Remington D3190A Hair Dryer Review


Nourish as well as dry, protect from damage with superb outcome

Remington D3190A offers the maximum features compare to other cheaper products. Dual functionality, striking design, advanced technology, high damage protection, nourishing micro-conditioner and average to longer lifespan stand out from those of cheap goods.
diagram Of Remington D3190A
Let’s examine this product from the following perspectives and score out of five in each section so that a neutral and logical review can be achieved.

Functional stance

  • Hair dryer
  • Hair Styling

Who doesn’t want to dry and style her hair with the same kit? Remington D3190A meets your expectation by performing as a hair dryer and styling tool. So, there is no point to give it full marks.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 5/5, Functionally great

Design viewpoint

remington d3190a design viewpoint

  • Comes with purple and black color
  • Standard plastic handle but no soft grip on it
  • A removable filter for easy cleaning
  • One hanging ring for convenient storage
  • Not foldable hence requires more space

Stunning color combination of purple and black makes the dryer visually outstanding; removable filter gives you the flexibility of cleaning; the hanging ring takes self-care of storage problem. However, I do believe plastic material’s body and non-folding capability is not a major concern as Remington tried to keep the price at the lowest. Would you mind if I give it 4.5 out of 5 in this aspect?

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5/5, Elegant in design

Technical point of view

  • 1875 Wattage guarantees strong and consistent air flow
  • Advantageous Tourmaline Ceramic produces negative ions and emits far-infrared heat
  • Stable DC motor
  • 60-inch cord though not retractable
  • Covering material made of plastic & heat shield underneath made of mica
  • 3 Heat & 2 Speed settings for removing extra moistures and setting styles
  • Comes with cold shot button to lock in style for whole day
  • Two separate professional rocker switches
  • 110 Single AC Voltage hinders travelers

Remington D3190A comes with 1875 wattage to perform the drying job in no time, beneficial Tourmaline Ceramic technology instead of having pure material for optimum benefits, effective three heat & 2-speed settings, and desirable cold shot button but it is sometimes not travel-friendly due to Single AC Voltage of 110. As a result, you have to buy an extra device to use it worldwide. Since other technical features are up to the mark, how can I give it less than letter marks?

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4, Nearly perfect technically

Attachments Angle


  • One Diffuser and one Concentrator attachments
  • Doesn’t suck hair without accessory

Remington supplies diffuser for volume and curls and concentrator for precision styling on straight & smooth hair and also designs the dryer perfectly so that it doesn’t suck in your hair without the accessory. Remington shouldn’t get less than 5.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 5, Generous in supplying accessories

Caring Perspective


It is astonishing that Remington provides Micro-conditioner technology with such a lower price. To assist in preventing damage and maximizing shine, Remington uses a specialized grill that in turn discharge micro-conditioners in dryer’s airflow to offer healthier and smooth hair.

All around Damage Protection

What I look in any dryer is how it helps prevent damage to your hair. Combined with three superb technology- Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline– this kit does its maximum to dry your quickly by producing infrared heat with the help of Ceramic-coating. It offers nearly frizz free outcome because of ionic technology as well. By sealing off hair cuticles, tourmaline technology protects your hair from overheating finally. What a big difference with others !!!!!

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4.5/5, It knows how to take care

Safety point of view

  • UL listing ensures safety
  • No Auto shut off

I don’t know why Remington didn’t add Auto shut off facility with this product, so you need to be extra careful to shut the dryer off upon finishing drying or styling job to avoid troublesome consequences. However, this baby is UL listed, making you assured of safety. Let’s punish Remington by giving a bit lower score of 4.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4/5, Safer if obeying precaution

Durability and other Remarkable points

  • Two years warranty
  • 32 ounce i.e. lightweight
  • Has moderate to longer life span
  • a bit noisy and bulky

With two years warranty and light-weightiness, Remington D3190A justifies its worthiness. However, moderate to longer durability in most cases also proves its quality in lower cost opposed to popular belief that cheaper product has a shorter life.

Sectional Rating & Comment: 4/5, Service life pays off

Best for

No matter what hair types you have got, you can use Remington D3190A with proper heat and speed settings. But women with curly and kinky hair will get the maximum benefit out of it.

Remington D3190A – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Executive summary:

CriteriaStandard Value /PresenceRemington D3190 Value/Presence
Wattage1800 or 1800 +Y
Ionic TechnologyYY
Solid or coating of Ceramic, Porcelain, Tourmaline, and TitaniumYY
Multiple Heat and SpeedYY
Cold ShotYY
Cord TypeSwivelFixed
Auto shut offYN
Dual VoltageYN
Attachment FacilityYY
Hair TypeAllAll (Specially for Curly & Kinky hair)

Note: Y & N means Yes and No respectively.

Remington D3190A – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Remington D3190A Hair Dryer Review
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