How To Keep Relaxed Hair Healthy

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A very common in current day scenario is the hair fall irrespective of the gender everyone is facing this issue. You might have a doubt about why does this happen. There are quite a good number of reasons to elaborate the issue and these include the present pollution, genetic stuff, diet and nutrition, and even the body conditions.

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What is Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair, the name itself suggests that the hair condition is relaxed even under stress. Relaxed hair undergoes a controlled level of damage while straightening it. This does not mean that relaxed hair can be treated as and how you like. This type of hair also undergoes a certain level of damage when proper care is not taken. All you need to do to rescue your hair is to pamper it.

There are possibly many reasons why women face hair fall and why their hair tends to be a problem for them. It might seem to be a simple task or simple thing to have good hair, but it is equally important that the hair is well maintained. The hair health would definitely lead you to have a healthy social life and also gives the confidence to move in and around your loved ones. Everyone does treat their hair with good patience and utmost care but at the same time, the hair requires a pinch of processed natures flavor to enhance its quality. The first important thing that needs to be on top is that staying fit and being calm makes you hairs grow easily at a good pace.

It is really important to limit washing of hair as it can wash away the effect of relaxer and can get curls back. One must only wash once a week or two as required for your hair and lifestyle. One going for regular wash can get their hair dry and rough and it will not give the desired look. It is not only affecting your hair but also scalp. Yes, it is true that relaxing of hair also effect scalp which is ignored by most of the people. It is advisable to massage scalp with coconut or even castor oil so that circulation of blood is done as required. Going for such massage with oils will also strengthen hair and make it healthy and thus make hair thicker and get good growth.

One must be very clear that relaxing hair needs time to relax and so hair must not undergo any other process like dying immediately. There must be at least 10-15 days’ duration between hair relaxing and dying so that hairs can react to process properly. These are some of the important things to be considered while you have gone for relaxing hair.

 Tips for relaxed hair

  • Relaxing hair means it undergoes the number of chemicals which will affect natural hair. It is very important to look out for professionals who come up with the best products and are also licensed to undergo such hair treatment. Going for professional will help to maintain relaxed hair and also give required advice to maintain it.
  • It is true that going for professional is not always possible as they are quite expensive. People go for cheaper kits that can help to make hair relaxed but they do not follow all instructions. It is very important to have a friend with you while going through any such process so that processing is done in a perfect manner to get positive results.
  • Relaxed hair has gone through many chemicals and so frequent use of other equipment like a flat iron or even curling iron can damage hair. It will make hair dry which can lead to damage in long run. So, it is advisable to go for styles which do not require using any such instruments or chemicals on relaxed hair.
  • Relaxer is chemicals which can take away required oil and so hair does not have required moisture. It is important to go for best conditioners or moisturizers that can help to get required moisture and make it healthy. Usage of conditioner should be according to the advice of stylist so that it does not harm hair and can make it easy to maintain it.
  • Relaxed hair becomes dry in long run and especially at the end. It is recommended to trim hair so that fragile or split ends are removed. It will also help to save hair from dryness and make it look perfect.
  • It is better to go for protective hairstyle so that it does not get dry or damage. This hairstyle can avoid rubbing hair on shoulders and clothes and can give long life to hair.

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Relaxing hair needs extra care and protection to be safe from dryness and damage. There are certain factors which must be considered to make it possible. There are certain techniques that are to be followed while washing or conditioning hair to make it healthy. Moreover, one must go for the best products which are recommended by hair experts. After using relaxer over hair it must get proper nourishing and moisturizing and so must go for oil treatment. Hair and scalp must be massaged with oil so that it can make them strong and also make it safe from dryness. There are certain things to be avoided like heating through iron and even brushing. This can get split ends and even can make hair dry. One must go for protective hairstyles to protect hair from damage and also make it safe from dust. Hair must not be over processed and so time duration must be maintained before going to relaxer again. It is not easy to keep relaxing hair healthy but by going through such tips and care one can make it possible. A healthy diet is also very important to offer protein to hair and make it healthy. It is now possible for everyone to get rid of curl and get straight hair which will help to change the complete look.


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