How To Make An Afro Puff

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If you have been eyeing Afro puffs and have been wanting an Afro puff to make your hair appear even livelier and bursting with volume, then this article is just for you!

The main pre-requisite to get an Afro puff is having dry, kinky hair. If you already have dry and kinky hair, you are already done with the first step of getting yourself an Afro puff (or Afro puffs for those who want more). Unfortunately, with all other types of hair, Afro puffs are virtually impossible. If the natural hair texture is dry, curly and has an overall stronghold, Afro puffs can be done easily by following a set of instructions. And no, it does not take a hair expert to get a good Afro puff job done. Like with all other things that require a bit of effort and time, making an Afro puff just gets better with practice.

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Right From Home

One of the best things about getting an Afro puff is the fact that you can get it done right from the comfort of your home! You don’t need to find salons nearby which will have all kinds of fancy names for hairstyles and hair products. You can work on getting that perfect Afro puff from home, just with the right items at your disposal.

Not to mention, numerous women worldwide are getting their Afro puff done at home, saving that extra money that would have otherwise gone into treatments at the salon.  Are you wondering how exactly Afro puffs are being done at home? Keep reading.

The Things You Need

In order to get that perfect Afro puff, you will need to first purchase a few things. Purchase the following items if they are not already available at home:

Do make note that these products should all be available at your nearest retail shop, in the hair products’ aisle.

  • Rat-tail comb
  • Jumbo comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Shampoo (one that you prefer and are comfortable using on a regular basis)
  • Conditioner (one that you know works well with your hair)
  • Blow dryer (anyone that you are comfortable using)
  • Non-petrolatum hair grease (this has to be specifically for the hair)
  • Holding spray
  • Pony-tail holders
  • Olive oil hair gel (or any other type of hair gel that works well on your hair)

The Steps

Once you have purchased all of the above items and have them at your dispersal, make sure to carefully follow the following steps in order to get yourself an Afro puff:

Step 1

Afro hair shampooing

Wash your hair thoroughly using your preferred shampoo and conditioner. This is to ensure your hair is clean, free from dirt and ready for the hair items that will be applied to it.

Step 2

While your hair is still wet, separate your hair into two sections with the help of a jumbo comb.

Jumbo comb

Then, using a rat-tail comb, starting from either the left or right side, portion your hair into even smaller sections. After the smaller sections are made, apply around a full finger amount of the non-petrolatum hair grease on your scalp within the smaller sections you just formed. Apply this until you have it covered on your whole head.

Step 3

Using a blow-dryer, blow out your hair while you comb through the hair using a fine-toothed comb or an Afro pick. This will give your hair a full and puffy look.

Don’t forget that not all blow dryers are meant for African American hair. It’s always a good idea to find out before purchasing if the blow dryer is a good pick for your hair, the specific texture, and type. As African American hair tends to be more fragile and breaks more easily than silky hair, it needs to be handled carefully and with care. In order to get the best results, African American users should look for blow dryer models that have ceramic and tourmaline included along with the other heating elements for drying the hair. This will help lock moisture and other agents meant for conditioning the hair strands, leaving the hair softer and easier to manage even. The easy manageability is definitely a huge bonus for those who don’t have the time to constantly take care of their hair. There are special designs in blow dryers with internal features meant just for African American hair. It’s definitely a good idea to look into specialized models in order to find one that will be most suitable for your hair. You want to stick to one blow dryer once you’ve found the perfect one.

Step 4

Ponytail holder rubber band

Put your hair to the side of your head where you would like the Afro puff fixed, and tie this with a holder rubber band for ponytails. Using a brush along with hair gel-olive oil, press the edges or brinks of your hair down against your scalp.

Step 5

Choose and style your own Afro pick, add-on holding spray to hold the Afro look in place (you don’t need to spray on too much).

Step 6

Multiple puffs afro hair

If you wish to make multiple puffs, simply repeat steps 1 to 3 before using a rat-tail comb to section your hair into as many Afro puffs as you would like. Then use a ponytail holder to part out the places you want to place each puff in. Then repeat steps 4 and 5 to get more Afro puffs.

Fine Texture Hair

Fine texture hair puff

If you have a different texture of hair, such as fine hair, you can opt to get a perm to turn your hair curly in order to make your hair puffy enough for Afro puffs. Once you have permed your hair with curls, give it a few days to sit in properly. Then you can set your hair using rod curlers. Apply some holding spray on your hair and have it properly dried under a hairdryer. After the perm and hair drying, your hair should be curly and dry enough to make Afro puffs. For women with fine hair, you won’t need to apply hair grease.

Everyone’s hair is different and hence you will see different types of Afro puffs appearing on different hair textures. If you do your best to carefully follow the above steps, along with aftercare for your hair, your Afro puffs are bound to stay puffy for longer and you are less prone to see any negative side effects that you may be worried about. You can, of course, rock your Afro puff in style once you have it done.

Feel free to repeat the steps whenever you feel you would like new Afro puffs.

Once your Afro is up and done with, make sure to enjoy the beautiful look that your Afro will offer you.


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