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After the invention of hair dryers in 1920, thousands of different types of hair dryers have been presented in the market. There are so many choices you have nowadays if you want to buy one. But here’s the tough question. Is every type of hair dryer perfect for your hair? The answer is no.  Different types of hair dryers work better on different types of hair. That’s why people often ask me if there’s any particular type of hair dryer that works pretty good for every type of hair. The answer is yes. There’s one type and it’s called the Ceramic Hair Dryers. And in most cases, ceramic hair dryers work much better than other types of dryers. But how does it work better? Any ideas?

To know how ceramic hair dryers are good for every type of hair and why it’s better than other hair dryers, keep reading the article. And that’s not it, if you already know about ceramic hair dryers but you can’t decide which one is perfect for you… don’t worry, we got you. Here you will get every little detail you want to know about ceramic hair dryers, and we’ll also show you the best ceramic hair dryers according to your hair pattern.  Believe me, we know how precious your hair is to you and that’s why we’ll only recommend the best. And yes, we have a surprise for you in the end. So, let’s get started!

Why Ceramic Hair Dryers Are Better

Well, this is a very familiar question for me as whenever I recommend somebody to get a ceramic dryer, it’s pretty much obvious that I’ll come across this question. The answer is hidden in its even heat distribution system. As ceramic hair dryer’s heating elements have a ceramic coating and ceramic is a non-metallic element, the heat doesn’t get focused in one particular place like any other metallic hair dryer. Rather, it distributes the heat evenly throughout your head’s surface. Ceramic dryers are also very popular because of its tendency to maintain the proper wind to heat ratio. It’s a kind of life-saving feature as the proper wind to heat ratio plays a vital role to save your hair from getting barbecued.

This is just two primary advantages of using a ceramic hair dryer. There are much more benefits of using a ceramic hair dryer for everyday use –

  • Many ceramic hair dryers come with a feature which can sense the air temperature around your hair and automatically regulate their outputs to prevent unwanted hair damaging. Now, you might ask what’s so special about it as this feature also comes with metallic dryers as well. That’s true. This feature is not that special but if you have ever tried to regulate the temperature of your metallic dryer, you know what I’m talking about. Metal hair dryers take much more time when it comes to adjusting the heat and the damage could be done by this time. But on the other hand, adjusting heat temperature is much easy on a ceramic dryer because they can decrease heat much quicker than metals.
  • Ceramic hair dryers cause less damage because of creating moister air around your hair. Though ceramic hair dryers produce a low amount of dry air even heat flow tends to dry your wet hair more efficiently than uneven heat flow of metallic dryers.
  • A great number of satisfied users have said to me that they find their hair healthier and shinier when they use a ceramic one instead of a metal one. Numbers don’t lie, remember that.
  • Ceramic hair dryers are much cheaper than metallic hair dryers. A good quality ceramic hair dryer costs almost the half of an average metal hair dryer. Why waste extra money when you can get the best at a low price?
  • Ceramic Hair Dryers are less energy consuming, which means low electricity bill.

So, you can reduce the risk of burning your hair and save money simply by getting a new ceramic hair dryer! But which type of ceramic hair dryer is best for you and how would you know it? Confusing, right? Oh please, don’t be confused as now we will get to what you’re looking for, the best ceramic dryer for your hair. So enough of the pep talk, let’s get to the point.

Different Types Of Ceramic Hair Dryers

There’s a very high possibility that if you google the types of ceramic hair dryers, you will see words like “Tourmaline Ceramic technology”, “Pearl Ceramic technology “, “Ionic Ceramic technology “ and many more. Honestly, guys, these words appear to be more like code words for a rocket science project even though I have to deal with this kind of products almost every day but trust me, these complicated scientific words are nothing but harmless beauty apparel types.

Now one thing about Ceramic Hair dryers is that the total number of Ceramic Hair Dryers can never be fixed. You see, ceramic dryers can be of several different types and the number is pretty big. Actually, there’s no definite number of it because ceramic can be mixed with any other metal or nonmetallic component and can create another different type very easily. So it’s pretty much impossible to know the exact number of it. But we can name some of the most popular combinations which have won the hearts of millions of people all around the world. They are –

  • Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Non-ionic Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Aluminum Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Nano Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Titanium Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Double or Triple Layer Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Infrared Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Silk Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Triple Component Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Silver Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Gold Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Carbolic Ceramic Hair Dryers
  • Many more

As you can see, even the list of the most popular ones doesn’t seem to finish. So you can easily understand the complexity and the diversity of ceramic hair dryers.

Now that you know that the numbers game here is huge, how would you choose the best ceramic type for your hair? Actually, there’s no exact definition of ‘The Best’ when it comes to hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers work differently for different hair types depending on the pattern and size of the hair. Though it’s undoubtedly true that ceramic hair dryers work perfectly on both Thick hair and Thin hair but different types of ceramic hair dryers are specifically created for various types of hair. Doesn’t make sense? Okay, let’s see it this way.

Suppose you have damage prone thick hair. So it means your hair needs a dryer that can dry your hair without damaging it for good. In that case, Titanium- Ceramic hair dryer is the best option for you. Just like that, we have categorized 3 different types of ceramic hair dryers according to your different hair types, patterns and their different types of requirements. We have selected another special type which works perfectly for both of the Fine Hair and the Thick Hair.

I’m going to say it for one last time, remember, this is not the total number of ceramic hair dryers. We have selected these 3 models from some of the most popular ceramic hair dryer types.

Selected Top 3 Ceramic Hair Dryer Types For Fine Hair

Fine Hair

1. Pearl Ceramic Is The Best One For Fine Non-Damage Prone Hair

If you have fine hair which doesn’t tend to get damaged too easily, then probably this is the best type of hair dryer which is a big deal for you as it is ionic. Now, ionic and pearl both are technologies, not metals. First of all, Ionic technology shoots negative charged ions on your hair which lets the water around your hair and head surface vaporize at least 40% more quickly than non-ionic hair dryers. On the other hands, ceramic pearl technology features nourishing micro-conditioners which get activated with heated airflow and gets transferred to your hair surface and it creates a beautiful pearl-like luster.  But if your hair cannot take the constant hot ion shoots, this one is a definite drawback.

2. Silk Ceramic Is The Best One For Fine Damage Prone Hair

If your hair gets dry and damaged too easily, it’s time to switch up your old hair dryer with a Silk Ceramic Hair Dryer. The technologies used here are quite similar to ionic pearl models. The only difference that makes this type so delicate for damage-prone hair is its silk ionic technology. only silk extracts and a cloud of negative ion shoots doesn’t take much time when it comes to dry up and it also doesn’t leave lifeless fringes at your hair end. Trust me; you won’t need to change your mind ever again if you use it once.

3. Porcelain Ceramic Is The Best One For Fine Frizzy, Wavy, Curly Hair

Porcelain and Ceramic both are non-metallic components and both distribute even air flow. So, it’s like double the air flow, more accurately distributed which is very important to reach every corner and blank point when it comes to drying up these types of hair.

Selected Top 3 Ceramic Hair Dryer Types For Thick Hair

Thick Hair

1. Tourmaline Ceramic Is The Best One For Thick Frizzy, Wavy, Curly Hair

This type is the answer of God for all those people who face difficulties with drying up their thick frizzy and curly hairs. It generates clouds of natural ions in order to eliminate static. As a result, it leaves the frizziest, curviest and waviest hair smooth and shiny even if you do it within a very short time.

2. Titanium Ceramic Is The Best One For Very Thick Damage Prone Hair

Titanium is a metal that gets heated very easily and contains heat for a long time. So, it is ideal for very thick hair but if the hair is damage prone, it might cause a disaster. That’s why people with damage prone thick hair should use a titanium ceramic hair dryer. The titanium serves the purpose of creating a high-temperature air flow which is essential for very thick hair and its ceramic coating distributes the air flow evenly into every part instead of focusing it into one part and prevents it from damaging the hair. As a result, this specific type has become the ideal one for this type of hair.

3. Double Or Triple Layer Ceramic Is The Best One For Thick But Non-Damage Prone Hair

Imagine a hair dryer that comes with a triple-layered ceramic coating which creates an enormous amount of hot air flow that flows evenly everywhere.  A little less hotter than the titanium but 2 extra layers managing that heat so perfectly that it will dry up your thick hair much earlier than a titanium one. Isn’t that something called ‘clever engineering ‘?

Triple layered or double layered ceramic hair dryers are the most popular ones among those who have non-damage prone thick hair as it can dry up the hair in a real short time.

‘The Universal’ Ceramic Hair Dryer Type For All Types of Hair

Triple Component Ceramic Is Ideal For Every Type of Hair

Now, we have come to the Universal Model of Ceramic hair dryers. This triple combination of Porcelain, Ceramic, and Ionic technology work just perfectly for both fine hair and thick hair. Probably this model deserves to be called as “The Crown Jewel” of the ceramic Hair Dryers as this type of hair dryer looks after every type of hair. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have – short, long, frizzy, wavy, curly, straight, damage prone or non-damage prone, triple component hair dryers would work just fine for all the types. The perfect combination of ceramic and other two components gives your hair a ‘nothing like ordinary ‘experience.

Top 8 Ceramic Hair Dryers Of 2018 For Your Hair

Now that you know which type of ceramic hair dryer is better for your hair type, let’s check out these awesome Ceramic Hair Dryers according to our “Three Models” and “One Universal Model” which come with some amazing features. Believe me guys, these aren’t just random picks. After a lengthy research of 46 hours, these products have been chosen as the best ones. One thing we cannot compromise with and that’s your trust in us.

So, here we go.

1. Remington AC2015B Pro – Best For Thin Non Damage Prone Hair

Remington AC2015B Pro
Probably the best hair dryer available in the market in a price range under 50 bucks. Though the price of this incredible machine costs within $30 to $70 dollars it has some really amazing features like 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings and there’s also Cool Shot. This hair dryer has a powerful professional motor with maximum 1875 wattage, 40% faster drying, ionic conditioning and it has got real crushed pearls in it.

The dryer comes with a styling tool, concentrator, diffuser and 2 years warranty. What more you can ask from a hair dryer?

2. Remington AC9096 Pro Hair Dryer With SILK Ceramic Advanced Technology – Best For Fine Damage Prone Hair

Remington AC9096 Pro Hair Dryer With SILK Ceramic Advanced Technology
Remington just keeps surprising us with their latest technologies and ideas. Here’s another fascinating ceramic hair dryer that comes within a low price range under $80 dollars but it’s latest silk ceramic technology with real silk protein extracts gives it 50% more efficiency than other standard Remington dryers. Other features are almost same like AC2015B but its biggest surprise is hidden in its silk ceramic technology.

Nevertheless, this amazing product comes with a concentrator, diffuser and unbelievable 4 years limited warranty.

3. The BaBylissPRO Carrera2 – Best For Fine Frizzy, Wavy, Curly Hair

The BaBylissPRO Carrera2
When you see a hair dryer with features like  Porcelain ceramic technology, 1900 maximum watts, powerful motor, rubberized housing, sleek design, 6 heat/speed settings, extremely narrow slide on concentrator and a cold shot button…. the price range of $50 to $100 dollars doesn’t seem much.

Though this particular model was invented for thick hair and still is a favorite one for people with thick hair it’s no less effective and handy for thin hair because of its far infrared heat technology.

4. Kingstar Professional Hair Dryer: Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer, 1875W – Best For Thick Frizzy, Wavy, Curly Hair

Kingstar Professional Hair Dryer
Though this hair dryer has a really long name but Its reputation overweighs its name.

This dryer will provide you 80% faster dry, portable loop, overload protection plug, 2 speed control and 3 speed settings buttons, removable filter, anti-static design, adjustable 1800 to 2000 watts and 2x concentrator nozzles. These great features simply make it the best one for thick frizzy, wavy, and curly hair.

The price of this hair dryer varies from $10 to $50 dollars on different marketplaces.

5. Conair 1875 Watt Titanium Ceramic Hair Dryer – Best For Very Thick Damage Prone Hair

Conair 1875 Watt Titanium Ceramic Hair Dryer
This beautiful product comes with an 1875 watt power, 2 heat, and 3 speed settings, free volumizing diffuser attachment, and concentrator attachment. The hair dryer uses smart ionic technology to reduce frizz and advanced ceramic technology to reduce damage. The price of this product is also unbelievably cheap as you can buy it under $50 dollars.

6. Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer – Best For Thick But Non-Damage Prone Hair

Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer
Don’t get fooled by its low price under $40 dollars, this little fella is a complete power pack! Some of fascinating features are – turbo airflow button, 3x ceramic coating and cold shot button. The dryer also has 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, and comes with volumizing diffuser attachment. But most importantly its 50% faster dry time makes it a perfect match for thick hair.

7. Remington D8700 PROtect™ Hair Dryer with Ionic+ Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology – Best For All Types of Hair

Remington D8700 PROtect™ Hair Dryer With Ionic+ Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology
We have saved the best for the last. The advanced Triple Component Technology of Ceramic, Tourmaline and Ionic elements make it ideal for all types of hair. Some of its amazing features like exclusive conditioning ring, 1875 watt motor power, 2 speed and 3 heat settings, easy manual, and long cord will definitely win your heart. If you buy the product, you will get a free diffuser and concentrator.  It has a price range below $100 dollars which seems really low if you look at its features. The tourmaline inside the heating coal gets infused into the barrel of the dryer and defends your thin hair against frizz and the powerful motor provides salon-quality performance for your thick hair. Simply, this product is the best one for all kinds of hair among all the other hair dryers available in the market .

As promised, here’s the surprise!  We understand your daily struggle with hair while traveling. That’s why we’ve come with an amazing product which will help you up with your on-the-go hair drying.

8. BaBylissPRO TT – Best Ceramic Hair Dryer For Traveling

BaBylissPRO TT
This tourmaline, ceramic and ionic combination is perfect for all types of hair. Ceramic makes even air flow which eliminates frizz and closes the cuticle to create a shinier ending. This hair dryer comes with dual voltage for overseas trips and it’s really good for roves and boat trips. Its comfortable grip and powerful motor let it work perfectly on all types of hair tresses.  Doesn’t matter thick or thin, curly or straight- it will serve every little purpose of yours. Comes with free diffuser and concentrator and the price varies under 50 dollars. And most importantly, the clever combination of tourmaline, ceramic and ionic elements lets it works perfectly for every hair type. So, this product will not only take care of your hair, it will also take proper care of your travel companions with different hair types.

We have taken hours of time for choosing and testing these products as we believeour satisfaction is our priority. We only recommend the best for you as we believe that every hair type is unique and beautiful. We have researched for hours, read thousands of reviews and used them on different hair types to make sure that you always get the best. So, we are confident that if you choose to buy any of these recommended products, you won’t be disappointed. Here is a table chart of our selected top 8 product. The table describes everything in a short way.

Serial NumberProduct NameCeramic TypeHair TypePrice RangeProduct Link
1.Remington AC2015B ProPearl CeramicFine Non Damage Prone$30 to $70Click Here
2.Remington AC9096 Pro Hair Dryer with SILK Ceramic Advanced TechnologySilk CeramicFine Damage Prone$20 to $80Click Here
3.The BaBylissPRO Carrera2Porcelain CeramicFine Frizzy, Wavy, Curly$50 to $100Click Here
4.Kingstar Professional Hair Dryer: Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer, 1875WTourmaline CeramicThick Frizzy, Wavy, Curly$10 to $50Click Here
5.Conair 1875 Watt Titanium Ceramic Hair DryerTitanium CeramicVery Thick Damage Prone$20 to $70Click Here
6.Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer3x Ceramic CoatingThick Non Damage Prone$10 to $40Click Here
7.Remington D8700 PROtect™ Hair Dryer with Ionic+ Ceramic + Tourmaline TechnologyTriple Component Technology (Porcelain + Ceramic +Ionic)
All Types (Indoors)$40 to $100Click Here
8.BaBylissPRO TTTriple Component Technology (Porcelain + Ceramic +Ionic)All Types (Traveling)$10 to $50Click Here
Top 8 Best Ceramic Hair Dryers
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