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Xtava is an internationally famous hairdryer manufacturing company admired by many famous hair stylists as well as the general people.

The reason for their popularity is that they don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ policy and pay attention to the individual needs of different people with different hair care necessities.

Considering different hair types they carefully added detailed customizing features to their hair dryers and added various useful accessories to their hair styling kits accordingly.

From the quality and economic point of view, Xtava hair dryers are the best! You can get a styling kit within the $35 to $50 price range. Although affordable these hair dryers are not cheap in performance.

Xtava hair dryers look elegant and classy without compromising on the quality and performance and they have some of the best quality hair styling kits within the budget.

From the following point of views such as hair care, mechanical, technical and functional design, safety, other mentionable features and of course, the ever so important aspect, the price, we have analytically assessed Xtava hair dryers below.

Analytical Assessment: Why should you buy Xtava hair dryers?

Thick and long or curly hair doesn’t dry easily so hair dryer has to be used almost daily. People in a hurry also use hair dryers to make hair dry quickly so frequent users suffer more heat damage.

Xtava assures negative ionic technology for healthy hair and offers setting options for each hair type. These hair dryers are built for quicker but gentle hair drying for the frequent users too.

Even the best hair dryers don’t seem to tame the frizz effectively. Xtava is a brand that introduced double shine Ionic hair dryer for the frizzy hair and makes your hair smoother and static free.

Coarse, dry, stubbornly wavy to curly hair needs stronger but harmless heat and Xtava with its ionic technology and diffuser attachment gently but quickly dries this type of hair with ease.

The diffuser provides air flow from all the directions thus cut almost 80% drying time leaving your hair smooth, healthy and glossy.

Not to worry if you have a different type of hair. Xtava is good for all types of hair. Just don’t use the diffuser attachment if you have normal and straight hair.

If you have normal to fine and thin hair, for hair drying use it without any attachment. For styling use the concentrator head instead.

The design of the Xtava hair dryers

Design Of The Xtava Hair Dryers

  • The sleek and attractive design of Xtava hair dryer will make you want to display it! Every Xtava hair dryer model is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience as well as stylish and suave.
  • Xtava has hair dryers from 1800 to 2200 watt which is a professional standard.
  • All the Xtava hair dryers are built with advanced nano ionic technology and FAR infrared heat but they have also added buttons for specific ionic settings in their double Shine model.
  • Xtava hair dryers significantly cut the drying time because it uses powerful and durable AC motors.
  • Efficiently designed to provide turbo air flow to dry the thickest hair within minutes.

Mechanical Viewpoints

  • Xtava hair dryers are very reliable and professionally built. These are salon standard strong and powerful durable hair dryers.
  • Nano-Ionic materials are used for the hair dryers for damage free frequent use.
  • You should avoid any noise above 85 decibels around your ears. Xtava hair dryers are around 75 decibels. Although it’s not harmful and not very high pitched or annoying but not all the models are perfectly quiet.

Technical viewpoints

All the Xtava hair dryers have the negative ionic and FAR infrared heating technology thus the following features are common to all the Xtava hair dryers

  • Built ergonomically for comfortable use and looks very elegant and chic
  • Has more speed and heat setting options as well as separate cool shot button and depending on models it may have some others additional settings such as ion or perfect hair switch etc.
  • Although loaded with many buttons and features Xtava hair dryers are user-friendly. It doesn’t confuse you by putting all the function in one button and provides different button separately for heat, speed, cold shot, ion and preset setting making it simple to understand and easy to use
  • Xtava has introduced 2 Ion settings in their Double shine model which is a very useful feature if you want to use it on different clients with different types of hair or wish to share the hair dryer with your family members with different hair types
  • The industrial strength cord is very strong and safe for your house or salon equally
  • The hair dryers are not on the best quiet hair dryers list but not the loudest either. These hairdryers sound up and around 72 to 75 decibels.

Functional Viewpoints

Functional Viewpoints Of Xtava hair dryers

  • You can rely on the Xtava hair dryers for flawless results over and over again
  • It is lightweight and easy to use and provides options for every type of hair
  • The AC motor in Xtava hair dryers are strong so these can endure the professional pressure of a salon
  • Xtava hair dryers dry the thickest hair within 10 minutes making your life easier

The basic steps to use Xtava hair dryers

1st step: Detangle the towel dried hair carefully

2nd step: Divide your hair into equal sections from top to the bottom

3rd step: Plug the hair dryer into the electric outlet gently

4th step: Attach the diffuser if you have long, thick, curly or frizzy hair. Use the concentrator head for the medium length normal hair. Don’t use any attachment if you have fine and short hair

5th step: Select heat and speed setting according to your hair type and start blow drying one section at a time

6th step: After you are done with all the sections turn your head down and blow dry your hair upside down for more volume. If you want more shine then just blow dry with the ion setting on 2 with the diffuser attachment

7th step: Press the cold shot button and blow cold air thoroughly to fix the shine and frizz free hairstyle until the next wash

Safety features and other attributes

All the Xtava hair dryers have sturdy and long cords with hanging hook. A removable vent allows you to clean the hair dryers once in a while.


Xtava is affordable and most blow dryers cost below $40. One travel-friendly hair dryer is below $30 and the mini blow dryers cost below $20 making it the best quality assuring economic brand.

Final evaluation

We have cautiously evaluated Xtava hair dryers from the following attributes such as the hair care, design, mechanical, technical and functional point of views, safety features, and the price, and reached the conclusion that Xtava is an economic brand of ionic hair dryers suitable for all hair types.

The customers have reviewed Xtava hair dryers positively more than any other brands. People were happier because they were affordable but gave a standard flawless performance and don’t look cheap.

The Top Five Xtava hair dryers

There are many Xtava hair dryers but here we have given just the top 5 Xtava hair dryers from the amazon.com

Product NamePros and consColor & weightWatt
1. Xtava Verona Infrared Professional HairPros

  • Professional salon quality hair dryer

  • Negative Ionic technology

  • FAR Infrared (FIR) safe and healthy heating

  • Diffuser included

  • 2 concentrator of different sizes included

  • 2 heat setting, 2 speed setting

  • Quiet

  • 9.5 feet long cord with hanging hook


  • A little too heavy

  • Solid Black With Matching Accessories

  • 3 lbs

2. Xtava
Double Shine Professional
Hair Dryer

  • Professional, sturdy and long lasting AC motor

  • Negative Ionic technology with FAR Infrared (FIR) healthy heating

  • Diffuser included to eliminates frizz and tame coarse hair, waves, curls or coils

  • Concentrator included for focused heat when styling

  • 2-heat settings, 3-speed settings, 2-Ion settings

  • Preset Perfect hair switch included

  • Individual cool shot button, no need to press hold.

  • Quiet

  • Removable air filter vent for occasional cleaning

  • Industrial strength 5.9 feet long cord and hanging hook

  • Black body With Rose Gold rim And matching accessories

  • 1.6 lbs.

Salon grade
3. Xtava
Wind Flower

  • Professional, high torque DC motor

  • Negative Ionic technology with FAR Infrared (FIR) healthy heating

  • Concentrator included for focused heat when styling

  • 2-heat settings, 3-speed settings, 2-Ion settings

  • Individual cool shot button, no need to press hold.

  • Quiet

  • Removable air filter vent for occasional cleaning

  • Industrial strength 5.9 feet long cord and hanging hook

  • Black & pink / Black & Blue combination

  • 1.4 lbs

4. Xtava
Peony Pink
Travel Hair Dryer

  • Professional salon quality hair dryer

  • Negative Ionic technology

  • FAR Infrared (FIR) safe and healthy heating

  • Quiet and lightweight

  • Diffuser included

  • Precision concentrator nozzle included

  • 2 heat setting, 2 speed setting with turbo mode

  • Separate cold shot button, no need to press hold

  • 8.2 feet long swivel cord


  • Small but non folding so takes more space

  • No dual voltage option, international travelers may need to carry voltage converter and adapter

  • A little heavy to carry

  • Peony Pink With Matching accessories

  • 1.8 lbs

5. xtava Allure 2200W Pros

  • Ultra-powerful 2200W AC motor lightweight frame

  • Negative Ionic technology with FAR Infrared (FIR) healthy heating

  • frizz control

  • Precision concentrator included

  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings

  • Cold shot button to lock in your style

  • dries hair 80% faster and increases volume without over-drying

  • Solid Black

  • 1.8 lbs


Suggested Xtava blow dryers from our experts

We have suggested the double shine professional dryer from the Xtava that won the Faveable award for being the best overall ionic blow dryer of 2017.

Best Overall Ionic Blow Dryer 2017 – Xtava Double Shine Professional Hair Dryer Kit

Xtava Double Shine Professional Hair Dryer Kit
Description: If you have felt that all the hair dryers are either too weak or just too strong for your hair and can never satisfy you, you must try Xtava Double Shine Professional hair dryer.

It is built with the advanced negative ionic technology to dry hair without causing harm to any type of hair. For the versatile customizing ability it has won the prestigious Faveable award for the best allover ionic hair dryer of 2017 too.

This hair dryer looks amazing and works even more amazingly! It suits all types of hair from curly to wavy to straight. You can comb dry your hair pin straight or make your curls bouncy and softer using the diffuser attachment.

Intelligently designed with multiple options for heat and speed setting as well as two additional ion settings can adjust to any type of hair making your hair gorgeous in minutes.

Has a cold shot button separately so you don’t have to press and hold it for the cold air flow. Just push once for the cold air and push again to resume hot air.

Another new feature called perfect hair setting is added for the frequent users so you don’t have to customize all the options every single day.

When you flick the P switch to 1, the hair dryer will release turbo speed air flow over medium heat which is ideal for quick hair drying daily without heat damage.

The adjustable ion setting is another innovative feature.

  • Frizzy and extremely curly hair can increase the ionic setting to 2 for static-free, softer and smoother manageable hair. You should use the diffuser attachment for faster and all around equal and smooth hair drying too.
  • People with lightly wavy to normal straight hair should use the ion setting one for silkier hair with a little volume and texture. You may use the Concentrator nozzle for focused heat or just without any attachment too.
  • Those who have naturally soft straight fine hair just turn the ion setting off and blow dry normally for added volume and texture. Use the hairdryer without attachment and hold dryers about 3 to 4 inches away from your hair so the scalp doesn’t get too hot.

The long-lasting AC motor and 1800 watts works harmoniously year after year without complaint and this Xtava hair dryer will become your faithful hair management companion.

The 5.9 feet long durable industrial strength cord is not  damaged easily and safe for your house and salons alike

It has a removable filter vent so you can clean the lint, dirt or hair from it occasionally

Summary Of Xtava Hair Dryer Reviews

Xtava is a renowned and established brand in the hair dryer manufacturing industry. Their goodwill and fan following is the proof of their dependability. They are constantly working to make their products better and introduce features to match the customer’s taste and demand.

Xtava Hair Dryer Reviews 2017 – BUYER’S GUIDE
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