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Solano was founded in 1976. It has a lot of salon tools over 30 years. But its hair dryers attract most hair professionals and customers. Solano tools are designed with the latest, cutting edge technologies necessary to create beautiful, healthy hairstyles day in and day out.

If you like Solano brand and confused which solano hair dryer model is perfect for you then it is the right place for you. According to hair expert, the super Solano 3500 lite is best for straightening hair. It has the perfect fusion of power and lightweight combined with tourmaline and ionic technologies. Super Solano 3700 moda is best for thick, coarse hair. It has the fastest wind power. Basically, solano hair dryer has 2-year limited care & repair warranty. solano hair dryer is repaired, returned and shipped within two business days of receipt because solano company is serious about this issue.

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