Cold dry hair, is it really less harmful?

The dryer, you know it does a disservice to your hair: the excessive heat dehydrates, dries them and makes them electric. We often think that using cold hair dryer is a solution. What is it really? If you are interested, read on!

Have you ever noticed that a cold wind or strong makes your electrical and coarse hair?

A blast of cold air makes electrical hair and said electric hair dehydrated hair said.
The hair dryer, cold, does exactly the same effect: it withdraws too fast the water in the hair and therefore makes them dry. The blows hard slightly change their shape making them stiffer and drying too quickly the hair becomes much more sensitive. This phenomenon is particularly visible on the tips: with the hair dryer, hot air or cold air, they are more rigid and likely to stay all right if you hold them vertically (signs of dehydration).

Is the hair dryer less bad with the cold air?

Yes, even a little. As excessive heat is really the enemy number 1 for our hair. The air blast and heat together, it’s an explosive cocktail to avoid as much as possible.

With cold air, gives less catastrophic results, but the long-term consequences are the same: dry and dehydrated spikes. The best is to abandon it completely!

Quick drying methods less harmful: the diffuser and the helmet.

The diffuser is a special tip that can be put on his hairdryer. It allows, as its name suggests, spread the breath of air so that it is less strong. It’s a bit better than the cold directly hair dryer and remains quite fast if we are really in a hurry. A diffuser costs on average $30.

Still a little better when pressed the helmet … But it is a hot method! But breath is so diffuse and slower drying; it is the “fast” method the least aggressive. There are cloth helmets that can connect to the tip of his hairdryer, this also costs about fifteen euros and it can be found on sites like Diouda.

The must: micro fiber towel – dry hair fast

Finally, the best method to speed drying – but not too much, it is still the microfiber towel. They are everywhere (in the sports shops for example) and this is what damages the least while being faster. This towel absorbs much more, and faster than a traditional towel. This is probably the best freeze-drying!

Cold dry hair, is it really less harmful?
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