15 tips for healthy hair in summer

After months of waiting, the sun finally shows the tip of his nose!

In recent days, we begin to enjoy the beaches outlets, swimming pools, bronzettes, etc …

But these moments should not make us forget that it is important to take care of our hair.

In summer, the sun brings a lot of benefits to the hair, particularly by stimulating the production of Vitamin D (a component of keratin) and promoting their growth.

However, despite its positive effects, the sun can also have adverse effects on our hair, especially relaxed hair!

Addition sun + sea water or sun + chlorine pool has a dehydrating effect and thus goes even weaken the hair and make it brittle or worse promote the appearance of dandruff.


These attacks raise their scales, much like the tiles of a roof that would rise and no longer take their sealing function. Without maintenance, the hair becomes dry and thus will tend to break.

Here are 15 tips for healthy hair in summer

1. Perform co-wash more frequently. This is the best way to nourish and moisturize the hair during this period. The CoWash will allow you to wash your hair without depriving it of its natural oils. What to do two to three times a week.

2. Moisturize! Remember that water is your best friend! you must stay hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water, but also on the outside by applying a moisturizer at least twice daily (depending on your hair type). You can also use a leave in moisturizer to hydrate Spray throughout the day. The advantage of the spray is that it allows at the same time to refresh your scalp.

3. Avoid using too some heavy oil to seal in moisture for the sun/oil combination tends to dry out your hair. Vegetable argan oil, sweet almond oil, Monoi, palm, coconut, and macadamia are deemed to protect your hair from the sun as they are slight.

4. Use sparingly course not fry your hair with the sun, I personally sealed the evening.

5. Insert humectants to your routine humectants are substances that absorb moisture from the air. Include glycerin as a humectant, honey, sorbitol, propylene glycol, etc … Do not hesitate to add to your moisturizing a little honey or vegetable glycerin, then buy or care that contain at least one of these ingredients. If you keep your mask in a plastic long enough Charlotte, hair can make the max of care and humectant will optimize hydration.

6. Protect your hair before a dip in a pool or the sea with a vegetable oil.

7. Make a shampoo/conditioner after your swim (or pool). Chlorine and salt dry out the hair, whatever your hair type, be sure to wash them after you.
To do so, rinse your hair long with clear water, then perform your shampoo/conditioner.

8. Emphasize drying in the open rather than use a hair dryer

9. If you often go to the beach/pool, use protective hair

10. Clarify often if you go to the pool to remove chlorine (one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in one liter of water)

11. Apply the baggy method on your tips

12. It is fashionable scarves and Panama hats Liberty, enjoy! This will protect your hair. For more effectiveness, apply a drop of oil palm

13. Do you buns on wet or dry hair: this keeps moisture while protecting your tips of the drying effect of the sun.

14. You made a color, careful “sun, salt chlorine +” can turn your color (that would be too bad they turn green or yellowish then you just identify the future father of your children …). Use a color fixative.

You will find at Dessange and L’Oreal.

15. Every week an oil bath for strengthening the hair bulb and nourish the hair shaft is required. Take the opportunity to choose a super-hydrating and nourishing mask, your hair will thank you and will remain soft and shiny.

15 tips for healthy hair in summer
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