Best Blow Dryer For African American Hair 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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You cannot buy a hair dryer blindly as there are a lot of issues related to the blow dryer itself along with your African-rooted hair’s texture, thickness, condition, and natural or relaxed variety. Hair dryer is not a commodity that you buy every day, and it requires a lot of research before purchasing the best hair dryer for you.

On my part, I come forward to help you to opt out the desired product as you are in short of time and unwilling to do extensive research on this matter if I am not wrong.

Don’t forget “Your hair type does matter in choosing blow dryer”.

Before nailing down facts know your hair type

Like everything interesting, our hair has some fascinating variations, from fine to kinky hair which can be recognized by the numbers 1,2,3, and 4; and can be subcategorized by a, b, c. Please have a view of the following picture.

Different Types Of Hair - V.1 Oct
Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Kinky hair are of 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively

Without spending many words, I can say that you must have one of the following African-rooted hair types.

01 – Naturally curly or kinky hair

Generally, 3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c are regarded as the Afro-textured mane.

For a better clarification and understanding please look at the following pictures and subsequent descriptions.

Figure-3c Hair - V.1 Oct
Figure-3c hair


  • Tight curls
  • Fine texture but densely packed
Figure- 4a Hair - V.1 Oct
Figure- 4a hair


  • Nearly “s” shaped
  • Dry
  • Retain moistures
Figure- 4b Hair - V.1 Oct
Figure- 4b hair


  • “z” shaped with a fluffy appearance
  • Dry and prone to breakage
Figure- 4c Hair - V.1 Oct
Figure- 4c hair


  • Similar to 4b but tightly coiled

02 – Relaxed/fine/straighten Afro

By relaxer or thermal reconditioning, you can transform your natural hair to straight tresses, but still, you need to take care of your relaxed mane more meticulously than previous. An essential part of hair care, a blow dryer must have certain features that you should look for.

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Why does your Afro-textured hair demand special attention?

Like everything, your tresses have some setbacks and benefits in this imperfect world. Knowing the weakness of your hair types and buying the right product to suit your needs are acts of a conscientious woman. I am sure that you have any of the problems with your hair types.

Natural Ethnic hair’s setbacks

  • Hair is dry and frizzy because organically produced oil cannot reach the ends because of extreme curliness.
  • Typically you have got very coarse and either coiled or kinked tresses.
  • Cuticles of your hair shaft are very porous hence loses moisturizer easily.
  • Your hair is susceptible to breakage because it is dry by nature.

Drawbacks of relaxed/fine/straighten Afro mane

  • Treated hair is somewhat damaged and delicate because of harsher chemical usages or thermal reconditioning.
  • Excessive heat is like a curse.
  • Your locks are the lack of strength as relaxers break down the protein bonds in hair.
  • Your mane is brittle hence heavily prone to breakage.

For best result please follow the guidelines

Before start

  • Use a towel to absorb excess water from your hair before using a blow dryer.
  • Use Arvazallia Heat Protectant Plus before drying because it not only protects heats from hair dryer fairly well but also repairs existing hair damage.

In the middle

  • Keep your hair dryer 8 to 10 inch away from your head to avoid damaging hair or burning skin, scalp, face or ear.
  • Blow the air from root to ends to have a silky and shiny look of your hair.
  • Blow the air from ends to roots to get rough and tangled look of your hair.
  • Brush when your hair is 80 to 90 percent dry.

After the show

Use Natural oil such as coconut oil of Viva Labs, The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil after drying because your hair is dry and water-sensitive.

Hair Dryer Picking Guideline

Rule #1: The THUMB Rule

Eye on at least 1800 or more wattage

More wattage is like a car with the heavy engine but you drive at changing velocity considering various factors. More wattage means the balance of heat and air of a faster motor, accelerating drying up thus freeing of strains of hotness longer and saving your hair from toasting. Moreover, the slower motor will discharge more heat with less wind, which will take snail’s pace to dry your hair.

Three obligatory criteria for your blow dryer regardless of brands

Rule #2a: Ionic or Parallel technology i.e. Tourmaline can perform equally

Because produced negative ions by ionic technology drive back positive charges of the hair, break up water molecules into smaller particles to dry up your hair 70 percent faster than non-Tourmaline dryer, take care of curly or kinky hair by sealing cuticles of hair shaft to minimize further damage while preserving hair’s own natural oil and moisturizer, and give more healthy tresses and shiny look. Tourmaline is also known for generating large amounts of natural negative ions when heated.

Rule#2b: NO METAL but Ceramic and/or Porcelain with or without Tourmaline

The non-damaging infrared heat emitting from Ceramic, Porcelain uses longer energy wavelengths to infiltrate the hair and dry it thoroughly.

So, Ionic or Parallel technology is a must for producing negative ions and Ceramic or Porcelain or any combination of them is essential.

Let’s see the following three pictures and read the subsequent information.

Information About Hair

Rule #3: Multiple heat & speed settings

Depending on the condition of natural or relaxed mane, you may need low to high-temperature settings, and in addition, you may need divergent styles, so are diverse speed settings. For example, the high-temperature setting is recommended when you have got thick or coarse natural hair; low heat setting, relaxed and fragile hair as it cannot take as much as heat as the natural mane. Moreover, damp hair, at the finishing stage of wet hair drying, needs relatively low-heat setting.

Rule#4: Both Hot and cold blowout

For perfect drying you should start with hot air with low-temperature settings when your hair is wet and change to cool shot when it gets almost 80 percent dry, preventing your hair from over-drying. Cold shot is essential to your straightened hair.

Optional but useful triples for your blow dryer

Diffuser and/or concentrator accessories

Diffuser distributes heat evenly without messing up the texture and helps to tame curls while concentrator is vital for straightening and defrizzing.
So, try to opt out a hair dryer with a diffuser for your natural hair though many hair specialists don’t bother with a diffuser; choose a blow dryer with concentrator for fine/relaxed locks. You may also buy them additionally.

Nourishing technology, drying and nourishing at the same time

This feature enables a hair dryer to fight against flyaway or frizzy hair by spraying infused oils into blow dryer. But this type of hair dryer is not so common. But meanwhile, you should apply good nourishing oil after hair drying.

I believe both hair types can get the maximum benefits from this technology besides drying.

Low noise producing and light-weighted

These self-proving optional criteria should be taken into consideration when you are sick of the noise and can’t work longer with heavy objects.

If you do not like a regular blow dryer, you can choose hooded hair dryer for afro hair too.

An acid test for selecting best hair dryer for Natural African-rooted hair (Economy)

CriteriaRemington D3190ARevlon 544Conair 22NP
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+YYY
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyYYY
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYYY
Rule-3: Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYY
Approximate Price$$$$$$

Economy picks & Justification

Model: Remington D3190A & Price: Around $$

Remington D3190A - V.1 Oct

Remington D3190A

Why I pick this stuff?

  • Rule-1 passed:1875 wattage for balanced heat and wind
  • Rule-2 passed: Ironic technology with Tourmaline and Ceramic to protect from damaging and faster drying along with removing static
  • Rule-3 passed:3 heat & 2 speed settings
  • Rule-4 passed: Cold shot facility for proper drying
  • Comes with both diffuser and concentrator
  • Affordable price with similar performance compares to pricey ones.


  • Micro-conditioners technology also ensures shines and protection from damage
  • UL listed hence ensures safety
  • Removable filter for easy maintenance
  • Ring for easy hanging
  • Works quietly


  • Little bit heavy i.e. 1.8 pounds
  • DC motor has a shorter life

Remington D3190A – Check Current Prices On Amazon

An acid test for selecting best hair dryer for Natural African-rooted hair (Deluxe)

CriteriaBabyliss PRO 6685NRusk CTC Lite IREB5587Pibbs Twin Turbo 324
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+YYY
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyYNN
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYYN
Rule-3:Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYN
Approximate Price$$$$$$

Deluxe pick & Justification

Model: BaByliss Pro BABP6685N & Price: Around $$

BaByliss Pro BABP6685N - V.1 Oct

BaByliss Pro BABP6685N

Why I opt it out?

  • Rule-1 passed: 1900 watt means heavy-duty motor with proper heat and air ratio
  • Rule-2 passed: Ionic technology means a source of negative ions for removing static and faster drying. Moreover natural Porcelain Ceramic heating material source negative iron with infrared heat
  • Rule-3 passed: 6 heat/speed settings makes it comfortable for home use
  • Rule-4 passed: Cold shot for perfect drying


  • Lighter and compact than other professional heavy models hence saloon quality @ Home
  • Secure grip for easy handling
  • Removable rear filter for easy cleaning
  • AC motor for heavy duty


  • Inconvenient location of control switches
  • A little bit heavy i.e. 2 lb

BaByliss Pro BABP6685N – Check Current Prices On Amazon

An acid test for selecting best hair dryer for fine/relaxed/straighten African American Hair (Economy)

CriteriaXtava AllureBerta Pro 104AIIWazor Pro
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+Y (2200)Y (1875)Y (1875)
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyYYY
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYYY
Rule-3:Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYY
Approximate Price$$$$$$

Economy picks & Justification

Model: Xtava Allure XA0071/XA0073 (White or Black ) & Price: Around $$

Xtava Allure XA0071/XA0073 - V.1 Oct

Xtava Allure XA0071/XA0073

The reason behind Standing out

  • Rule-1 passed: 2200 wattage assures proper heat and air ratio
  • Rule-2 passed: Tourmaline-Ionic ceramic technology prevents damage and gives shine while faster drying with negative ions
  • Rule-3 passed: 3 heat & 2 speed settings
  • Rule-4 passed: Cold shot button for perfect drying
  • Comes with concentrator nozzle


  • Lightweight i.e. only 1.2 lbs
  • AC motor for heavy duty and long lasting
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Relatively quieter
  • GEFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) attached to the end of the cord to prevent electrical electrocution.


  • Inconvenient control switches

Xtava Allure XA0071/XA0073 – Check Current Prices On Amazon

An acid test for selecting best blow dryer for fine/relaxed/straighten African American Hair (Deluxe)

CriteriaRusk W8less PROBabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium BABNT5548Solano 201232BLK
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+Y(2000)Y(2000)Y(1875)
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyY (Parallel)YY (Parallel)
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYNY
Rule-3:Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYY
Approximate Price$$$$$$$

Deluxe pick & Justification

Model: Rusk W8less Pro && Price: Around $$

Rusk W8less Pro - V.2 Oct

Rusk W8less Pro

Why I choose this?

  • Rule-1 passed: 2000 wattage cuts the drying time significantly with proper heat and air ratio
  • Rule-2 passed: Tourmaline treated ceramic performs equally to produce negative ions compared to Ionic tech
  • Rule-3 passed: 3 heat & 3 speed settings
  • Rule-4 passed: Cold blowing facility
  • Packed with a concentrator nozzle


  • Lightweight i.e. less than one pound
  • Low noise producer
  • Professional tool
  • Emits far-infrared heat
  • AC motor


  • Not rubberized hence slips off
  • No hanging loop

Rusk W8less Pro – Check Current Prices On Amazon

At a glance of 4 Best Blow Dryers For African American Hair / Natural Hair for your easy reference

CriteriaNatural hairRelaxed hair
Remington D3190ABaByliss Pro BABP6685NXtava AllureRusk W8less
Ionic Technology/ Negative ion productionYYYY
Mineral heating materialYYYY
Heat and speed optionsYYYY
Cold blowYYYY
Weight in lb1.821.2< 1
Noise levelNormalModerateLowLow
Warranty2 Year3 Year1 Year2 Year
Buy From AmazonBuy From AmazonBuy From AmazonBuy From Amazon

Ultimate commandment

Now you can choose the best one blindly!!!!!!!!!!! out of four which suit your budget and hair type. But why? Because I am an experienced hair stylist and done much research and presented with facts and logic. You MUST WIN.


  • 1. Remington D3190A Dryer
  • 2. BaByliss Pro BABP6685N Hair Dryer
  • 3. Xtava Allure Hair Dryer
  • 4. Rusk W8less Hair Dryer

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