How To Choose A Hair Dryer – Buying Guide

A hairdryer is not chosen at random if you want a device that meets your needs. However, how to buy a hair dryer for a better value for money? To answer this question and to help you save time in your search, we suggest, through this buying guide of the best hair dryer, to consider major 3 points: power and temperature, which technology accompanying and accessories.

Buying Guide – how to choose a hair dryer

The power and temperature

To easily find the hair dryer for you, power and temperature are the first things to check before proceeding to the price comparison. These characteristics go together because both affect the effectiveness of drying according to your hair type.

Generally, the power of this device is between 1300 to 2200 watts. Avoid the mistake of thinking that this is the most powerful hair dryer that will be most effective for it is not. The ideal value is to choose a model with average power, not too high for damaging your hair or too low for you to spend a half day on drying your hair. The rest will be done at the temperature setting.

Therefore, it is important to verify the presence of heat regulator in each model you like. This controller allows you to adjust the temperature to your hair type and limiting the risk of damaging them. To dry your hair, it is best to use warm air over the cold air which is rather ideal for finishing.


Our advice to buy a good hair dryer is moving towards consideration of the technology that accompanies each model may be subject to selection. The importance of this feature is explained by the fact that it is central to the efficacy of the use of this device including hair static.

The technology we’re talking about here is none other than the ionic technology. It is important that the model that you want to opt has this technology because it effectively neutralizes the positive ions that bristle hair and prevent them from being easy to train. Furthermore, this technology ensures that your hair dries quickly. This limits the exposure time of said hair to heat which is likely to damage them if the duration is too long.

The accessories

Before you ask where to buy a new hair dryer, it is important to learn about the accessories that come with each model that catches your eye. The presence of these accessories ensures that the hair dryer usage is both comfortable and effective.

Speaking of accessories, these are the tips that are the most interesting because they play an important role in the ease of use of the device. To not buy a not suitable for your hair type device, otherwise, may verify that the model you want is delivered at least two bits: a nozzle and a diffuser. The nozzle allows you to do the brushing while the diffuser ensures heat diffusion so that your hair is perfect.

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How To Choose A Hair Dryer – Buying Guide
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