About Me

Hey you all!! Welcome to my page. I am Tina Williams and I am from New York City. I am the founder of this Blog and I write most of the articles here, with the help of my editorial team.

Tina Williams

To know more about me, the purpose of this website and my work method, please keep on reading.

My Educational Background

While I was in college, I used to work as an assistant in a local saloon in New York City. Hair care, hairdressing and everything about hair fascinated me so much so that I went on to get a professional degree in hairdressing and hair styling from a reputed hairdressing institute in New York.

After a year I was a licensed hair expert with a Cosmetology degree from Hair Design Institute at Fifth Avenue-Brooklyn and months of real-life experience in hairdressing and styling in my bag. So I decided to start a hair salon of my own in Queens, near my home.

How I started this website

When I was a salon assistant, and even when I become a professional hair expert, I often noticed that my clients wanted to know more about the hair tools I used on them; is the tool good, for what types of hair they are made for, how well they perform and etcetera. They tend to ask me and my other assistants to recommend them hair care and styling tools based on their hair type, texture, and their hair needs.

I realized my clients and many other people out their need professional help to buy the right hair care tool. From this realization, I decided to help people with their buying process of hair drying tools by providing them with professional guidelines.

After months of researching and head scratching, I have come up with the idea of this website which would help people to know about different hair drying machines like, hair dryers, hot air brushes and hot rollers, their differences and why people should favor one product over the other.

It is important to note that my sole purpose of creating this site was to provide the customers and potential buyers with useful information and my personal thoughts about the above-mentioned product categories.

The purpose of this website

In January 2015, I launched this website with the hope that it would provide all the possible answers for the most common questions customers ask before buying a hair drying products. Not just the common questions, whenever possible I try to cover the ancillary questions too for better convenience.

Let’s discuss the core aims of this website

  • To match the customer with the products that will fit their requirements seamlessly: The market is flooded with hair drying tools, and it’s really tough to zero-in the right tool according to your needs and preferences. Through my website, you will be able to find your ultimate hair dryer machine that meets all your conditions in just a couple of minutes.
  • To provide the customer with authentic information: The web is full of false, unreliable reviews; in the sea of such reviews, I am absolutely committed to providing my readers with authentic information. I assure 100% genuine reviews on the products featured on this website; my reviews are sound and the reader won’t regret buying my top selections. When I decide to review a product, I put a respectable amount of work and time to get every detail before I put it on my website. Aside from my personal opinion about one particular tool, I also include the experiences of my associates and conduct different surveys to justify the claims made on this website.
  • To discuss my personal experience with the products: People tend to believe and respond well to first-hand experiences; that’s why I always use the hair tools first to discuss my own thoughts and experiences with my readers. In all my articles, readers will find my expectations, my experience, my feel, my verdict and my recommendation on each single product category which would help potential customers to understand better.
  • To share other’s opinion on the products: As I have mentioned earlier, I consider other user’s opinion very sincerely as their assessments are also very important for a truthful and trustworthy review content.
  • To discuss the products in depth: from the material used in the dryer machine to the technology that is incorporated and the result it produces, I always try to discuss every little expect of a product that a customer might find useful.
  • To pick and suggest the best product to my readers: After going through all the above steps, I always pick and recommend a hair drying tool that is the best in its category. You will always find my judgment honest and sensible as I tend to provide accurate information. The hair drying related products that I review here are all from reputed brands and ready to buy; you can find these products on any of your local store or online sites without any difficulties.

Why you should favor my website compared to others

That’s because:

  • I care and strive to reveal the truth about a hair drying product
  • Within a few minutes of going through my content, you will know my top pick, why I think it is the best, and how I came to this conclusion.
  • In my review contents, I give you more than enough information to make a fearless decision among the best options.
  • I always try to show you how I get in the conclusion and suggest a specific product; I clearly describe my methodology for better transparency.
  • All my reviews are very much fair and I give you the reason to trust me at a glance.

Heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time and read about me and my website; I hope that this site would serve you with all the useful resources you were seeking for about hair drying tools.

If you have any questions or any suggestions about the site or the content, please feel free to contact me here.