The Best Hair Dryers of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our team has spent more than 200 hours scrutinizing top rated popular hairdryers, researching tirelessly to bring you the list of 5 best hair dryers of 2018.

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While many people fall for the claims by famous brands and end up purchasing dryers that are in fact nothing but mediocre and not worth the expenditure at all!

All that glitters is not gold and hence, keep your eyes wide open when buying anything!

We value your time, your money and hence we have made it easier for you by choosing the top products in the market. We have tried to understand what makes a quality blow dryer and have come to a satisfying conclusion.

We have picked RUSK W8less as No. 1 in our list from which people with varying hair types can greatly benefit.

How We Found the Best Hair Dryers

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A Quick Review


RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer

Lightest hairdryer with fast and healthy drying option great for all hair types

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer - V6 June

This dryer is no.1 on our list for its clever lightweight design with a quality interior which ensures fast and healthy drying options.

Alongside its aesthetic outlook, it has Tourmaline ceramic infusion on the interior as well as ionic conditioning.

Getting a dryer with such features and clever lightweight design is a perfect package anyone would want, that too with a price much lower than many contemporary dryers with similar settings.

Among hundreds of other hairdryers, RUSK W8less made it to the top on our list with its impressive interior and exterior design. While it is challenging to get a dryer with good motor quality and lighter weight and good wattage at the same time, RUSK brought us what we never thought hairdryer manufacturers could create!

This dryer is 2000 watts to create the powerful blowout many dryers are unable to create even with the claimed wattage range similar to this dryer.

With Tourmaline and Ceramic’s combined coating and toppled with the blessings of ionic conditioning, this dryer will make your drying experience a convenient one with its weight below 1 pound!

This dryer comes with concentrator Nozzle attachment and removable lint filter to help to clean it for further enhancement of the longevity of this machine. This dryer, however, does not have a diffuser attachment and we recommend Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser with this dryer.
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T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

Great buy for Healthy and Fast Drying for all hair types

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer - V6 June

T3 Luxe 2i have gained popularity over the past years for its SoftAire Tourmaline technology that has proven to work great to reduce frizz, increase shine and improve the overall health of your hair with it’s inside-out engineering with T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire Ionic technology.

This dryer is among the list of fast drying hairdryers. The price is a bit higher as they swear by their Tourmaline, but the high price is also because of its good motor.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i is one of the best Tourmaline dryers available in the market that is both lightweight and ensures fast and healthy hair drying.

This particular dryer claims to be featherweight which might be an exaggeration to some extent, because of its weight which is a little above 1 pound and heavier compared to our winner RUSK W8less. But the weight is still reasonable compared to its size-weight to power ratio.

This dryer provides 1800 watts standard wattage that requires good motor quality and hence, it’s tricky to design a dryer that weighs below 2 pounds and provide similar heat and airflow as our Runner-Up.

This dryer also does not come with a diffuser. Although a diffuser attachment is an advantage and is a money saver, this dryer will work great with a compatible diffuser from the same brand. Try T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser that will fit this dryer perfectly.
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Revlon 1875 Watts Infrared Hair Dryer

A great Tourmaline Dryer with the cheapest possible price for all hair types!

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V9 June

While our winner and Runner-up are great dryers, they are heavier on the scale of price. Revlon 1875 watts Infrared Hair Dryer, has the best package ever alongside ensuring quality hair drying.

This dryer is also infused with Tourmaline-Ceramic which we greatly recommend for hairdryers to be qualified for all hair types.

This dryer can be bought with a budget of 30 dollars only and at the same time enable you to bless your hair with the gentle infrared heating produced by Tourmaline and Ceramic combined.

Revlon 1875 Watts infrared Dryer dries your hair fast with standard 1875 watts airflow, conditions your hair with Tourmaline extracts and ionizes your hair with ionic conditioning to bring out the best results within the budget of 50 dollars or less.

Tourmaline dryers are generally more expensive than this one. Many good dryers don’t even have attachments like concentrator and diffuser to let you benefit from them completely.

This dryer, however, comes with a concentrator, diffuser and a removable lint filter. This also is available with a limited warranty of two years. Overall, this dryer is packed with quality features, attachments and have gained popularity among users to a great extent.
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BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

A Travel Sized Dryer With Italian Motor and Tourmaline+Titanium Heating Units!

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - V12 June

This Babyliss Pro Dryer will blow your mind away although it is 0.8 pounds in weight and tiny in size.

This dryer is our pick for the best Travel-friendly hair dryer for its compact size, lightweight, foldable handle, and dual voltage support. Last but not least, this dryer has Tourmaline and Titanium combined to create teamed effort to create the right heat and 1000 watts powered airflow.

BaByliss Pro dryers are renowned for their Italian made motor and getting that in travel sized dryer is impressive on its own.

This BaByliss Pro Travel Dryer has established itself as a great travel dryer because of its ability to solve travel related hair problems.

This is versatile both in terms of its voltage options and technological solutions to travel-induced hair damage!

It comes with a switchable dual voltage button allowing you smooth voltage options for both international and domestic travels.

On the other hand, Tourmaline and Titanium are teamed up to enhance the quality of your hair. While Titanium heats up quickly to speed up the drying process, Tourmaline creates even heat to balance the temperature.

All of this is one travel sized dryer with the dimensions of 5.5x 2.5 x8.9 inches and weight of 0.8 pounds! Not to mention this dryer has a foldable handle for easy storage solutions and allowing you to slip it right in occupying much less space in your luggage or backpack.

For homes with small space and storage options, this dryer can be a great home dryer too.

Only draw-back is you have to get a good travel adapter (Iron M Travel Adapter) and a diffuser (Collapsible Hair Diffuser for Travel Dryers by Segbeauty) in case you have curls.

Author’s Note

This product is currently unavailable in the market. But do not worry because we have researched acutely and came up with a great alternative product. “JINRI Travel Hair Dryer” is the product you should be buying because it has all the required features including dual voltage and folding handle and it will give you amazing results on the go.


BaByliss Pro Hard Hat Ionic Dryer

Most Enjoyable And Relaxing Hair Dryer on our list! A Multifunctional Ionic Dryer That Will Give You The Luxury To Sit Comfortably For Drying, Styling And Lets You Have Hair Treatments and Therapies

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer - V4 June

Hair dryers have evolved and have become smaller and hold-able with time, but hooded hairdryers are their usage is still popular among users.

BaByliss Pro Hard Hat Ionic dryer is a great professional dryer with brushless AC motor and 2000 watts that allows you to dry your hair and enable ionic conditioning but also comes with auxiliary input facilities that allow you to listen to favorite songs while your hair gets its nourishment. But that is not it!

It also allows you to sit with curlers on and chill with hair packs, masks, and deep conditioners. This dryer is a complete package and is chosen as the best standing hair dryer on our dynamic list.

BaByliss Pro has gone all experimental with this dryer by including auxiliary inputs in it.

However, this dryer stands out mainly for its quality in drying and therapeutic solutions to the damaged hair of all types.

A quality motor, good wattage, easy assembling and cleaning options add to its overall value as a dryer.

It is also designed to give you a comfortable drying experience altogether, including height-adjustable stand and adjustable hood. The components are also made with an anti-rust coating, so clean away this dryer carefree.
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What is a hair dryer?

Hairdryers in simpler terms are devices we use every day to obviously, dry our hair! But more technically they should be called electromechanical devices that blow hot or warm air over wet hair. While water from your hair could have evaporated naturally, the process is slow and is not very competent with a modern lifestyle.

So, a hair dryer is the device to speed up the evaporation process by blowing ambient air onto your damp locks to dry them faster than natural air would do.

What are the basic types of a hair dryer?

Hair dryers are basically of two types, handheld dryers, and standing or hooded dryers.

While handheld dryers have taken over all spheres, standing dryers are still popularly used in salons and spas, even at homes for slow drying, hair therapies etc. While handheld dryers come with materials infused in them for quality drying, standing dryers are either ionic or nonionic. Some manufacturers have tried to come up with standing/hooded dryers with materials, such as Tourmaline; however, this is not yet an established technological advancement.

Hopefully, there will be standing dryers in the future that will be able to incorporate materials in them successfully as well.

The Science of Hair drying Simplified

Girl Drying Hair

Electromechanical devices like a hair dryer are a combined creation of Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Hair dryers specifically, blow hot or warm air over damp hair.  As a result of exposure to hot air, each hair strand forms new hydrogen bonds and can be temporarily styled in various ways alongside drying.

However, hair and its newly formed hydrogen bonds through hair dryers are also vulnerable to humidity and thus styled hair does not stay for long. This is because humidity interacts with the hair strands to break the previously created bonds and develop new ones making hair go through changes in shape. Hair and its sensitivity to heat and humidity is the reason why liquid products and hot air from a dryer are used by stylists to create new looks.

Modern technological advances have created longer-lasting solutions to hair drying and styling. And thus, hairdryers these days are not only hot air blowing machines but also synthesized with materials and technologies that strengthen the bonds in your hair.

Why should you trust On judgment Of HDRG Blog?

There is nothing wrong with being skeptical about what you read these days. But we write with conviction and have made a logical deduction based on research, product reviews, User-opinions and making sure whether the popular brands live up to claims they made about their products. Here is why you can trust our judgment.

We have done thorough 200+ hours of research

We have spent over 200 hours researching tirelessly about what makes a hair dryer great and what doesn’t. Hair dryers are much unexplored and we have explored as much as we could to bring you this piece of writing so that you don’t have to spend your precious time. We have done that on your behalf.

We have screened at least 50 brands and over 200 hairdryers to shortlist only 5 for you

Hair Dryer Brands

There are plenty of hair dryers available in the market, but are they all great? Of course not!

The reason why you are reading this is that it is hard to pick a legitimate product among so many that are claiming they are the best for your hair.

We have found out key features that are important to qualify as a good dryer and sieved 200 and more hair drying products from over 50 brands in the market to have only qualified ones. After much screening, we have come down to a list of 5 best hairdryers that in our opinion have proven to be better than most dryers.

Just like we have considered brands like, Revlon, Conair, Jinri, Hot Tools and Remington that offer dryers at a very reasonable price, we also looked through high-end brands like Harry Josh, Dyson, and T3 Micro. We tried to be as dynamic as possible in terms of our research and our chosen products.

We have only picked top rated products

We have prepared a large consumer report and then shortlisted 20 hairdryers with great reviews are above 4 stars. Then we have further analyzed and cross-checked the top reviewed dryers with our criteria and have picked 5 dryers that are both top rated and have the features necessary to be a good dryer.

We value real user reviews

We have further verified the dryers and their quality by comparing them with what actual users had to say about them. We have compiled over 15,000 free reviews and real user reviews and cross-checked their likes and dislikes about the dryers we have screened to find you the Best Hair Dryers!

We have triple checked the claims and have only picked the ones that proved true

Most hair dryers claim they increase shines, reduce frizz, and mend damaged hair and what not. Some of them claim by not having the necessary materials or technology to prove their claims, others even after having them couldn’t master their engineering. We have checked and double checked if the claims made by our chosen dryers are true and hence stuck to them with confidence.

What makes a hair dryer great?

There are some key features that qualify a dryer to be great overall. These features are explained below.

Good heat and airflow to protect from damage

Hair Dryer Airflow

Overheating is proven to be unhealthy for hair. What we mean by good heat is a heat that is healthy for your hair, not too much intense, but dries hair fast.

Initially, hair dryers were designed to only produce hot air. But heated air itself has proven it unhealthy; aggravate already existing damage in hair with daily use.

Hair dryers these days are infused with materials that produce infrared or far infrared heating that is gentle on hair and dries it evenly.

We recommend you to get a hairdryer that produces far infrared or infrared heating. This heat does not dry up your hair so much that it will lose its moisture content, rather it will ensure the suitable temperature that protects the cuticles.

Fast drying options for further damage control

While most hair dryers on the market have at least 2 heat and 2-speed settings, you may think this is what it means by having fast drying option.

While variable heat and speed put temperature and airflow in your control based on your convenience, fast drying can be ensured by the motor, the wattage and the materials and technologies in the dryer.

For example, Tourmaline in a dryer in collaboration with ionic technology dries hair 40% to 50% faster compared to Ceramic dryers or non-ionic dryers. Titanium heats up quickly to reduce your hair’s exposure to heat too.

These technologies are also there for smoothening and conditioning your hair alongside fast drying benefits. However, materials are ineffective if the dryer lacks quality motor and has low wattage.

Wattage to ensure powerful airflow

A good wattage range is vital for a good hair dryer because the strength of the airflow produced by the dryer depends on the wattage.

Unless you are looking for a travel hair dryer, you should not choose a dryer that has wattage below 1800- 1875 watts. In fact, 18752000 watts is considered to be the standard wattage for hair dryers.

We recommend dryers that have the standard range and the higher the wattage mentioned the better because the wattage may or may not match exactly with the claimed range. It might be a bit lesser. Aim for a dryer that has good wattage for ensuring powerful airflow that will facilitate faster drying.

Good Motor quality to ensure longevity and quality service overall

Hair Dryer Motor - V2 June

It’s hard to identify motors in hairdryers as they do not usually mention what motor type they have.

But motors are extremely important.

A good motor means good for everything else! Wattage, speed, and heat depend on motor quality to a great extent. Also, the longevity of your dryer will depend on the longevity of the motor.

We recommend AC motor, preferably brushless, or a High Torque DC Motor.

A stable DC motor is also fine as long as the dryer comes with a warranty.

If the motor is made in Italy, that is a good sign. Italian motors are stronger and more durable compared to other motors. Dryers with good motors are usually heavier in weight but there are exceptions too.

Lightweight Design alongside good motor

As mentioned, dryers with good motors are often heavier.

But heavy dryers are inconvenient too as they create a strain on the wrist or can sprain your muscles with the wrong move.

If you use a dryer every day, a lighter dryer can make it a lot easier on your hands. How does it work out then? It is a great challenge for manufacturers to design a dryer that will have a good motor and will be lightweight at the same time.


How much of the claims are scientific and true and how much is just a marketing strategy?

While hair dryer is just another blessing of science and technology, there is a lack of sincere research in this field.

Manufacturers are trying to improve their hair-drying- gadgets women and men use on a daily basis and trying to improve by incorporating innovative technologies in them.

However, blow-dryers are seen as just another commodity by most, and all the big words like Ionic, Tourmaline, and Ceramic seem like nothing but a marketing strategy to sell products to many. But that is not the case.

Research and testing in this field are slowly improving.

Many might wonder if technology in dryers important and that is pretty normal. While materials and technologies in hair dryers are important to ensure your dryer is not blowing just hot air, there are criticisms on whether these materials are effective in reality.

The truth is, materials do matter. While a few materials work great on all hair types, other materials have also been tested and proven themselves to work great on specific hair types.

For example, we do not recommend Ceramic for Thick and Coarse hair types because the heat is not strong enough to dry them fast unless it is combined with other materials like Tourmaline, or Porcelain. Titanium dryers, on the other hand, are recommended for thick and coarse hair types and not fine or delicate hair, because, the heat is intense and can burn thinner hair.

These distinctions are made on purpose and the dryers with different materials also work differently. All the different materials cannot practically have the same function on distinct hair types. Manufacturers do not shout out which hair type their products suit the most, because, obviously, they want everyone to buy their product. Hairdryers are therefore marketed as one-size-fits-all!

Before all the latest technologies took over, Ceramic dryers were the classic dryers popular in salons and homes.

Hair Dryer Negative Ions

Ceramic dryers have ceramic heating units, which produce negative ions when heated. It creates infrared heat.

However, ceramic takes time to heat up.

Another variety of ceramic is porcelain, which is also used in dryers as it takes lesser time to heat up compared to ceramic.

Ceramic is usually suitable for fine hair unless combined with another material that is able to produce stronger heat.

Currently, ceramic and tourmaline are combined to coat the dryers and their internal components to create a stronger heat that suits all hair types.

Ceramic and Porcelain are similar in terms of how they work on hair. While Porcelain produces comparatively stronger heat and manufacturers claim they work efficiently on static and frizz and then work or both thin and thick hair types, we recommend Titanium dryers for thicker hair types.

Titanium heats up much more quickly compared to ceramic or porcelain and therefore is able to dry thick hair faster. Titanium also smoothens rough textured hair better and thus considered as an alternative to ceramic for, thick and rough hair types.

Since Titanium’s heat can get intense for some hair types, manufacturers have designed hair dryers that team up Tourmaline and Titanium together to balance the heat out.

So what is Tourmaline? And why conventional materials are being mixed with Tourmaline in hair dryers? Here is what the hype is all about. Tourmaline is a rare gemstone and a crystal boron silicate compound and often worn as jewels.

But how does this affect our hair? Well, not every tourmaline hair dryer in the market lives up to its potential. But tourmaline has been tested and proven effective on most hair types. It conditions hair cuticles, flattens and seals them to reduce breakage and frizz. Because of the effectiveness of Tourmaline on hair regardless of their type, Tourmaline hairdryers are gaining more and more popularity.

Manufacturers are trying to incorporate Tourmaline in hooded dryers too because of its therapeutic and healing nature that has the possibility to do wonders with hair therapies and treatments. Also, previously popular ceramic is being mixed with Tourmaline extracts to coat the major components of the hair dryers.

Do hair types matter for hairdryers?

Hair Types - V1 June

Yes, it is true that all hair types are just keratin protein build-ups. But there are differences in their texture, their shape and their density of cell layers.

While fine hair may have a very thin, fragmented or absent medulla, thick and curly hair types have more defined ones.

Some hair types accumulate oil and moisture excessively and make them appear limp, while others get dehydrated and dry very easily.

Some hair types are straight in shape, while others have waves, curls or really tight coils.

Materials used in hair dryers are also more or less effective based on the density and the texture of hair.

The air does not always reach curls and their cross-sectional points to dry them properly, even if they do they might create unwanted pouf and because of that, there are diffusers. Therefore, hair type does matter and choosing the correct dryer is also important.

The truth about ionic technology

The ionic technology claims to suit your hair regardless of its type.

Most hair dryers these days are ionic. But the question is, do negative ions interact with the water in your hair and reduce their size to help them vaporize much faster?

While it is true that negatively charged ions help reduce frizz that occurs as a result of static in hair, it is debatable if ions can shrink water molecules in wet hair. To come to a reasonable conclusion, setting aside all the claims that manufacturers make, we have come to a more logical explanation.

Although the difference in drying time and quality of hair is very visible in comparison to how it is when dried with a non-ionic dryer, the materials such as, Tourmaline, Titanium, and Porcelain are the main factors that are responsible in fast heating and drying and not Negative Ions themselves. Negative ions, however, effectively reduces frizz in hair.

Should you buy expensive hair dryers?

Expensive dryers are expensive for a reason.

For a dryer to last long, it needs durable internal components, good motor quality, strong heating elements that will not go cold within a year or two.

Expensive dryers tend to not compromise on the quality components that will uphold their reputation. Therefore, if you can afford a dryer above $150 dollars, you should not be hesitating much.

However, it is important to know whether dryers that are worth so much of your hard earned money will suit your requirements. Also, many of the expensive dryers do not come with the necessary attachments and require you to buy them separately.

There are many dryers within 100 dollars or even less that are taking the competition seriously and have sustained their reputation.

Many of these affordable dryers come with features like Tourmaline infusion, ionic conditioning, and good motor and wattage alongside lightweight ergonomic design that is nothing less compared to expensive dryers.

Cheaper dryers also try to make their products more economic by including the necessary attachments such as concentrator and diffuser.

So should you spend all that money on that one dryer or should you go for a more reasonable option and save a few extra dollars for something else? We would suggest you read up a bit online and make an informed decision.

Professional Dryers Vs. Home Dryers

Although previously dryers that were used at salons were different than dryers used at home, the scenario has changed.

However, there are some basic distinctions. Professional dryers are more powerful in terms of wattage and heavier in weight whereas, home dryers have either standard or average wattage are usually lightweight.

Professionals usually prefer dryers that are able to create intense heat and for that, they require dryers that are 2000 + watts, have really good motor and strong interior.

You will also find professional dryers that are 1875 watts on the market. However, one of the drawbacks of conventional professional dryers is that they are heavier in weight, weigh usually above 2.3 pounds or more because of a powerful motor.

Heavy dryers are harder to handle, especially when they have to be held for hours in salons on multiple customers to create a variety of styles.

Manufacturers, for this reason, have tried to create a balance and have tried to come up with dryers that are powerful yet, lightweight and easy to handle.

Our suggestion is, whether you buy a home dryer or a professional dryer, choose the one that has a good size-weight-power ratio.

What are the essential attachments?

While many dryers come with the necessary attachments, some don’t. But you will need these attachments nonetheless. While the removable filter is a bonus feature it cannot be purchased, concentrators usually come with dryers, while diffusers do not always include in the package. Following are the reasons why these attachments are important.

Concentrator for precise drying and styling options

Hair Dryer Concentrator Nozzle - V4 June

Concentrator allows you to dry your hair with more precision, which means, you will not have to blow your strands all over the place.

You can take sections of your hair, take a round or flat multi-bristle brush and run your dryer through your hair from the roots to the tip. In this way, your hair will dry properly and will not leave any wet patches.

Also, if you have waves and curls and do not like to use straighteners to get that sleek straight hair, you can use your concentrator nozzle attached to the dryer and run through your hair to achieve that.

Make sure your dryer is set to high heat and speed settings to create that look.

The benefits of a concentrator attachment are limited to that only. It can be used to create volume in flat or limp hair and all you need to do is apply the correct techniques. For adding volume to thin hair, hold your nozzle at the tip or your hair and run through from the opposite direction.

Diffuser for drying curls

Hair Dryer Diffuser - V4 June

Diffusers are essential for drying curly hair. Drying curly or kinky hair without diffuser will only add to more misery by making your already big hair even bigger.

The reason you need this attachment is the non-linear shape of curly hair types.

The job of the diffuser is to diffuse or reduce the velocity of the heated air to reach the folds and bends of your curls. Although the velocity of air is reduced the pressure of air is just right to give your curls the boost it needs. Stylists also say that diffuser helps frizz reduction in curls.

If you have waves and would want somebody and bounce in them, you can twirl sections of your hair with your finger and simply pop your hair into the diffuser to see great results.

Removable filter for keeping the dryer clean and enhance the durability of the components

Hair Removable Filter - V1 June

Some dryers come with removable lint filters while others don’t. But removable filters are important to keep your dryer clean and enhance the durability of the motor and the internal components.

If in case your dryer’s lint filter is not removable, use a dry toothbrush to dust it and a vacuum cleaner removes the accumulated dirt.

Checklist of 5 criteria for a good hair dryer

This checklist of 5 essential features that qualify a hairdryer to be a good hair dryer can be applied on dryers outside our list too. However, the dryers in our list fill out the five mentioned criteria along site good rating.

  1. Lightweight: Your dryer needs to be below 2 pounds. We prefer dryers ranging from 1 pound to 1.9 pounds in weight for full or medium-sized blow-dryers. For travel sized dryers, the weight should not cross 1.5 pounds. If your dryer is below 1 pound, you are lucky!
  2. Standard Wattage: Your dryer should be minimum 1875 watts to maximum 2200 watts. For Travel sized dryers, the wattage should be at least 1000 watts to 1600 watts since it’s rare to find Travel dryers with 1875 watts. For hooded hair dryers, the wattage range should be similar to handheld dryers.
  3. Quality Motor: Make sure your chosen dryer has either Brushless AC or High Torque DC motor. A good motor will ensure powerful heat and airflow and accelerate the drying process more. Also, a quality motor is essential for your blow dryer to give you service for longer. Since it is not always mentioned whether the dryer has Ac or DC motor, here is a clue, AC motors are louder than DC motors but more durable. On the other hand, High Torque DC motor accelerates faster, is quieter and will work just fine with warranty.
  4. Ionic Technology: We recommend ionic dryers over nonionic ones because they facilitate faster drying and are efficient in reducing frizz. So, Ionic technology is a must.
  5. Material: We prefer a combination of Tourmaline and Ceramic, or Tourmaline and Titanium to ensure healthy far infrared heating and natural conditioning. Also, Tourmaline will ensure lesser drying time and reduce it from 40% to 50%.

The 5 Best Hair Dryers Of 2019

It took us a handsome amount of time, research and scrutiny to reach to this list of 5 best hair dryers. These dryers on our list are picked based on the standards and criteria we have mentioned in this article. We made sure our chosen dryers are fit for all types of hair and can be dynamic in terms of usage and benefits.

1. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer – (Winner)

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer - V7 June

This dryer is revolutionary and a miracle of electromechanical engineering. Reasons why we have chosen this professional dryer as our frontrunner are:

Firstly, this has quality AC motor but at the same is extremely lightweight, which, as we mentioned previously is challenging to accomplish. Good motors often require dryers to be heavier. RUSK has succeeded in creating a full-size blow-dryer which is below 1 pound in weight.

Secondly, this dryer has the wattage of 2000 in addition to lightweight design and good motor quality. This means this comes with a perfect size-weight-power ratio. Higher wattage and quality motor with ensuring powerful airflow which is essential for fast drying.

Thirdly, it has Tourmaline and Ceramic combined to create gentle heating. Tourmaline and Ceramic together emit far infrared heating to protect hair from heat-induced damage and dries hair more evenly. Tourmaline also makes this dryer suitable for all hair types.

We have compared this dryer with three other dryers side by side for you to be able to make a judgment just like we did. Let’s see how RUSK W8less stands out and qualifies to be the winning dryer with it’s three other contemporaries. Among these three dryers, we also have our 2nd winning dryer T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer, another two popular dryers with great reviews which are Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium and Conair Infiniti Pro.

5 Essential CriteriaRUSK W8less
T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i (Runner Up)BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumConair Infiniti Pro
LightweightYes (Less than 1 pounds)Yes ( 1.1 pounds)Yes (1.8 Pounds)No (2.7 Pounds)
Standard WattageYes (2000 watts)Yes (1800 watts)Yes (2000 watts)Yes (1875 Watts)
Motor PreferencesYes (AC Motor)Yes ( DC Motor with warranty)Yes ( AC )Yes (AC)
Ionic TechnologyYesYesYesYes
Material PreferencesYes (Tourmaline + Ceramic)Yes (Tourmaline+ Ceramic)No ( Titanium )No (Ceramic)

The justification for picking RUSK W8less

As you can see, we have picked RUSK W8less over 3 other great dryers for our winning position because it not only qualifies but excels in terms of weight and materials used. Following are the pros and cons of this dryer. We also have our runner-up, T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i to justify its position beside our winning dryer.

Please note, BaBylissPro Nano Titanium is a great dryer but the reason why we didn’t pick this is that it has Titanium which is not ideal for all hair types. The case is same for Conair Infinity Pro, its main component is Ceramic which is not recommended for thick and coarse hair types.

Our main goal to find you dryers that will suit you regardless of the type and texture of your hair and RUSK W8less qualifies to hold that position.


  • This dryer is lightweight and carefully designed to let you enjoy strain free drying.
  • This dryer will reduce your drying time because of having a good wattage and Tourmaline infusion.
  • In addition to natural conditioning by Tourmaline, this dryer is incorporated with ionic conditioning that will help you deal with frizz efficiently.
  • It has AC motor, which ensures powerful airflow and longevity of the dryer up to 3 years or more.
  • It has two speed and three heat settings ensuring maximum control over heat and airflow, also, the switches are placed at the front of the dryer horizontally which is unique and also very convenient.
  • Its removable lint filter will help you clean the accumulated dirt easily to keep the motor working in great conditions and enhancing the durability of the dryer.


Finally, as you can see, the only noticeable drawback of this dryer is that this does not come with a diffuser. But diffuser is mostly recommended for curls and waves. If you happen to have such hair types, we suggest you get a universal diffuser. We have already mentioned one for your convenience.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i – (Runner-up)

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer - V7 June

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer is our 2nd pick on the list. Although it didn’t take the winning position which needs explanation, this dryer is award-winning (winner of 2 Allure Best of Beauty awards!) and people love this including salon owners, hair stylists, and experts. There is every reason to recommend this dryer but we have given this dryer the runner-up position on our list.

Firstly, this dryer is lightweight. But compared to RUSK it is a tiny bit heavier and the title Featherweight seems little exaggerated. But that is definitely not a deal breaker. This dryer is 1.1 pounds which is pretty light and easy on the hands, to begin with.

Secondly, this dryer is Tourmaline and Ceramic infused and it seems the T3 Micro manufacturers have mastered it! It suits all hair types and smoothens out the roughest ones. If you are not a believer of what Tourmaline claims to do on your hair, you will definitely rethink after using this dryer. It really leaves your hair with the smooth and silky finish. It also as a bonus give you a Tourmaline barrel comb attachment in its package that in collaboration with the dryer is destined to create smoothness and shine in hair. If not all dryers make your hair look shinier, T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i definitely does!

Thirdly, this dryer is 1800 watts but gives out a really powerful blow that even professionals love. Many dryers with the same wattage range do not live up to their claims.

Other than these the above-mentioned strengths of this dryer following are the other benefits that make it a great tool overall.


  • This dryer has a High Torque DC motor that comes with a 2 years warranty that saves you the worry of repairing costs.
  • This dryer is also ionized your hair to help fight frizz better.
  • This dryer has a unique technology called SoftAire™ technology that produces improved and more volume of airflow that accelerates the drying process, but also if ‘soft’ on the hair cells keeping them healthy.
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic’s dual combination creates far infrared heating to protect from heat-induced
  • 9 Ft cord allows you to move and swirl the dryers without having to worry about disconnections.
  • Tourmaline Barrel brush comes with the package to enhance the quality of your hair even further.
  • This dryer is not noisy! Although it does not have an AC motor, which is our first preference, its DC motor is of great quality and gives you a quiet hair drying experience.


  • Although this dryer is a great tool in every way, it does not have a diffuser attachment. We suggest T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser which is compatible with this dryer.
  • No removable lint filter.
  • This dryer is the most expensive one in our list so far and hence we didn’t pick this for our winning position.

Finally, the few negative aspects of this dryer are much less compared to its blessings. We have already recommended a compatible diffuser with this dryer which you will be needing if you have curls and waves. Also, this dryer does not have a removable filter, but it can be easily cleaned without being removed with a toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner.

The price of this dryer is a bit high but that is because T3 Micro is confident of their Tourmaline and Softaire technology to be very effective. Besides, Tourmaline dryers are generally costlier.

If you, however, want a more affordable option and want a diffuser attachment with the package you can consider our next dryer which is Revlon 1875 Watts Infrared Hairdryer.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Revlon 1875 watts infrared hair dryer – (Budget Pick)

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer - V10 June

If you want a good Tourmaline dryer but also want to save a few dollars, this blow-dryer is made just for you!

Initially, we were skeptical of this dryer because of its low price and wondered if it really has Tourmaline in it, but users have confirmed this dryer to be of really great service overall. And yes, this dryer really does leave off great hair within a budget below 50 dollars.

Here is why this really cheap dryer has made it onto our list as a budget-friendly option.

Firstly, this dryer is cheap in terms of its price but not quality! This dryer has Tourmaline in it, which requires it to be a bit heavier on the scale of price. But perhaps, REVLON took it as a challenge to come up with a dryer that is both affordable and great for hair material wise. Although making a dryer that has Tourmaline and that has lived up to its claims with a very low price does not look very doable initially, it is however possible. We felt REVLON really thought out their entire plan very well with this dryer. This is one of the top-selling dryers and has gained tons of really great reviews too.

Secondly, This Dryer has a durable AC motor. AC motors are essential for professional quality dryers and Kudos to REVLON for incorporating it into a dryer this cheap. AC motors are also 3 times more durable than standard DC motors. It also produces a strong airflow for help dry your hair much faster.

Thirdly, this dryer comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments which in case of many expensive dryers have to be bought separately. In fact, our top two dryers do not come with diffuser attachments but this dryer does and that is great news for those who don’t like the idea of spending extra few bucks on attachments. All of this at a very affordable price is the reason why we couldn’t pick other very popular dryers as a replacement.

The following table is a side by side comparison between REVLON 1875 Watts Infrared Hair Dryer and other two popular dryers below 50 dollars.

5 Essential CriteriaRevlon 1875 Watts Infrared Hair DryerConair 1875 Watts Ceramic dryerRemington D3190A
LightweightYes (1.8 pounds)Yes (1.5 pounds)No (2.48 pounds)
Standard WattageYes (1875 watts)Yes (1875 watts)Yes (1875 watts)
Motor PreferencesYes (AC motor)Yes (DC motor warranty)Yes (DC motor warranty)
Ionic TechnologyYesYesYes
Material PreferencesYes (Tourmaline+ Ceramic)Yes (Tourmaline+ Ceramic)Yes (Tourmaline+ Ceramic)

Justifying our choice

Compared with contemporary dryers, Revlon 1875 watts Infrared Dryer looks almost identical.

Picking the right dryer was tricky and hence we tested the dryers with more scrutiny and we went for user reviews for more details. Revlon 1875 watts infrared dryer still wins because of its motor preferences and most importantly it gives the same quality drying experience but with the lowest price.

Also, REVLON’s design seems more ergonomic. While being compared, we felt the heat and speed switches in the dryer are placed more conveniently in the dryer’s handle. The switches are rectangular and matte textured and didn’t accidentally get pressed while moving it in different angles while Remington D3190A has more embossed and glossy switches that felt less convenient on the handle. Conair’s switches look fancy but didn’t feel convenient at all.


  • This dryer produces far infrared heating powered by its Tourmaline and 3x Ceramic coating in the components.
  • It comes with a removable lint filter enabling you to further enhance its already durable AC motor.
  • This dryer comes with both concentrator and diffuser attachments that you do not need to purchase separately.
  • It also has the ionic technology to help you deal with your frizz-related hair problems.


  • This dryer is not a quiet dryer.
  • The concentrator and diffuser attachments are transparent which might not be preferred by some.

Finally, this dryer is a great tool overall in terms of its drying time, and effectiveness of hair within the most reasonable price we could find. However, it is always a matter of preference and our compared dryers are also reputed ones with almost identical features. We picked REVLON because the dryer with similar features is easier to handle while drying according to users.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer – (Travel-Friendly)

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - V13 June

Babyliss PRO is already renowned for their professional dryers. This brand has also succeeded in manufacturing a travel sized dryer with consistent quality.

Our pick for the most travel-friendly dryer is BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Dryer.

Before jumping into analysis about this dryer, we would like to clarify a few misconceptions about Travel Dryers. Hotel dryers and Travel Dryers are not the same and do not provide the quality airflow you’ll need during your travel schedules for faster drying.

Out best pick for travel blow dryer is great for the following reasons.

Firstly, it works just like a full-sized dryer but comes in a compact size and is lightweight. Therefore this dryer is great for both travel and home use and is a versatile gadget altogether.

Secondly, this dryer has Tourmaline and Titanium combined to care for your hair cells even in the midst of the hustles and bustles of traveling. Travel dryers were initially designed to just get the job of hair drying done anyway, but BaByliss Pro has changed the definition of travel dryers with this dryer and has even infused Tourmaline in this. Therefore, this will help you get the fastest drying solution with great and healthy hair. While Tourmaline reduces drying time by 40% to 50% less, Titanium adds to it as well and it heats up real fast to prevent your hair from exposure to heat for long.

Thirdly, it is dual voltage and you don’t have to buy any voltage converter. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S, this dryer will work just fine with its 110-120v to 220-240v capacitor. All you have to get is an adaptor. We suggest IRON M all in one International Power Adaptor.

We have compared our choice with two other contemporary travel dryers to justify our judgment.

5 Essential Criteria+ Essential Travel FeaturesBaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel DryerBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel DryerRevlon 1875 Watts Compact Travel Dryer
LightweightYes ( 0.8 pounds)Yes ( 0.6 pounds)Yes (1.15 pounds)
Compact SizeYes (5.5 x 2.5 x 8.9 inches)Yes (5.5 x 2.5 x 6.2 inches)Yes (3.4 x 9.4 x 7.2 inches)
Standard Wattage for TravelYes (1000 watts)Yes (1000 watts)Yes (1875 watts)
Dual VoltageYesYesNo
Ionic TechnologyYesYesNo
Material PreferencesYes (Tourmaline+Titanium)No (Titanium)No (Basic Dryer)
Folding HandleYesYesNo

Justifying our pick

We picked Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel dryer over Nano Titanium travel dryer from the same manufacturers and Revlon 1875 watts travel dryer that has really good ratings.

In comparison with the two dryers, Tourmaline Titanium Travel dryer qualifies better because it suits most of our preferences.

Although BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer is a great dryer, it is specifically suitable for thicker hair types and might burn thin hair. On the other hand, Revlon 1875 watts compact travel dryer has really good ratings but is a very basic travel dryer and is not an exception from ordinary hotel dryers in terms of its features.


  • This dryer comes with foldable handle giving you easy luggage packing options and great storage solutions.
  • This dryer has a rubbery finish to prevent slip grip and is ergonomically designed to making drying more convenient during tight schedules of traveling.
  • It is very light and compact but blows strong air.
  • Tourmaline naturally conditions hair while titanium reduces heating time.
  • This can also be used as a home.
  • Its dual voltage makes it perfect for both international and domestic travels.
  • This has Italian motor ensuring longer life of your dryer.
  • The removable filter enables you to keep the dryer clean and help you protect the motor.


Finally, this dryer is very dynamic and is suitable for all hair types. With our suggested diffuser, this dryer will work great on curls and afro hair too.

JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

5. BaBylissPRO Hard Hat Ionic dryer – (For Hair Therapy and Treatments)

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer - V5 June

BabylissPRO Hard hat Ionic dryer is a dynamic hair drying tool and even comes with auxiliary input features allowing you to play music from an MP3 player or a smartphone. But that is not it. This dryer made it onto our list for the greatness it can achieve on your hair.

This dryer has Brushless AC motor and 2000 watts wattage that produces powerful airflow and heat to dry your hair really fast. Although AC motors are of premium quality for hair dryers of any kind, this dryer is surprisingly quiet to give you a soothing spa-like hair drying experience allowing you read, knit, or even work on your laptop.

Apart from all these fancy options, this dryer also is ionic. Very few hooded dryers have ionic conditioning and excel at it. This will help you deal with all sorts of hair damage, including frizz, breakage and porous hair.

Many hairdryers buying guides opt-out from recommending standing hair dryers. We see it just as important as handheld dryers. We have tried to make our list inclusive for all.

BaBylissPRO Hard Hat Ionic Dryer is a great hair drying tool for anyone with any hair type and comes with attractive features. It will help you use your hair masks to treat damaged hair or help you multitask. This dryer is also a great solution for people with disabilities and the elderly.

We have compared this dryer with other standing dryers. The criterion is a little bit different for Hooded dryers but a few features are same as handheld dryers. Have a look.

Essential FeaturesBaByliss Pro Hard Hat Ionic DryerVenus plus Bonnet Hair DryerPibbs 514 Kwik Dri
WattageYes (2000 Watts)No (980 watts)No (1100 Watts)
MotorYes (AC Motor)Yes (AC)Yes (AC)
Ionic TechnologyYesNoNo
Adjustable HeightYesNoYes
Removable Inlet GrillYesYesNo
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Justifying our choice

There are a few hooded dryers with Tourmaline on the market which do not have good ratings from users. For hooded dryers, Ionic conditioning is important but that was not available in all dryers but BaByliss Pro dryer does have it.

Plus, this dryer had the very powerful wattage of 2000 watts which is essential for professional dryers and many hooded dryers seem to lag behind in terms of wattage.

Overall, this seemed to be great features and it has a removable inlet grill to keep it clean and help it last longer.


  • This dryer is suitable for all hair types includes curly and kinky hair.
  • Ionic conditioning in this dryer is very effective for faster drying.
  • It has 3 heat and 2-speed setting helping you control the airflow and temperature as you like.
  • Its brushless AC motor is Italian made and durable for more than 3 years.
  • It can be used with curlers on.
  • It can be used with hair packs, oil treatments, and deep conditioners.
  • This dryer and its components are rustproof.
  • It is height adjustable and has wheels attached for portability.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The inlet grill removable and easy to clean.


  • This dryer is white in color and needs frequent cleaning especially if used with hair packs.
  • It does not have a timer, so you have to keep track of time by yourself.

Finally, this dryer is designed to provide an enjoyable experience for both home use and salon use.

In terms of drying, this dryer does the work of a regular dryer and a professional dryer at the same time. In fact, owning this dryer will save you the hassle of going to a salon for long.

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Dryers we have not picked and why?

The competition in the hair industry is tight and there are plenty of products leaving customers confused.

Picking only 5 dryers amongst so many was challenging and required a lot of scrutinies. And this process has made us not choose some dryers that are popular and has really good ratings too.

But we have reasons. Following are the dryers we have not picked and here are the reasons why.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic dryer seemed a bit overrated to us. Also, it is very expensive and exceeds the budget anyone should have a hairdryer. We are looking for dryers that most people can benefit from and this dryer did not seem to fit that standard.

Yes, this dryer has a unique design, and also technologically very different. It claims to be quiet but is not as much at it claims. The manufacturers claim that the dryer’s motor has inaudible frequency but that seems more like an exaggeration.

The motor is on the handle and not the head, which is done in order to balance the weight. The weight, however, is 1.8 pounds which are reasonable, as the lightweight design is what we were primarily looking for but this is still not as great compared to our winning dryer. This dryer also has auto adjustable heat and speed sensors alongside 4 heat and 3 airflow settings which raises the question of the need for automatic adjustment.

Overall, Dyson Supersonic dryer is innovative indeed but seems a bit too experimental to include on our list.

Harry Josh Pro 2000i Hairdryer

Harry Josh Pro 2000i Hairdryer

Harry Josh Pro 2000i Hairdryer is another popular dryer we did not include on our list. Although is a signature brand of a popular French Hairstylist, Harry Josh himself, there are a few legitimate reasons for choosing this dryer.

1st of all, it is too expensive for a pretty basic ionic dryer. The dryer looks fancy and all but it does not have anything additional to be that expensive. Not saying, this is a bad dryer but what it does to your hair can be done with a $20 dryer too.

2nd reason for not picking this dryer is, the heating is not what we are looking for. Paying a fortune for a hairdryer that only blows empty hot air and does not provide healthy heating options is not worth the money at all. We believe, infrared or far infrared heating for a handheld dryer is essential and it simply doesn’t have any of it.

3rd, this dryer is 2.2 pounds in weight which is a major drawback for us. Although Harry Josh brand has recently launched a new upgraded version of this dryer and has reduced the weight to less than 1 pounds which is impressive. The new Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro tool, however, has the same very basic features in terms of internal components to be considered a ‘Great’ dryer.

Although this dryer is made in France and has a durable motor and 11 ft. long cord for convenient drying, this dryer is a bit overrated and thus we could not find a good reason to include this in our list.

Compared to the dryers we have picked, it does not qualify to be an extraordinary dryer and seems very overrated.

Drybar Buttercup

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Drybar Buttercup is an attractive product for its unique exterior design and bright yellow color. However, we opted out Dry bar Buttercup from our list because this dryer did not seem to have what we were primarily looking for and is a very basic Ceramic-Ionic dryer.

This dryer is also most suitable for fine hair, but we needed something that suits all hair types. Also, it is not very clear how Nano-Ionic technology is any different from ionic technology in general and what they are referring to as ‘Nano-beads’ in the dryer.

Overall, it did not occur to us why and how exactly this dryer is special to be shortlisted.

Although these dryers made onto many other lists on the web, we could easily chuck out CHI PRO dryer and Xtava Allure 2200W dryer for their really poor ratings. CHI has been popular among stylists for their hair products, and CHI hair dryers are powerful in terms of airflow and good quality motor. But in reality, none of these dryers seemed to have anything extraordinary other than their brand title and really hot air to stand out as really great dryers.

A few hair drying hacks to dry your hair with a blow dryer properly

Although hair drying is considered a simple everyday task, the proper techniques to dry your hair can add to its overall quality. We recommend you to follow some simple rules to make hair drying for efficient.

Dura Comfort Anti-Frizz Microfiber & Aquis – Original Hair Towel

Dura Comfort Anti-Frizz Microfiber & Aquis – Original Hair Towel

First, make sure your hair is shampooed properly and is clean. Then use a soft towel for drying dripping wet hair initially. It is better if you can use a towel that has microfiber. Try Dura Comfort Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel or  Aquis – Original Hair Towel which is super absorbent. If buying a towel does not seem like a feasible option, try wrapping your hair in an old T-shirt. The reason why rough towels are bad for hair is, your hair is extra sensitive when wet and rough towels can cause the cuticles to break.

After, towel drying, use your blow dryer without any attachments like concentrator or diffuser for 5 to 7 minutes in low of medium heat and speed settings and 6 inches away from your hair.

Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

After 5 to 7 minutes, put the concentrator on. Now, section your hair using hair clips and use the concentrator nozzle on each section with the help of a multi-bristle flat paddle hairbrush and run it down from the roots to the tip and repeat the process if you want sleek straight hair. Try Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush for great results.

Supprent Nano Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush

If you don’t want sleek straight hair and want to add some volume, do the opposite and use a round multi-bristle brush and run the concentrator from the tip to the roots and repeat. Try Supprent Nano Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush to help you get some volume.

If you do not have straight hair and have curves and curls, do not use hairbrushes while drying. Detangle your hair after properly shampooing and conditioning it with a good detangling hairbrush with boar bristles.

Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb by Crave Naturals

Try Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb by Crave Naturals for easy detangling. Then twirl your wet hair around your fingers a little bit then plop into your dryer with a diffuser. Do not hesitate to use high heat and speed settings for curly and kinky hair.

Problems that Hairdryers cannot solve

Hair dryers are there to enhance your hair while drying for sure, but they obviously cannot solve all problems.

If you have very malnourished hair and scalp problems, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist. Also, caring for hair includes washing regularly and conditioning them more often. The quality of your hair also greatly depends on your diet and food habits.

If you are not eating enough proteins, do not be surprised by frequent hair fall and really malnourished and faded hair. Also, trimming hair every 8 to 12 weeks is recommended by hair experts for better growth and to get rid of split ends.

Glossary of terms related to hairdryers

ElectromechanicalProcedures drew from both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
EvaporationThe procedure through which a liquid turns into gaseous form before reaching its boiling point.
Hydrogen BondsPartially electrostatic attraction between a hydrogen atom and another electronegative atom such as nitrogen present in human hair.
HumidityThe amount of water vapor present in the air.
HairstylesEditing or Fashioning human hair influenced by popular culture.
FranceIn the context of hair industry, or hair dryers, France is relevant because hairdryers were first invented there during the late 1800’s and domesticized during the early 1900’s.
Beauty SalonsAn establishment for cosmetic and hair treatments for men and women.
Universal motorA type of motor that operates either of AC or DC power.
Heating ElementAn element that converts energy into heat.
Nichrome WireA wire made with nichrome, which is an alloy of Nickel, Chromium, and Iron. It was initially used as a heating element in hair dryers.
Chrome WireThe term ‘Chrome Wire’ is just a short form of ‘Nichrome Wire’ but they are basically the same.
Ceramic Heating ElementsHeating units made with PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) ceramic, especially used to make indoor heaters or hairdryers.
Ceramic HeatersIndoor heaters made with PTC ceramic heating elements.
Earwax PreventionFrequent and regular usage of hairdryer can prevent the excessive build-up of earwax.
Static electricityAn imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material, e,g: hair.
Head LiceAn ectoparasite in the human body that can cause an infestation. In the context of hairdryers, the heat and airflow can help to get rid of head lice.
Hair SalonA beauty salon specifically established for hair care.
ElectrocutionDeath or serious injury caused by electric shock or electric current passing through the body.
GECA council that promoted environment-friendly or Green computing and influenced the innovation of putting the motor in the dryer inside the casing during the 1950’s.
TourmalineA crystal boron silicate compound and a rare gemstone with natural healing qualities.
Consumer Product Safety CommissionAn independent agency of the U.S Government that seeks to promote consumer safety by addressing unreasonable risks. CPSC has set up a guideline for hairdryer manufacturers during the 1970’s for preventing electrocutions.
Ground Fault Circuit InterrupterA circuit breaker or a device that prevents dangerous ongoing electric shock by instantly breaking the circuit. This device was made mandatory by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to be included in hairdryers in 1991.
Ultra-Light DryersUltra Light Dryers are referred to as dryers that weigh much lighter than conventional dryers, possibly within the range of below 1 pounds to 1.5 pounds.
Our Reviewed Blow Dryer Brands

Comparison Table Of Different Blow Dryers

Product NameRecommendedWattageWeightTechnologyDual VoltageMotorMaterialAttachments
RUSK W8less (Winner) Check PriceYes2000WLess than 1 poundIonicN/AACTourmaline CeramicConcentrator, Removable Filter
T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i (Runner-up) Check PriceYes1800W1.1 poundsIonicN/ADCTourmaline CeramicConcentrator
Revlon 1875 watts infrared hair dryer(Budget Pick)Check PriceYes1875W1.8 poundsIonicN/ATourmaline CeramicConcentrator, Diffuser, Removable Filter
JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer Check PriceYes1875W1.2 poundsIonicYesDCCeramic TourmalineConcentrator
BaBylissPRO Hard Hat Ionic dryer (Best Hooded/Standing Hair Dryer) Check PriceYes2000WN/AIonicN/AN/ARemovable inlet grill
Dyson Supersonic HairdryerNoN/A1.8 poundsIonicN/ADigital V9 MotorN/AConcentrator, Diffuser, Removable Filter
Harry Josh Pro 2000i HairdryerNo2000W2.2 poundsIonicN/AACN/AConcentrator, Diffuser
Drybar ButtercupNo1875W1.1 poundsIonicN/AACCeramicConcentrator, Removable Filter
CHI Pro DryerNo1800W2.0 poundsN/AN/ADCCeramicConcentrator, Diffuser
Xtava Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair DryerNo2200W1.8 poundsIonicN/AACCeramicConcentrator

Summary of Hair Dryer Review Guide

Contrary to popular belief about hairdryers, we have made some convictions about materials and technologies in hairdryers. The effectiveness of these materials and technologies are what people are naturally skeptical about.

It’s high time for manufacturers and researchers to answer questions raised by the users more logically and make them believable. We have only tried to explain what we found to be effective and true through sincere research and looking through the opinions of people who have used it firsthand.

Apart from the technical mumbo jumbo, RUSK W8less simply stands out aesthetically and lets you dry your hair comfortably and we have chosen this as our winning dryer with enough confidence.

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