Preeminent ionic hair dryer reviews

What are ions and ionic dryer?

Ions refer to any particle with a negative or positive charge. Negative ions interact with soaked hair by breaking up the water molecules, allowing the smaller droplets to break through the outer layer of the hair shaft. This makes the water vanish from your hair more rapidly.

Many hair dryers exist in today’s market, but the ionic model is the only one that is preferred most in salons across the country because of its’ negative ions. Most important thing is Ionic Technology reduces the hair’s surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free. So one can easily go with an ionic dryer because it can improve both the health and surface of your hair.

Unique Features Of Ionic Hair Dryer

Here are some unique features of ionic dryers those will help you to satisfy your choice for choosing an ionic dryer according to your hair type—

a. Drying Time

You expend up to 70 percent for hair drying which will take longer drying time that makes hair damages. But ionic hair dryer’s negative ions support water molecules to break up and disappear that reduce the amount of hair drying time. So this shorter dry time translates into a smaller amount damages.

b. Improved Hair Surface

The ionic technology reduces the surface tension on your strands, which results in a sleek stylish hair with fewer frizzes. Also, the negative ions help to seal your cuticles, which contribute to keeping your hair’s natural moisture.

c. Attachments

Attachments make your hair-care simple and give proficient results. A multiplicity of attachments can be used with ionic hair dryers. Ionic Hair Dryers with combs or picks attached make the hair tangle free and make proper heat for thick hair. Nozzle Concentrators give you additional control and more accurate results. Diffusers let you dry and form curly hair without creating frizz.

Things to be considered in Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

Like most products, ionic hair dryers come with a few disadvantages as well–

a. Cost

Healthier styling routine is not an easy and cheap one! The average ionic dryer can cost four times expensive than the price of a basic hair dryer. This might not be a big deal for a professional stylist, but it could be a little bit for the average customer. But if you are searching for the best styling kit with health satisfactory, you could easily choose the ionic dryer!

b. Size

You might find it to be a heavier one than the dryer that you’re using to for regular uses. You might have fragile arms and wrists at the end of a blowout if the drying time is so long. But a little bit of additional weight might not be a big deal if you want to invest in a professional-grade ionic hair dryer for your beautiful hair!

Consider the different materials of hair dryers before choosing the ionic one!

Hair dryers are made from different materials. You may want to think about hair dryers that are ceramic, ion, tourmaline or infrared when deciding which hair dryer to buy. Different types of hair dryers offer different compensation. It’s preeminent to find a dryer that is an arrangement of each of these types to keep hair looking and feeling its healthiest. In this instance, much is better.

MaterialsHair TypesExplanation
IonicAll types of hairCreates negative ions, which smooth hair and lock in moisture while decreasing drying time.
TourmalineAll types of hairThis type of dryer emits negative ions and makes hair shinier.
CeramicAll types of hairA ceramic dryer is very mild so it doesn’t damage hair. It also contains technology that helps to dry the hair on the inside and the outside as well.
InfraredFine HairIt leaves hair soft and healthy and can even help control frizz.

Choose your best ionic hair dryer!

Here are the Recommended 2 Best Ionic Hair Dryers (ionic hair dryer reviews)—

FeaturesBaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600, 2000-Watt Nano Titanium Ionic Hair DryerElchim Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer (3900)
SpecialityIonic & Nano Titanium Grill keeps the heat consistency, dries hair faster with fewer damaging & Ionic generator emits negatives ions that reduce frizzes to create soft & glossy resultsIonic-ceramic Technology & Far-infrared heat saves the hair from overheating. Also, this dryer reduces 30% drying time & closes the hair cuticles & perfect for all hair types.
Hair TypeThis one is perfect for all types of hair, though it works effectively on thick/curly hairPerfect for all hair types
Wattages2000 watts2000-2400 watts
Heat/Speed Settings6 Heat and Speed Settings with 1 cold shot button3 Heat(cold, warm, hot), 2 speed (high, low) & 1 cold shot button
CostAbove $100 (For update price click here)Above $130  (For update price click here)
Warranty4 years warrantyLife time warranty
  • 3 concentrator nozzle
  • 9 feet extended cord
  • hanging ring
  • Two concentrators included
  • long cord
  • Wall hanging loop
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
Things to be Considered
  • Need adapter because it is not Dual Voltage
  • Extended long Cord cannot be retracted.
  • No diffuser included
  • It is not dual voltage
  • Price is higher than a regular dryer.

Concluding Verdict

So, in this blog ionic hair dryer reviews, I strongly suggest collecting Elchim Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer (3900) without any delay.

Preeminent ionic hair dryer reviews
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