a cool shot available to enable styling options.
  • The concentrator is available to provide narrow airflow and precise drying.


  • Instead of AC motor which is our 1st preference for motors, it has a durable DC motor of good quality which will also ensure great service.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Final Verdict

Although 1875 watt hairdryers can be used for multi-purpose, these dryers are technically best suited for fine hair types. Alongside the wattage, the other essentials features need to be ensured while purchasing the desired products. The features mentioned in this write-up can help you choose other dryers too; however, we have made it easier for you to choose the products more wisely.


  • 1. Revlon 1875W Infrared dryer
  • 2. Conair Infiniti pro
  • 3. Remington Pro Hair Dryer

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