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“You are only as good as your last haircut”, says American journalist Fran Lebowitz. This may not be entirely true however we often want voluminous hair, however, get puzzled as to how we would get it. Having fine thin hair is good, however, it may look like that we don’t have enough hair and that is a big problem for most people. Stylish hair is not a luxury anymore; it goes with our lifestyle and our personality. People with thin hair often face the problem of not having voluminous hair. To add volume to hair is not quite easy, we have to follow some procedures. We do not just want voluminous hair, we want our hair to be shiny at the same time and we do not want our hair to get damaged in the process. Moreover, we want these all within our affordability. Here, we will be talking about the best of hair dryers in the market in terms of maximizing volume as well as price, durability, and is overall good for our hair.

People Who Need Voluminous Hair

Having perfect hair is not easy as it may seem. Almost half the population of the entire world has some problems with their hair. People with increasing age face the horrifying problem of losing their hair. Those who have thick hair, they do not face this problem of a high magnitude as the density of their hair is high. People with fine/thin hair, on the other hand, face opposite situation. The density of hair tends to be when it comes to people with fine/thin hair. Their heads seem almost bald; thus it is a big issue for them. Because of the thin hair and hair loss, it seems pretty bad and that is why people with thin hair need to increase the volume of their hair the most. In spite of the solutions to this problem being very common, people usually are not familiar with them. As people with fine/ thin hair need to increase the volume of their hair, this writing is for them; here we will try to give probable solution for the problem and then we will suggest the hair dryers that can deliver the solutions.

How to maximize the volume of fine/ thin hair?

As I mentioned earlier, maximizing the volume of thin hair is not well known to all. We need to take extra care of our hair for that. Firstly, we need to be careful of our shampoo; secondly, we need to be careful as to how we brush it. Most importantly, we need to be careful about how we dry it. Thus comes the question of a good hair dryer. What are the criteria for a hair dryer to determine whether or not it helps to increase the volume of our hair can be a very good question? Let us explore that horizon.

Heat & Speed Setting:

Heat & Speed Setting Of Hair Dryer
First of all, hair dryer must the quality to produce a high amount of heat and variety of speed settings; it helps dry our hair. For that, it needs high power & speed settings. The higher the power the quicker it dries our hair. We need to have a wide range of heat and speed setting. The wider range allows changing it when necessary and keeping our hair shiner. The range of wattage is 1850 to higher, and we usually want 2 heat and 2-speed setting to consider a hair dryer as good for it to increase the volume of our hair. However, higher heat means higher possibilities of hair getting damaged. For that to minimize, we need ion technology and cold shot button.

ION Technology

As I mentioned earlier, it needs to have a technology called ION technology to keep the hair shiny. Ions mean any particle with positive or negative charge. Negative charges interact with water droplets in our hair and help it diffuse more quickly. Ionic technology reduces the hair’s surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free while at the same time increased the volume of the hair. It can also be ensured if the dryer is made of tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral which generates only negative ions and thus helps the water diffuse quickly.

Cold Shot Button

Although the quick heating process is necessary for increasing the volume, it may cause damage to fine hair and also it doesn’t allow our hairstyle to stay long.  For that, we need a cold shot button in our hair dryer. Besides, it helps us with the final style in the end. That is how hair volume will seem increased all the time.

Motor Quality & Price

Hair Dryer Motor
Hair dryers can be based on several kinds of motors: DC, AC, and Brushless motor. The motor of a hair dryer plays a great role in dryer’s longevity. For example, brushless motor can last as long as twice the AC motor. However, AC motors are quicker in terms heating. It is a trade-off we have to keep in mind. However, brushless motors can generate high power these days, though not very available. Needless to say, DC motor can never be an option here as it is not capable to produce a higher amount of heat or cannot have too many speed settings. Price of the hair dryer is a big issue as well. If a hair dryer is too expensive and does not perform up to that level, it is not viable for any user to buy them. Therefore, it, too, is a category.


All four things above are enough to make sure that volume of our fine hair gets increased. However, there are few more things that can act as extra points. They are part of this miscellaneous category. Even after having ion technology, we also need to look for ceramic that helps preserve fine hair’s moisture and luster. This is how fine/ thin hair gets to be healthy for a longer period of time. Nozzle off/on facility helps to concentrate on where we need to put the heat. This is something we need to look for in a hair dryer as well. Last but not the least, we need it all in our hair dryers within our affordability.

5 Proposed Hair dryers to increase the volume of fine hair

This begs a question as to how we chose the hair dryers here as we did. Our main concern was to make sure it helps to increase the volume of the hair above all else. Of course there are quite a few hair dryers that do so. We sorted this list based on their efficiency, compatibility, heat and power settings they used, the technology they are based on, and finally price. To sum it up, here we tried to give the users five pretty good choices of hair dryers that will help them to increase the volume of their hair.

1. Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer – First Choice – Affordable

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer
Who among us doesn’t, at least once in our life, cherish to have it all within our price range? Making sure of the quality while thinking about the price is the most common dilemma middle -class society face every day. In this category, we will try to come up with a hair dryer that fulfills almost all the criteria mentioned above for increasing the volume of hair. I have something specific in mind. The name of it is Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning; Black/Chrome’.

  • Heat & Speed Setting – Checked: It has higher wattage; 1875 watt to be exact. It has 3 heat and 2-speed settings.
  • ION Technology – Checked: It does not create too much frizz and it has the ionic technology. Ionic technology makes it easier for us to keep our hair shiny along with increasing the volume of our hair.
  • Cold Shot Button – checked: It has a cold shot button so that our hair does not get damaged as well.
  • Motor Quality – Checked & Price – Double Checked: It has AC motor that helps to regulate high power; however, it compromises the longevity of the product. However, Price of this dryer is very nominal and thus it is very affordable.
  • Miscellaneous – checked: Tourmaline ceramic technology makes it even a better choice. Ceramic technology prevents additional frizz and minimizes damages while ensures it gets shiny. It also has concentrator to focus the heated airflow.

2. Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer – Second Choice

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer
Remington t-studio pearl ceramic professional ac hair dryer’ is my second pick. Let us all see why I chose this.

  • Heat & Speed Setting – Checked: Wattage limit of this hair dryer is 1875; also it has 3 heat and 2-speed settings.
  • ION Technology – Checked: Comes with ion technology that helps the heating the water droplets to get vaporized quicker and keep the hair shiny.
  • Cold Shot Button – Checked: It has a cold shot button that keeps our hair out of danger.
  • Motor quality – Double Checked and Price – Checked: It has AC salon motor that has four times longevity than usual AC motors. Also, the price is very affordable.
  • Miscellaneous – checked: Moreover, the pearl ceramic technology it has made our hair smooth and shiny. It also includes one concentrator to control the air flow towards specific location and its cool shot button helps keep the hairstyle longer than usual. One added bonus is, these things; they come with 3 years warranty.

3. ‘BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer’- Quick Heating and Heavy Power

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
Heating is a must to increase the volume of the hair and we need to make sure that this heating takes place within the shortest possible time without causing any damage to our hair. Quick heating capacity and heavy power go hand in hand. Higher wattage is imperative in this category. For that ‘BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer’ seems very lucrative to me.

  • Heat & Speed Setting – Double Checked: It is designed to deliver 2000 watt which makes it exceptionally powerful. Also, it has 6 different combinations of heat and speed setting that offers more volume. Nano titanium technology increases the conduction which distributes the heat.
  • ION Technology – Checked: It comes with ionic technology that helps the hair to be shiny.
  • Cold Shot Button – Checked: The cold shot button is there to keep the hair out of damage and help the final style last longer.
  • Motor Quality & Price – Checked : Although it comes with a wide range of price, it is not too expensive and Motor type is AC.
  • Miscellaneous – Double Checked: Perhaps the most common problem we face using hair dryer is to clean it. This ‘BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer’ offers removable filter which helps to maintain easy cleaning. Moreover, it is lightweight and its concentrated nozzle helps a long way too.

4. ‘INFINITYPRO by Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool’ – Longevity

INFINITYPRO by Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool
If we talk about longer life for a hairdryer that helps to increase our hair volume we can never depend on conventional AC or DC motor dryers as their life spans tend to be shorter. We need to look beyond that- the solution is a brushless motor for it offers a longer lifespan of the dryer. I have something specific for this category in my mind and that is ‘INFINITYPRO by Conair 3Q Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool’. It is my fourth pick based on its immense longevity.

  • Heat & Speed Setting – Checked: We can’t overlook its extreme wattage capacity as well. Its wattage capacity is 2000 and has 3 heat & 2-speed setting.
  • ION Technology – Checked: It produces 70 percent less frizz with natural ion generation to keep the hair shiny. It is a unique characteristic of a 3Q brushless motor that generates natural ion.
  • Cold Shot Button – Checked: It has a cold shot button that provides a safeguard to our hair from damage while increasing the volume.
  • Motor Quality – Double Checked, Price – Not Checked: It has a brushless motor that has 10 times longer life span than any other AC or DC motor. It has 5000 hours of life. It does not produce a noise like other dryers. This feature makes it unique. 70 percent more air flow than other dryers.
  • Miscellaneous – Checked: It has titanium ceramic technology to prevent the hair from any kind of damage while heavy heat is being produced. More to these, it comes with a 7-foot professional quality power cord for extra durability. It is lightweight, thus very easy to control while using. Not only these, it gives a hand ring for storage while not using the dryer. Moreover it lasts longer than most of the hair dryers available in the market! Talk about hitting the jackpot!

5. Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) – For Those Who Want Their Hair More than Anything (Luxurious)

Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i)
Some of us take their hair little more seriously than the others, for them their hair is the single most important thing in their life. Having voluminous, shiny hair is not just a part of their daily ensemble; it reflects their daily life routine. When it comes to hair they are not prepared to make any kind of compromise about the wattage capacity of the hair dryers they use. It is all about making their hair voluminous than ever before and nothing else matters to them. These are the people who I like to call luxurious when it comes to hair dryers. For them, I have something special in mind and that is ‘Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i)’. It is just the thing that a hair maniac needs.

  • Heat & Speed Settings – Checked: It has 6 speed and temperature settings; thus giving consumers the freedom of variety range of hairstyling options.
  • ION Technology – Double Checked: It has the ionic technology and unlike any other, it has a switch that allows operating the ionic operation. It gives the users freedom and choice with guaranteed comfort while using.
  • Cold Shot Button – Checked: Conveniently, it also has a cold shot button to make that style last longer and fine-tuning it in the end.
  • Motor Quality – Checked, Price – Not Checked: It has an AC motor which works just fine. However, as it is handmade in France, the fashion capital of the world, its price is higher than any other dryers available in the market. Although it guarantees user satisfaction, the price of this thing makes it number 5 on my list.
  • Miscellaneous- Double Checked: It has two concentrated nozzles that distinguish it from the rest of the dryers. Optimal weight distribution and patented ergonomic handle for ultimate comfort while using. Moreover, it comes with 10-foot professional length cord where only come with five to six-foot length cord. It also has two years warranty. Sedu Revolution Professional comes with that ‘no compromise mentality when it is about our hair’ promise and fulfills that promise to its fullest. If I were to make an obvious choice for my hair with no compromise in my mind, I would go with this hundred percent of the time.

Side by Side Comparison

Here is side by side comparison of the five products I suggested earlier for convenience in terms of volume increasing and overall. The ratings given below are out 5.

NameRating based on only volume increasing abilityBased on all category mentioned above(overall)
Conair 1875 Watt4.04.5
Remington T-Studio Pearl4.04.5
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium4.54.0
INFINITYPRO by Conair 3Q4.54.0
Sedu Revolution Professional5.03.8

Final Words

Here I tried to discuss the hair dryers from every single criterion we deal with day to day life. I considered pros and cons of most of the products on the market and came up with these five. I am confident and hopeful that one will not be disappointed with these options. Have a good hair day. Cheers!

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