Hair Dryer Babyliss Pro Caruso Review

It is a popular hair tool salon professionals. An effective device, very well designed and ergonomically designed to prevent muscle tension during use.

Well known in the world hairdressing, BaByliss brand manufactures hairdryers for several years now.

Babyliss Pro Caruso

Overview and features

The BaByliss Pro Caruso hair dryer is a real professional tool but that has taken place for some time in the bathrooms amateurs of great quality and very efficient appliances.

As the vast majority of brand products, Babyliss wants to highlight the quality and performance by offering the Babyliss Pro Caruso hairdryer. With an output of 2400 watts, this hair dryer is one of the most powerful of the range because it can pulsate air to over 128 km / h to dry your hair without damaging them. The aircraft’s engine has also been designed in order to operate with minimal maintenance and can operate for several hours without a problem. So it is designed to focus the drying rate while avoiding drying of hair with unique system which is developed by the brand and which is called Ionic. The ionic function removes static electricity contained in the hair to make it more smooth and shiny also avoiding any appearance of frizz.

The Babyliss Pro Caruso hairdryer has six speed setting positions but also temperature so that it can adapt to each phase of drying your hair. On this hairdryer drying coefficient which measures the actual ability to dry your hair in a given period is higher than most of the conventional hair dryer. A touch “Cold Air” allows pulsate fresh air that will thoroughly dry your hair but also their afford to have a very good stability over time.

Babyliss Pro Caruso 02

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Unlike some other lower ranges hairdryer, removable filter allows clean it and there is no need to change it. Two heat concentrators tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of your BaByliss. Weighing 530 grams, it remains in the weight range of a conventional hairdryer but, thanks to its improved ergonomics, you will not feel it and you can be certain to not feel muscle tension.

This hair dryer is designed to make your drying especially if you have long hair and generally difficult to dry quickly.

In addition to providing very good technical characteristics, the design itself to your hair dryer Babyliss Pro Caruso has also been redesigned. When dried her hair, it is possible that hair get stuck in the engine of your hairdryer. To prevent accidents of this type, the brand has designed a motor that prevents you hair hangs in the turbine of the latter. Also, to ease your grip when drying your hair, ergonomic handle has been specially developed for you to avoid tendonitis or muscle strain. This hairdryer Babyliss Professional range remains excellent hairdryer for long and difficult to dry hair that will satisfy for sure the professionals but also all individuals wishing to use professional hair styling tools at home.

Summary of Features

  • 6 levels of temperature settings
  • 6 blower speed settings
  • 2 ends bevelled precision output ultrafine
  • Cold air button
  • Ionic function
  • Improved ergonomic design
  • Removable filter
  • Very high drying coefficient
  • Power 2400W
  • Air speed: 128km / h
  • Airflow: 125m3 / h
  • Cord power of 2,70m

Advantages and disadvantages

First, the onboard engine power in the hairdryer BaByliss Pro Caruso 2400W makes it one of the major assets of this unit. It allows air to pulsate over 120km / h, ideal for fast and efficient drying, regardless of the type or length of hair. Combined with its ionic function and two air hubs tip, it adapts perfectly to any type of use that you would make.

Babyliss Pro Caruso 03

A design and a very carefully thought out ergonomics. With 540 grams on the scale, you’ll be surprised when you have on hand. In fact, its ergonomic handle allows ease grip and, best of all, avoids small muscle tension that you may have already felt your old hairdryer. The settings for buttons on the sleeves are well placed and easily accessible without the need for drying your hair break.

My conclusion on the BaByliss Pro Caruso hairdryer

When a brand with a great reputation as developing a true professional quality hair dryer, we can only trust him. BaByliss had the bright idea of incorporating a very powerful engine, which is essential to the drying performance. A blast of hot air but powerful at the same time protecting the health of your hair. A very sober and ergonomic design crowns it all. It pleases undoubtedly a large majority of women who love high quality hair products.

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Hair Dryer Babyliss Pro Caruso Review
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