Tips to reduce side effects of hair dryer

Hair is a very important part of our image and helps us get the look we like. Often, we use the dryer to remove excess moisture from our hair or to achieve a particular hairstyle.

However, the dryer punishes and hurts our hair. The applied heat so high and continually spoils the hair and leave it lifeless, punished and therefore unattractive to the touch and sight.

Today we are going to give some tips to reduce side effects of a hair dryer and to look healthy and shiny hair.

The first thing to do is take away the excess moisture with a towel, rubbing gently for a while. In this way, we will not have so wet and the hair dryer will use less.

If you frequently use the dryer, we use specific care products for our hair. Shout in specialized stores hairdressers or heat shields.

They apply before using the dryer and form a protective film, which lowers heat direct damage to our hair.

Do not let the hair fixed on a particular point in our heads because it can burn the hair. If you want to set a certain look, always use fastening products. Thus a professional, but not optimal hair suffers finish is achieved.

If you use often, you should use a shampoo for dry hair or punished because one of the normal effects of using the dryer is dehydrated and very dry hair. We will complete the treatment with a mask punished or weak hair, as it will help us to recover the volume and vigor.

The dryer is essential and can not conceive make do without one, I recommend that you invirtáis a bit and buy some quality one, to monitor your hydration and not cold. They are a bit more expensive, but there are models for dyed hair care color or protecting dryers (always relatively, make no mistake) our hair. Read our blog to find the best hair dryer for your hair.

Finally, repasad brushes you have at home and whether to renew, buy a natural bristles do not damage your hair. The combination of brushes and dryers can be fatal, so it is worth having some special brushes that do not damage the hair fibers. And whenever you can, use fingers to shape your hair.

Tips to reduce side effects of hair dryer
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