Remington Hair Dryer Reviews – Which one is best?


The Remington Story

Remington derived its name from the company name E. Remington And Sons, founded back in 1816 as a maker of firearms. E. Remington And Sons grew to produce farm implements and sewing machines. However, E. Remington And Sons most important venture was when Christopher Sholes, a new inventor encouraged the company to produce typewriters. After which the company sold itself to several other buyers, being renamed a few times too. Finally being among a few to produce electric shavers under the name of the Remington brand. Under the influence of Victor Kiam, the Remington Products company saw immense profit and began venturing further into personal care appliances. Soon after the death of Victor Kiam, the Kiam family along with Vestar auctioned the company to Rayovac. Who then changed the name to Spectrum Brands, which dealt in electric shavers, both for men and women, foot massagers, heat rollers for the hair, curling iron, and hair dryers.

Apart from hair dryers, Remington also offers a wide range of home care appliances such as trimmers for men, electric shavers and also flat hair irons.

Remington has a variety of hair dryers itself, of different prices, weight, and intensity. Apart from professional hair dryers, Remington also has lightweight, travel easy hair dryers for those always on the go. Different models, each catering to your specific need.

Most Remington hair dryers have the ionic tourmaline ceramic technology, that makes the process of hair drying much faster than regular hair dryers. Coating the hair with negative ions, and adding shine while eliminating frizz from the hair. A similar feature found in most flat irons.

Along with this feature the dryers also come with a whole package of a nozzle also know as a concentrator, allowing you to smoothen out each strand. Also, a diffuser, to help create texture, volume and keeping your waves and curls intact while drying it.

It has the ability to control its heat intensity as well as the speed. Another feature which is quite helpful is the cool shot button. After a heated hair drying session, the use of the sudden cool shot button, fixes and sets your blow dry, making it last longer with immense shine.

Best Product of Remington

One such Remington hair dryer present with such specifications is the Remington TStudio PROtect Hair Dryer. The hair dryer comes with an attached macadamia conditioning ring, that emits micro conditioners which settle on the cuticle of the hair, forming a barrier and protecting the hair from the direct heat of the hair dryer, as well as keeping it moisturized. To achieve flawless results, the ring must be attached every time you wish to blow dry your hair. If the ring is used daily, could fade off its conditioning properties but can easily be replaced. This and the ionic tourmaline ceramic technology also helps hair dry faster with little damage. It’s advanced motor, ranging at 1875 watts, creates professional quality performance, and with features of controllable speed and heat settings, gives you salon-like hair anywhere, every day to suit your hair type. With the advantage of all this present in the hair dryer, the Remington TStudio PROtect hair dryer also comes with a diffuser and a concentrator. The diffuser helps keep your curls and waves intact and frizz free while drying it, whereas the concentrator targets each section of your hair for a smooth, sleek and straight finish.

The bonus with all of this is the micro conditioning brush available, that evenly distributes the natural oil of your scalp adding luscious shine to your hair.

The Remington hair dryers available in the market aren’t overly priced. With the features, they offer it seems to be of reasonable value.

Like most products, the Remington TStudio PROtect hair dryer comes with a few pros and cons.

CriteriaRemington D3190ARevlon 544Conair 22NP
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+YYY
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyYYY
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYYY
Rule-3: Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYY
Approximate Price$20$25$35

Although if compared to a few dryers at almost the same features offered as the Remington TStudio PROtect hair dryer, making it its competitor, here’s what the analysis looks like.

CriteriaBabyliss PRO 6685NRusk CTC Lite IREB5587Pibbs Twin Turbo 324
Rule-1:Wattage 1800 or 1800+YYY
Rule-2a:Ionic or parallel technologyYNN
Rule-2b:Mineral Heating MaterialYYN
Rule-3:Multiple heat & SpeedYYY
Rule-4:Cold blowYYN
Approximate Price$90$90$95

Most consumers find it difficult to blow dry their own hair, and the Remington TStudio PROtect hair dryer is stated to be slightly on the heavier side making it a task for a few to get used to using it with ease. However with practice, nothing is impossible, and it is advised to take tiny breaks in between, to give your arms rest by keeping the dryer aside every interval. Since the dryer is large and heavy, could require thought on where it should be stored sometimes. But with the many features, this hair dryer provides, to make usage simple, there is an extra loop attached to the cord connecting the appliance. This loop helps you to hang your hair dryer when not in use. Doesn’t occupy too much space now, does it? Insert a nail on the wall, next to your dressing area, and you’re good to go.

As most Remington hair dryer reviews across leading websites online state their likes and dislikes about the appliance. Very few seem to be displeased by the products and the features it presents. So for those looking to achieve salon-like hair and experience, the Remington TStudio PROtect hair dryer is the best recommendation.

Remington Hair Dryer Reviews – Which one is best?
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